Pineapples’ Bromelain contributes to keep cancer cells in check

In this blog-article, i will show that today’s cancer paradigm is not only unsustainable, but continues to be deleterious to most cancer patients’ best interests (Section A). Thereafter, i will show how a simple tropical fruit like pineapple and its enzymes can be clinically superior to conventional cytotoxic chemotherapy (Section B).

Section A

Conventional Oncology’s Limits

As the Advanced Cancer Research Institute’s cancer documentary and blogs show, the failure of conventional oncology rests on its myopic symptomatic approach, postulating that the tumor is the cause of the cancer when it is only a symptom.

The conventional medical work-up goes like this: First, its technicians will use medical imagery, cancer markers and biopsies to identify the characteristics of the presumed biopsied cancer tissue (ie, grade, stage, spread etc). Thereafter, the conventional oncologists will proceed to kill these tumors with cytotoxic chemo, ionic radiation and surgery. As a complementary procedure, high-tech modalities like monoclonal antibodies, check point inhibitors and other targeted drugs like tamoxifen may be given.

Critical Appraisal

In terms of the diagnostic-prognosis work-up plan, most conventional tests are not early detection, too many are invasive, radiaton based exams can cause new cancer cells to grow while excisional biopsies can even spread cancer cells to other parts of the body, contrarily to the more intelligent “liquid biopsies”. (Source)

Furthermore, most conventional testings are not relevant insofar as causation is concerned. These lab and imaging tests take a “fixed” picture of tumors, which is an evolutionary and dynamic phenomenon that changes size, shapes and functions as time goes on and depending on which genes are expressed epigenically. In contradistinction, holistic and integrative oncology workup plans address root causes.

Regarding most conventional treatment plans, these tend to cause more harm than if nothing conventional was put in place. While this is now admitted by many conventional oncology experts for most prostate cancers (Source), the conventional oncology system is still in self-denial about the serious limitations of most of its conventional treatments. For example, when chemotherapy is used as a stand-alone therapy, fewer than 3 percent of chemo patients make it to five years. (Source)

Furthermore, while surgery tends to spread cancer and depress the immune system,  both radiation and chemotherapy do shrink tumors, but at the cost of systematically destroying the immune system and other healthy tissues while making the engine of metastasis, the cancer stem cells, stronger. Furthermore, given the collateral damage, the patient’s will to live is undermined (Cf nocebo versus placebo blog).

As i have shown elsewhere, chemotherapy supports the chemo resistant and malignant cell subpopulations within tumors called cancer stem cells (or progenitor cells) by spurring them to mutate thereby getting stronger while these cytotoxic agents kill not only the immune system, but also the more benign cells and/or senescent cells within the tumor that keep it slow-growing, or even harmless.

Evidence that pineapples enzymes are clinically superior to the classic chemo 5-FU

The Clinical Superiority of Holistic and Integrative Oncology via the Medical use of Pineapples and its enzymes

A handful of natural compounds have been discovered, however, which exhibit an effect called “selective cytotoxicity.” This means they are able to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells and tissue unharmed. This type of cancer treatment is intelligent, targeted and will not result in the death of the patient from “collateral damage”. At the Advanced Research Institute, we have examined different natural and holistic selective cytotoxicity approaches, including, but not limited to Vitamin C, eggplants, heat therapy, fly eating flowers and pineapples. In this blog, i will cover only Pineapples and in particular its bromelain enzymes.

Bromelain is antimetastatic and promotes cancer apoptosis selectively

Bromelain, an enzyme that can be extracted from pineapple stems has been shown to be clinically superior to a common chemo drug. chemotherapy drug 5-fluorauracil This peer reviewed research was published in the journal Planta Medica over ten years ago, thanks to which we have been using for over ten years lots of pineapples at the Pyrenean Holistic Retreat Center (cf ). The Researchers stated:

“Stem bromelain (EC is a major cysteine proteinase, isolated from pineapple ( Ananas comosus) stem. Its main medicinal use is recognized as digestive, in vaccine formulation, antitumoral and skin debrider for the treatment of burns. To verify the identity of the principle in stem fractions responsible for the antitumoral effect, we isolated bromelain to probe its pharmacological effects. (….)This antitumoral effect [of bromelain] was superior to that of 5-FU [5-fluorouracil], whose survival index was approximately 263 %, relative to the untreated control. Bromelain significantly reduced the number of lung metastasis induced by LLC transplantation, as observed with 5-FU (…)” (2) (Source)

Discussion and Tentative Conclusion

Little is done if anything to address metastasis pathways, cancer stem cells, nutrition, sugar and over twelve of the biochemical pathways or hallmarks that gives Life to cancer development.

As a result, this unleashes a more aggressive, treatment-resistant type of cancer that continues to wreak havoc on the body while promoting metastasis, from which most patients die.

Pr. Joubert (ACR Institute Director)


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