The Founder’s Background

The Advanced Cancer Research Institute’s founder, Christian Joubert, is the ACR Institute’s director and chief science officer. (1) Of European descent, (2) he is by law a French citizen and a naturalized American. (3) He can therefore bring to the Institute, to Cancer Research and within the public policy realm,  European savor-faire and American pragmatism.

Professionally, Christian has been professor of int’l public law in  both France and the United States as well as an organic peasant-farmer (4) and a naturopath for most of his adult life. Thanks to these activities, he can influence the Institute to become a authority in the field of cancer research and public policy.

Christian has been directing a holistic health and education retreat center  in Catalogna, South France, while simultaneously promoting advance holistic medicine and science-based public policies both in Europe (including at the European Parliament) (5) and the United States. (6)

When Christian was teaching public international law at Gonzaga Law School in Spokane Washington,  (7) he was one of the first law professors to set up an international human rights law program in that part of the country and to tour Washington State when he spoke about the key “Bastille” human rights and duties issues of the day.

Since this time, he has used the Washington State, U.S. Federal and European Court fora (8) to promote innovative legal and medical standards so that the majority may benefit from meaningful access to wellbeing medicine as well as to civil and social Justice. (9)

Training wise, Christian was educated at the following schools: Bordeaux’s Law School, Pierre et Marie Curie Faculty of Medicine (allopathic medicine) in France, Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (having closely worked with Raymond Aron), the international human rights Institute of Strasbourg (having closely worked with European and int’l human rights expert Judge Louis-Edmond Pettitit), Bordeaux’s oenology (wine) school in Talence, Ecole d’Acupuncture Française in Paris (traditional Chinese medicine), CNAM (clinical nutrition), Ceredor and Jus Cogens Institute in naturopathy and aromatherapy, among other educational institutions in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world. (10)

Born and growing up in the Bordeaux wine area,  Christian was able to learn, appreciate and taste some of the best wines of the area as his father worked for some of the better Chateaux in the Médoc, including Mouton Rotchshild and Chateau d’Issan in Margaux where Christian was house-born. (11)

As a consequence, he has been interested in the biology of Life and wine since early, thanks to which Christian has been able to better understand biochemistry, biophysics, carcinogenesis, energy medicine and acupuncture. (12)

Over the years, Christian has met thousands of alternative and-or innovative patients and doctors, gone to dozens of functional, integrative and holistic medicine symposia, he has visited dozens of cancer clinics, including Mexican cancer clinics (four times), he has talked to many cancer patients, looked at their lab results, examined medical records, hundreds of studies and books as well as helped many patients to get better educated so that they could take responsibility for their own healing journey.

The conclusion is inescapable. Cancer is being successfully controlled and reversed with innovative and holistic medicine. However, since many alternative oncology claims are just as “unproven” and “disproven” as many allopathic claims,  Christian has focused on finding hard and compelling evidence that supports integrative and holistic oncology’s scientific validity.

Since his coming to the United States, (13) and in particular to the Pacific West,  Christian is convinced that with hard work, knowledge, support and hutzpah-inspired creativity, the cancer epidemic can be reversed within 4 to 5 years.  (14).

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(1).  Chief Science Officer (CSO) is a position at the head of scientific research operations at companies performing significant scientific research projects. The CSO typically is responsible for developing research capabilities (human, methodological, and technological), for developing evidence of the validity and utility of research products, and for communicating with the scientific and customer communities concerning capabilities and scientific product offerings. Some academic research organizations, such as Fox Chase Cancer Center and  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,  have adopted the similar title of Chief Scientific Officer. Typically, their role is to evaluate and set scientific priorities and coordinate the administrative structure that supports scientists. Cf. and
(2). Polish mother and French father.
(3). Because he willingly embraced and incorporated this country’s DNA-based national identity within his pre-existing European, Latin and Hebrew genome, Joubert is passionate about comparative public law. An admirer of some of the American Founding mothers and fathers like Ben Franklin and Martha Washington, Christian likes to repeat one of Tom Paine’s sayings: “My country is where there is no Liberty”. He has therefore dutifully and willingly naturalized American, spurred by the belief that without equal access “erga omnes” (for all) to meaningfully meet basic needs, most of the United State’s internationally recognized basic rights are unavailing, including, but not limited to the two greatest  fundamental freedoms of all, the ones without which all of the other rights mean close to nothing,  the freedoms to enjoy equal access to meaningful Justice and Well-being (ie safe and efficient medicine). Because Medicine is so intertwined with the legal system, Joubert’s experience in these two fields can significantly help to perfect ACR Institute’s focus on public policy and the People’s wellbeing, thanks to which the more inspired law-makers, statesmen and stateswomen will enact and implement genuine preventive and curative medicine legislation for the benefit of the People. In the U.S. and under exceptional circumstances,  heads of a government’s Executive can also legislate, via the “executive order” pathway. This applies to both governors and the Nation’s President. Likewise,  the People can also legislate, bypassing Congress, via the referenda pathway.
(4). Organic berries and mushroom farmer, certified by ECOCERT, Europe’s main organic certification agency. ECOCERT also certified the Pyrénean Center’s vegan raw organic chocolate truffles.
(5).  In 2003, Christian organized a twenty-candidates holistic medicine group to represent innovative science  and holistic medicine at the European Parliament.
(6). Including two gubernatorial contests in Washington State, the first of which reaped in twice as many votes as what the Green party received, making Joubert’s “holistic medicine” public policy the third political force of  Wa. State.
(7). Under the casquette “adjunct law professor”. Adjunct is not synonymous to an inferior “junk” like position. An adjunct professor is a broad-concept type of professors and faculty (academic staff) in higher education, albeit at an academic rank below the highest level of professorship which are tenure-track members of the faculty. President Obama was also an adjunct law professor via is “senior lecturer” status, without have been registered as a tenured full professor.  From 1992 until his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004, Barack Obama served as an adjunct Law Professor. Technically speaking from 1992 to 1996, he was a lecturer and from  1996 to 2004, he was a senior lecturer,  teaching three courses per year. This Law School’s website wrote that he had an “adjunct” status.  “The title of Senior Lecturer is distinct from the title of Lecturer, which signifies adjunct status”  (University of Michigan’s Law School, Exhibit A  and  Exhibit B). The number of adjunct professors in higher education in the United States has increased sharply since the 1970’s. In 1975, adjuncts represented roughly 24% of instructional staff at degree-granting institutions, whereas in 2011 they represented over 40% of instructional staff.  This is a way for American Universities to increase their cash-flow since adjunct professors are not paid as much as full professors.  Cf. “The Ever-Shrinking Role of Tenured College Professors (in 1 Chart)”. The Atlantic.  Retrieved 2015-10-27.
(8). Among other cases and jurisdictions, Christian litigated constitutional, products liability, tobacco racketeering, medical and legal malpractice actions in both Washington State and U.S. Federal jurisdictions as well as other human rights issues in the European Court of Human Rights jurisdiction in Strasbourg, the inter-american commission on human rights in D.C. and the U.N human rights Committee in Geneva.
(9). Without an effective access to the civil Court, million of harmed patients  can not vindicate their health-rights in a Court of Law,  the consequence of which  promotes even more predatory sick-care groups to “legally usurp” the Health Sciences, their public policy institutions and the bribed politicians, lawmakers and judges (elected and nominated agents) who live off the sick-care health system.
(10). Christian studied aromatherapy under the direction of Professor Lautier at Ceredor institute.   When he stayed at the Tashi Choling Ashram, Christian took refuge in Tibetan Boudhism, under Rimpoché Getsé. Thanks to this experience, Tibetain medicine has entered his practice.
(11). Château d’Issan is a castle and winery in the Margaux appellation of the Bordeaux region of France. The wine was classified as one of fourteen Troisièmes Crus (Third Growths) in the historic Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855. Each year, the Médoc chateaux’s organize “costumed” 42  kilometers marathons on their hilly and windy rural streets, in which Christian participated.
(12). Acupuncture being based on micro-current energy (electro-medicine), this field sparked Christian’s interest for biophysics and cancer. Much more than his allopathic medical education at the Pierre et Marie Faculté de Médecine, Christian’s three years education at the Ecole Française d’Acupuncture and its subsidiary Association Scientifique des Médecins Acupuncteurs de France helped Christian to better understand what good medicine is not and what holistic medicine is. Based on Soulié de Morant’s translation work earlier in the 20th century, thanks to which the French Government officials decided to recognize this medicine so that the French People would benefit from free equal access to acupuncture, since the 40s, the EFA’s Chinese medicine training also led  to a better grasp of Auriculotherapy  (acupuncture of the ear). This new field in medicine is of French “appellation”  (origin), it has been  practiced in France by non medical healers (guérisseurs) and developed into a coherent and internationally recognized medical discipline by Dr Paul Nogier. See also (Source)
(13). Christian had written and sent an innovative holistic oncology report to the French head of State, from which he received a written “thank you”. The French president eventually died, although belatedly, thanks to some holistic interventions including the Beljanski’s protocol Mitterand embraced, a protocol ACR Institute has examined closely thanks to his daughter’s Cancer Research Center (see Video Section).
(14). Joubert is also convinced that the present failure of  American public health policy can be fixed so that it is consistent with  science, Life, integrity and the principles of sustainability, at which point the American cancer epidemic and the American Republic’s “malignancy” illness may simultaneously disappear in favor of a new holistic Era.

Evidence that Nigella Sativa  (black seed oil) is clinically superior to many cancer drugs.

1. Health Freedoms, the Law and the Responsibility of the State (pp. 5 to 17): Legal article written in a French Journal. By Ch. J. (2005)
2. Conference on how to better protect health practitioners who practice holistic and integrative medicine, which included a few techniques on how to argue innovative science in the Courtroom. Presented by Ch. J. (2008)
3. Television Presentation of a Gubernatorial Plan of Action to change allopathic standards of care to holistic care consistent with the standards of Science, advanced medicine and the People’s best interest. By Ch. J. (2012)
4. Radio presentation with Voice America  regarding Christian Joubert’s Cancer Documentary. organized by Gordon Atherly (MD and attorney)   (2015)


Expert C. Joubert

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