ACRI’s Protocol Reports

These reports delve  into the latest and most reliable evidence-based anti-cancer strategies that are hinged on non invasive holistic and innovative techniques that help to control and reverse solid cancers (carcinomas, sarcomas, blastomas and the like).
Each report is also accompanied with a full spectrum of “options” coming from conventional, integrative and holistic oncology.
All Options and Opinion Cancer Reports are individualized according to the client’s situation, uniqueness and wishes.
Three hours of coaching comes with this package. Sometimes more, depending on need.
The price will vary according to the complexity of the case, how much time it may take to resolve the issues under consideration and the client’s financial means.
For low-income clients who have proof of their subsistence and-or hardships, a negotiated sliding scale can be established. When the Institute will be more prosperous, we will have free access to these reports via special scholarships for the needy.
To buy this report, please send us a request in the form below. Also, it would be useful if you could provide the relevant details relative to your health challenge. A summary of your doctors’ diagnoses and proposed treatment plan (s) would also be helpful. If we believe we can be beneficial for your case, we will phone or email you.

These reports are informational, observational and scientific reports based on the latest evidence of what is safe, effective and cost-friendly. They are akin to a legal memorandum. They do not replace competent and personal medical advise with the client’s health-care provider.  They are  meant to be a tool to help the patient and the patient’s health-care providers and oncologists with relevant options they may not know about. In this way, the patient’s informed consent is better secured.

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