Informed Consent & Questions to Ask

Most cancer patients are both in fear and overwhelmed with their diagnosis. Most dont think of asking even the most important questions.

To compound the problem, most oncologists dont secure informed consent, which means to clearly explain the benefits and risks of all credible options and on the consequences of declining conventional oncology.

Below, a few questions that can be asked before making a decision.


Copy the questions that you want to use onto a notepad or tablet to take to your doctors appointment.

Ask doctor if you can record his answers for future reference. Need to ask from the legal point of view.

  1. Does cytotoxic chemo cause other forms of cancer ? 
  2. 2. Does chemo and Rt destroy slow growing cells ? 
  3. Or just fast growing cells ? 
  4. 3. Does chemo cause chemo resistance ? 
  5. 4. Does chemo spur the growth cancer stem cells ? 
  6. 5. Are circulatory cancer stem cells the engines of metastases 6. Is the reason cancer is the only disease that has a five years “remission” rate because after five years, there is an avalanche of new or rekindled cancer ? etc. The hard evidence to these six question is yes. Conclusion: chemo, like ionic radiation are a medical frauds. There is no relationship between chemo tumor shrinkage and survival.
  7. 7. What about cancer immunotherapy. The 2018 Nobel of medicine went to cancer immunotherapy. Better than chemo. But still crappy, lots of side effects, like the immune system going crazy and attacking other tissues than the cancer cells. 
  8. 7: will chemo work better if i dont eat for three days ? Will the chemo work better with hyperthermia ? Will the chemo work better with high dose vitamin C ? Answer is yes to all three of these questions, but most conventional oncologists are ignorant. Better than chemo solo, but holistic approach still is better. If your Mom asks these questions and she gets answers, you can follow up with me. I would also ask for the phone number of ten patients who used the same protocol with the same cancer and are still alive at least two to ten years after treatment ? I would ask the oncologists for published studies for what they claim ? I would ask for a signature on legal paper that he guarantees that inflammatory hell wont precede death. I dont have a license here, so i cant give you any medical advise. But if it were me, i would refuse the chemo. People who slam the door of their conventional oncologists have three times more survival. The well known French oncologist Gearges Mathé advised at the end of his life for cancer patients to stay away from prestigious cancer centers whose well paid experts think they know the best treatments, but in reality they just hasten the death of most of their patients. The more robust can survive, but most dont. At least explore first all of the other credible options. . Most conventional oncologist do not secure informed consent. They use scare tactics. And are ignorant for the most part. And make huge profits selling chemo. I would also deny surgery. Unless it’s a question of life and death. Most surgeries spread ca 

On Diagnosis

What is my diagnosis?

Is this a fast growing or slow growing cancer? How long has it been growing in my body?

What do you think caused my cancer?

-Do you think my diet, pollution or stress had anything to do with it ? -Was it genetic?


Treatment Questions

What treatment do you recommend?

What are the drugs you are going to treat me with?

Are there any other drugs that I might have to take?

Can I get a list of all the drugs that will be involved in my treatment?

What are the short term side effects of these drugs?

What are the long term side effects of these drugs?

Do any of these drugs have life threatening side effects?

How old are the drugs you recommend? How long have they been around?

Is this treatment curative or palliative?

If curative:

If the treatment you recommend doesn’t cure my cancer, then what?

What is the recurrence rate after this treatment? Where does that statistic come from?

If palliative:

What’s the point of chemo or radiation if it’s not going to cure me?

How would drugs that make me sick give me better quality of life? How much time do you think I have to live if I do this treatment? How much time do you think I have to live if I do nothing?

 What is the 5 year disease-free survival rate for my specific diagnosis with this treat- ment protocol?

What is the 5 year disease-free survival rate for my specific cancer if I do nothing?

How much does chemotherapy contribute to 5 year survival for my cancer? What about 10 year survival?

Are there any studies comparing this treatment protocol to patients who did nothing? What if the treatment doesn’t work? Can I get refund?

May I have copies of the Material Safety Data Sheets on all the drugs I’ll be taking? I would like to take them home with me today to review them.

Have you ever taken any of these chemotherapy drugs to understand what they are like?

Would you do this treatment if you had the same diagnosis as me?

If your husband/wife had this cancer would you give them this treatment?

Is it true that chemotherapy drugs can make cancer more aggressive?

Does chemotherapy kill cancer stem cells?

I read that many chemotherapy drugs are carcinogenic? Can this treatment cause more cancers in the body?

Do cancer cells eventually become resistant to chemotherapy? What do we do when that happens?

What other treatment options are available besides what we’ve discussed?


What do you recommend I eat while doing chemotherapy? Is it ok if I have ice cream and pizza?

 What’s the best anti-cancer diet?

Are there any foods that I should avoid?

I was thinking about adopting a plant-based diet, eating lots of raw fruits and vegeta- bles, and juicing, is that ok?


I would like to get the Oncostat Plus chemosensitvity test to see which drugs my cancer will respond to before starting anything. Can you order that for me?

Will you be ordering genetic testing to make sure the drugs won’t be severely toxic to me?

For example, patients with a DPD enzyme deficiency makes 5FU severely toxic and deadly

Spectracell Blood Test shows nutrient deficiencies in the body


How many patients do you treat per year?

How many patients have you permanently cured of my disease?

I’m really nervous about this and would like to speak to 5 of your patients with the same cancer as me that are cancer-free after 5 years. Is that possible?

Do you have any patients with my kind of cancer that are in remission after 10 years? Can I speak to some of them?

If the doctor balks at this

Would you be willing to call and ask them personally if they would talk to me?


What is the total cost of the treatment you are recommending?

How much of that is your profit?

I’m just curious to know how much money you are making off me as a patient.


The New York Time…(Source) somewhere that private practice oncologists buy chemotherapy drugs at whole- sale and bill the patients or the insurance company at a marked up price. Is that true?

Is it true that you make a profit on the chemotherapy drugs you prescribe? And that some have higher profit margins than others?


If I decide to undergo treatment, will I be able to call you if I have questions after hours?

I would like to take some time to change my life, would that be possible? How much time do I have to do this?

How much time do I have to think about all this and make my decision? Is it possible for the body to heal itself of cancer?

If I decide not to do treatment, in order to enjoy the time I have left, will you support me with periodic blood tests and scans?

Can I get a copy of my medical records before I leave today?


To make right decisino, need to ask Key ones

  1. That’s why i would try something more holistic and gentle first, with proper monitoring. You can’t heal anything durably by destroying symptoms (a tumor is a symptom to a metabolic and immune disorder). Got to go to root causes and have a holistic approach. Furthermore, if she does chemo, her chances of reversing this cancer with alternative therapies will be less. Most holistic oncologists dont want to take chemo and rt patients because their success rate is not as good. Chemo is nothing less than expensive poison that destroys the quality of life and enriches oncologists and their clinics. If she does opt for chemo, question


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