Book: Holistic Cardiology: Theory & Practice

 Holistic Cardiology: Theory & Practice

Theory and Pathophysiology

Book’s Description for Volume One

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are both the first cause of premature death and the easiest condition to reverse holistically. Based on the Happiness Medicine Institute’s workshops and on his clinical experience, Pr. Joubert examines symptomatology, diagnoses and pathophysiological mechanisms of the most common cardiovascular disorders, including, but not limited to atherosclerosis, heart valve dysfunction and chronic heart failure, arrthymia and sudden cardiac death, which accounts for more than 300,000 American deaths each year. 

Book’s Description for Volume Two on Holistic and Innovative Solutions

In Volume Two, the book will analyze different holistic solutions that can address most cardiovascular disorders and detail the Institute’s general reversal protocols. The book’s last section delves into discussion on theory (medical paradigms) and on how American Cardiology and its patients can benefit from the Fundamentals in Holistic and French medicine, most of which have been shown by strong evidence to be clinically superior and much less expensive to most of what American Conventional Cardiology has determined to be the best standards of care. Having practiced and lived most of his Life in Mediterranean France and Israel, Pr. Joubert is in an unique position to explain why the Mediterranean-inspired lifestyle is good medicine and how the 800 billion dollars American Cardiology Industry can and should go holistic and Mediterranean in most of its treatment plans.

Part of the Book’s Preface

Sudden cardiac death among 21st century Americans, the most pervasive symptom that results from artery occlusion, is the primary reason that explains early departure from Earthly Life for the majority of Americans. For those who can avoid sudden death, disability and co-morbidies are the norm. Despite the Government’s N.I.H. research and dietary guidelines and the conventional standards determined by the  800 billion dollars cardiology industry and conventional science, heart and vascular diseases remain the number one cause of early death. Yet, there are multiple human groups who live outside of the United States who will never develop most of the cardiovascular disorders Americans struggle with, including coronary artery diseases, atherosclerosis, valvular heart disorders and chronic heart failure.

While Conventional and Palliative Cardiology may in extreme cases save lives and help to avoid sudden death, many of these same conventional surgical and pharmaceutical procedures have been shown to either worsen long-term outcomes or delay disability and death for only a few years. The fundamental weakness of this medical approach is hinged on Conventional Cardiology’s goal in targeting more symptomatology than the underlying causes with high-tech technology and complicated procedures that defy millions of years of evolutionary biology, signaling fine-tuning and common sense.

In contradistinction, the beauty, the simplicity and the strength of Holistic Cardiology as designed and practiced by Happiness Medicine Institute is based on the gentle targeting of root-causes with lifestyle, innovative and holistic techniques that are combined with natural molecules in the plant and fungi Kingdoms that work on multiple pathways synergistically with few if any side effects, while the Government-promoted Pharma’s patented and pricy synthetic molecules work on one biochemical pathway that trigger multiple toxic effects and fee-accumulating complications. How could they not when we know that human Biology thrives on the basis of synergy and signaling networks.

In this Book, I will show how Holistic Cardiology can safely and efficiently reverse the American Cardiovascular epidemic with cost-friendly holistic and innovative tools that are safe, efficient and cost-friendly. With these tools, at least 80 to 90 percent of Americans could start seeing meaningful improvement in their conditions within three months or less.

Before delving in these Holistic Solutions, the Book first examines different detection signs and symptoms that can indicate both the imminence and the gestation of a cardiovascular event like a heart attack, an aneurysm or a stroke. A brief discussion on early detection & diagnosis tools will be developed.  Thereafter,  multiple pathophysiological cardiovascular mechanisms that damage blood vessels and valves will be explored in depth. Thanks to this information, all supported by strong Science, readers will be able to discuss with their cardiologist the alternative and holistic options and eventually practice informed self-care with a few of the holistic & happiness medicine tips that are recommended.  A section on Discussion and Action Plans will precede a general Conclusion on public health measures.

The focus of this book is the resolution of most cardiovascular diseases with a simple core holistic approach that can also increase quality Lifespan. While the book focuses on the five most common and pervasive cardiovascular disorders Americans face, (eg. atherosclerosis (and its coronary heart diseases), valvular disorders, chronic heart failure, arrthymia and sudden cardiac arrests) other less common cardiovascular disorders will also be put to the holistic test.

The book’s thesis is based on the evidence-strong argument that practically all cardiovascular disorders can be better controlled than with conventional cardiology and for many of these disorders, they can also be reversed with holistic and innovative care.

The book’s conclusion is straightforward: The evidence-based principles and practices of holistic cardiology are so safe, efficient,  accessible and low-cost that most cardio-vascular diseases could be either prevented or reversed without the risks and huge costs of today’s high-tech cardiology.

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(1). The heart functions as a pump in the circulatory system to provide a continuous flow of blood throughout the body. This circulation consists of the systemic circulation to and from the body and the pulmonary circulation to and from the lungs. Blood in the pulmonary circulation exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen in the lungs through the process of respiration. The systemic circulation then transports oxygen to the body and returns carbon dioxide and relatively deoxygenated blood to the heart for transfer to the lungs. Betts, J. Gordon (2013). Anatomy & physiology. pp. 787–846

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