Holistic Lifestyle Conditions that favor Cancer Control and Reversal

Reversals mainstream and our experience, holistic.


Every year, countless terminal cancer patients — some given only months to live — somehow survive to beat the odds, even after doctors have told them conventional treatments are not working. So how do they do it? Is it just a matter of luck or are there common characteristics of such remarkable, long-term cancer survivors?

The Institute’s Center has witnessed in multiple circumstances over 100 cancer reversals. The important element is what comes next. Out of how many ? Out of 150. Hence, we have a 75 percent sucess rate, for all cancers. We analzyed thousands of cases.

Just like elderly bleu zones have nine characteraistcs,   nine cancer.

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Taking control of your health. The most dramatic recovery Dr. Turner recounts involved a Japanese kidney cancer patient who underwent unsuccessful surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. But once he started taking control of his health — drinking filtered water, eating healthy food, and watching the sunrise every day –— he went into remission. “He did all the nine factors in my research and, 25 years later and counting, he is completely cancer free and has grandchildren,” she says.


Radically changing your diet. Not surprisingly, all of the long-term survivors had taken aggressive steps to boost the nutritional value of their diets — a factor Dr. Turner calls “the big one” among the patients she studied. “And that was a shift really into fruits and vegetables and way from things like meat, wheat, sweets, and dairy,” she explains.


Using herbs and supplements. No single anti-cancer natural remedy was uncovered by Dr. Turner’s research. But she says most survivors used three types of herbs and supplements — those that aid digestion and increase the body’s absorption of nutrients, help detoxify the body of bacteria and viruses, and boost the immune system (such as probiotics, prebiotics, aloe vera, turmeric, and vitamin C). “I wish that I could say there was one magic bullet, that everyone was taking this one herb from Indonesia and — poof! — their cancer was gone,” she notes. “[But] what I found … is there were three categories of herbs that almost everyone I studied was taking.”


Embracing social support. A wide variety of research has found close connections with family and friends can boost cancer survival — something Dr. Turner’s research confirmed in the individuals she studied. “They would say to me, ‘You know, I don’t know how to explain it Dr. Turner, but I know that the love that just came pouring in helped me heal,’ ” she notes. “Well, scientifically we know that that’s actually possible, because when you feel loved oxytocin is released in huge amounts form the master glands of your brain and that increases [the immune system’s] natural killer cells and white blood cells.”


Increasing positive emotions, releasing negative feelings, and having strong reasons for living. Three other characteristics of long-term survivors were inter-related: Embracing positive emotions, letting go of negative ones, and developing stronger reasons for living. Dr. Turner found the patients she studied made time every day to do these things, just as they made time to eat, sleep, and exercise. “Even if it was just for five minutes a day — so [they’re] not trying to be happy positive all the time, ’cause that’s just not possible — but making sure [to] get five minutes of joy every day,” she says. “They [also] released suppressed emotions that they were holding onto from the past, such as stress or regret or sadness.”


Following your intuition. Learning to trust your gut instincts was also a key factor Dr. Turner observed in the patients she studied. “They used their intuition to help make decisions,” she says. “And intuition is interesting ’cause it actually can sense danger and paths to safety, long before the front of your brain — which is the thinking part of your brain — even knows what’s going on.”


Deepening your spiritual connection. Dr. Turner found that faith itself was not necessarily a key factor in helping cancer patients live longer, but that the practice of some form of spirituality — praying, meditating, or interacting with the natural world — has measureable impacts on the immune system. 


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Immune system…activated


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— such as prayer or meditation or even walking in nature — that will change … the physiology of your body and put you into the parasympathetic nervous system and that’s when your immune system really lights up.


“Research has shown that having a fighting spirit and fighting against your cancer actually doesn’t lengthen survival time. And that’s exactly what I found amongst my radical remission survivors, as well,” she says. 

“Many of them weren’t fighting their cancer; many of them were just simply focused on enjoying life for as long as they had it. And so again that’s moving them out of fear, and out of sort of this fight-or-flight mode and into the rest-and-repair mode, where you’re enjoying life, you’re relaxing, you’re taking happiness when you can get it. And that is actually better for your immune system than being in a fight with something.”


rimental drug helped Sharon Belvin, who was diagnosed with melanoma in her lung when she was 22 and spent two years in standard treatment. The drug is called ipilimumab, and it aims to trigger the immune system against cancer.

Within four months, her lung tumors started to shrivel. By late 2006, they were gone. Today Belvin, now 27, is off all treatment. She spends her time with her husband and 1-year-old daughter, Lilly Elizabeth, whom she calls “a miracle baby, after all we have been through.”

Why do some patients beat the odds? Some go on experimental medicines that help them, but few others. Others take novel combinations of approved drugs that are too toxic for most to endure. The most mysterious cases of all are so-called spontaneous remissions, where tumors vanish without any treatment. Only a handful of such cases are reported in the medical literature each year.

In Pictures: Six Miracle Cancer Survivors

Each year, 566,000 Americans die of cancer. In 2004, cancer treatments cost $72 billion, according to the most recent National Cancer Institute report. And by all accounts, they have since soared.

That some patients respond better to certain drugs than others is a focus of furious scrutiny at top labs. The reasons include everything from the immune system, to the particular mutations in a given tumor, to the sensitivity of stem cells inside a tumor to treatment.

One big reason why some patients do better than others is that their tumors may have particular sets of mutations that make them exquisitely sensitive to one drug or another. These rare responders tell us that “there are some unique, relatively tumor-specific mutations that must be occurring in these cancers that are therapeutically exploitable,” says oncologist Ronald Natale of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Researchers are just beginning to discover the gene mutations that influence drug response. For example, about 10% of lung cancer patients have certain mutations in a protein called EGFR that make them far more likely to respond to Genentech’s Tarceva. Meanwhile, oncologists showed last year that about 40% of colon cancer patients whose tumors have a mutation in a gene called kras never respond to the popular Erbitux from Eli Lilly .

Some researchers are even working to personalize treatment b





In her New York Times bestseller, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, Dr. Kelly A. Turner, founder of the Radical Remission Project, uncovers nine factors that can lead to a spontaneous remission from cancer—even after conventional medicine has failed.



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