Follow-up & Miscellaneous Consult Prices

Follow-up and Miscellaneous  Questions –  $ 250 per hour.

If the consultee wishes to be coached on general fitness and-or on any other issue with regard to a malignancy, we usually set up one hour sessions each week, or as needed, until the major cancer markers and clinical signs indicate either significant restoration and-or NED (no evidence of disease).

The coachee can organize these follow-up questions on a one hour basis (as needed) for 250 dollars an hour. Another option is to commit to a package-deal of 12 hours for 2,05o dollars that will also teach the student Level One of the Institute’s Holistic Oncology Certification Coach Program. (See following section)

 What we don’t do

We do not recommend prescription drugs, surgery, radiation, gene therapy, CAR-T, targeted allopathic therapies or any thing that  is reserved for conventional oncology. We do not interfere with the client’s oncologists. We don’t diagnose nor treat malignancies in the conventional manner. We do not offer medical advise in terms of the Government’s official medicine. The patient controls at all times the decision-making process. Thus, the Institute is immune from the “loss of chance” prosecution, since we only offer education and personallized coaching thereof.

The Institute’s Competence

But we do show the evidence of conventional oncology’s adverse effects and poor success rates in relation to integrative and holistic oncology’s strengths and successes. And if needed, upon the consultee’s request, we can either phone or write to the patient’s oncologists to inform them of options they may not be aware of.

Coaching Prep Page.

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