Founder’s Background

Pr. Joubert, biogerontologist from France, was trained at the Oenology Institute of Talence, next to Bordeaux France, and the Faculty of Law on the same campus. He partially grew up in the Haut Médoc where his father worked, for both Chateaux Margaux and Mouton Rothschild in Pauillac. In order to  finance conventional Medical School in Paris, Joubert worked as a Sommelier and waiter. Since, he has taught law, social sciences and medicine for many years while practicing organic farming and holistic medicine. He examines Wine and any aspect of Medicine with the legal eyes of a trained jurist. He is presently living in one of the five Mediterranean climate and wine-rich areas of the world, South California. Pr. Joubert is available to talk about any of the themes mentioned in the “Talk” section.

Professional Experiences

1. Medical director of the Centre Mediterranéen de Bien-Etre Holistique in South France. This Holistic Fitness and Education Retreat Center has been organizing holistic rejuvenation education & wellbeing retreat programs since 2000. It is located in one of France’s most beautiful and pristine mountain areas in the Eastern Pyrénées, next to the Spain and the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Organic agriculture farmer, in particular, growing organic berries, herbs, greens and mushrooms, an activity which was certified by ECOCERT, Europe’s main organic certification agency. ECOCERT also certified the Mediterranean Center’s vegan raw organic chocolate truffles.

3. Eco-house or what is called “eco-construction” training in France. Just like the “milieu intérieur” (bioterrain, the microenvironment) is key for a healthy lifespan, the “milieu extérieur”, (ie, the surrounding environment) is also relevant for optimal wellness.

4. Director and Chief Science Officer of Advanced Cancer Research Institute, the Optimal Longevity Institute and Medicinal Wine Institute. Professor Joubert has been a Court Expert in Carcinogenesis & Clinical Oncology from the naturopathic viewpoint. He has written over one hundred articles in this field and is working on a new book relative to holistic approaches to cancer. He has interviewed over 60 cancer experts for a holistic oncology documentary and  partaken in many international cancer conferences each year in order to keep abreast of cancer breakthroughs. When possible, Professor Joubert organizes  holistic oncology workshops,

5. Producer and filmmaker: Joubert has produced one documentary, on Holistic Oncology  wherein carcinogenesis is redefined and a few holistic reversal protocols are outlined. More than 50 interviews of both cancer patients and cancer medical experts enrich this documentary. When he was getting ready to market it online in 2015, problems occurred. He therefore suspended this project, but continues to update the latest cancer breakthroughs, most of which are described in a pending book on breakthrough oncology protocols in association with a plan of action whose application would resolve the present cancer epidemic.

6.  Litigation, International Human Rights Protection/promotion & Teaching Law and other university courses in the social sciences :  In conjunction with  his work at the Holistic Law Institute, Professor Joubert has argued multiple cases in constitutional law, international human rights law and civil litigation, including, but not limited to medical malpractice and products liability law. Professor was also active as a court (judiciary) expert in holistic oncology (cancer). He was a visiting int’l public law professor at Gonzaga Law School in Wa and taught public international law, political science, and comparative public policy and social science for over ten years in Paris. (4) Joubert has also been proactive in public advocacy in both Europe and the US.

7. Journalist and Foreign Reporter in France and Israel: Trained at UPTEC school of social communication and journalism in Talence France under the direction of Robert Escarpit, with an apprenticeship under professor Escarpit of Le Monde, Joubert later worked at Bordeaux’s sole paper called Sud Ouest, in particular in its weekly called Sud Ouest Dimanche, under the direction of Roger Achéritéguy. Therein, in his early twenties, Joubert wrote one major depth report article (called “article de fond”) for the Journal, each week for close to one year. Thereafter, he represented the Sud Ouest Dimanche Journal in Israel and worked there as a journalist while delving in doctoral research for his public international law thesis. (6)

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Bordeaux’s Law School: Faculté de Droit, Bordeaux (Pessac) France: Doctorate thesis (including preliminaries equivalent to a Masters) in public international law under the supervision of Professors Martres, Seurin and Jacques Ellul, one of Europe’s top sociology, philosophy and law professors.

School of Medicine (Paris): Conventional medicine education at Pierre et Marie Curie Faculté de Médecine.

Ecole d’Acupuncture Française: Three years of training in one of France’s best oriental medicine’s schools, Ecole Française d’Acupuncture in Paris.

School of Journalism (Social Communication and Information): Trained at UPTEC school of social communication and information journalism in Talence France under the direction of Robert Escarpit, with an apprenticeship under professor Escarpit as well as at Talence’s I.U.T. in journalism.

Bordeaux’s oenology institute in Talence, (Ecole d’oenologie de Bordeaux)under the direction of Professor Emile Peynaud, who is considered to be the modern father of oenology (ie, the art of making optimal wine).

CNAMCentre National des Arts et Métiers, Paris.  (clinical nutrition).

Naturopathy at CEREDOR (Vie & Action) Association and Holistic Medicine at the Jus Cogens Institute. (France) Training in biogerontology, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, exercises, yoga, Tai Chi, nutrition, fasting, meditation and other holistic techniques from these two Centers. (7). Doctoral program (PhD) in biogerontology and oncology.

School of Social Sciences (Paris) Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Political sociology  training under the direction of one of France’s top political philosopher and sociologist,  Raymond Aron.

Asian, African, Middle Eastern and Israel Studies:Additional education at the CHEAM (Centre des hautes études sur l’Afrique et l’Asie modernes) in Paris. Which included Middle East and Israel studies. Hence, Joubert’s Life in Israel,where he worked as an investigative journalist and studied (including at Jerusalem University and three kibbutzim) when he went there to reunit his Polish Jewish Mom with her long lost Brother from Haifa, David Green, who had fled Hitler’s destructive totalitarianism. The CHEAM was replaced by the French Government in 2000 with another international relations training school.

Summer Training at the International institute of human rights in Strasbourg founded by Nobel Peace Laureate René Cassin.  where Pr. Joubert closely worked with European and int’l human rights expert Judge Louis-Edmond Pettiti. Summer training in public international law at the Hague Academy of International Law in Holland.

Lawyer training at Montpelier’s CRFPA (Centre regional de formation pour la profession d’avocat) and Nanterre University’s School of Law (including additional public international law training with former Culture Minister and law professor Jack Lang). Additional training at Harvard University, Jerusalem University (International Relations), Boston College, University of Massachusetts, Assumption and others schools and institutes.

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Joubert’s Health-related Skills in a Nutshell

Pr. Joubert is a former law professor from Paris & the US (Gonzaga Law School) as well as an acupuncturist, nutritionist, organic farmer, wine expert, eco-house specialist, and clinician specializing in holistic oncology, holistic cardiology,  wine medicine, peak performance and biogerontology (ie, living in good shape to 110 years and beyond). He has both studied and worked in the following fields.

Biogerontology, (ie, specializing in the extension of the human life-span to a healthy 120 years and beyond), holistic oncology, (reversing the cancer process without the conventional mix of toxicity & misery), traditional naturopathy, French medicine and its health-care policy, Chinese acupuncture Medicine, clinical nutrition, oenology (wine science), organic agriculture, ecology & building biology, eco-development, sociology, comparative public policy, political science, international public law as well as other forms of law within the common and continental legal systems. Medicine is based as much on science as it is on culture and politics. Hence, Joubert’s skills in the social sciences and the law makes his coaching in health restoration  more relevant.

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 Present Goals

Besides finishing up different books, blogs and documentaries, Joubert is exploring possibilities to create a European-flavored holistic health & rejuvenation retreat center in the US, possibly on the American West coast, one that would be associated to the Mediterranean Center for Holistic Medicine

The purpose of this American Holistic Health Retreat Center is to contribute in solving the American Health-care crisis, thanks to both the French model of health-care (See Exhibit A below) and what the best Science has consistently shown to be the most safe, effective and cost-friendly.

These Holistic Retreats use the best French, European and international holistic and innovative methods that have been identified to maintain lengthy telomeres, abundant stem cells, strong repair genes & healthy germ and somatic cells as well as a robust microbiota, while promoting the body’s immune system to expedite senescent, cancer, viral, bacterial, ectopic endometrial and other damaging cells, metabolites and toxicants.

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Exhibits A

On the Health System in France

France is far from being adequately holistic in terms of maximizing the conditions for a healthy lifespan, but its results are generally superior to the US’s results. Because Professor Joubert has significant experience with both the French and American health-care systems and their corresponding dignostic and treatment techniques, he may be available to consult on this and other health related issues, including with public health agents. (12)

Top: Expert testimony on a few differences between the American and French Health care systems. A few years ago, the W.H.O. experts ranked France’s health-care system as the number one, out of 191 countries, Source.

Brief Statement on what is needed to improve the American health-care system

For the American health-care system to improve, from being the most expensive in the world (over three trillion dollars) and one of the least safe and efficient in the industrial world, it needs to restructure it’s entire encentive system that rewards health as opposed to disease. For this to happen, the public health system needs to be based either on a non-profit system or a “for-profit” single payer system that would reward health. Or a combination of these two models.

In medicine, progress is not more hospitals, more health expenses,  especially those based on the same “pill for an ill” and “fee for each complication” business model. Genuine progress is based on having fewer hospitals and less GDP sick-care expenses, which means that the new health-care system needs to be based on preventive and holistic medicine.

For this result to happen,  public health agents, political leaders and the elected People in Congress need to be really interested in the People’s general welfare,  health and achieving their birthright, a healhty lifespan way beyond 100 years.

For the majority of Americans to reach 100 years in good shape, many of the Nation’s institutions and laws would need to change.

The central resistance to this Holistic Vision however is that most law-makers and public leaders that are capable of re-orienting the country toward health and vitality restoration thrive on a sick-care management system  as well as on electoral campaign finance statutes that are based on short-term profits, dogma and corruption.

The country therefore needs healthy and holistic activists and scientists who are knowledgeable enough in ethics, medicine, basic sciences, comparative health-care systems, law, politics, agriculture, ecology, oenology, philosophy, the economy, the social sciences and History to significantly contribute in the building of an eco-community based holistic civilization.


Pr Joubert does not practice Conventional Allopathic Medicine.

Because over 95 percent of diseases can be reversed in a cost-effective, safe and efficient way with holistic and lifestyle medicine, Pr. Joubert focuses on teaching and coaching. He no longer has a clinical practice in France, but he still on occasion organizes holistic health rejuvenation Mediterranean retreats and spiritual pilgrimages in South France.


Reference and Precision Notes

(3).  France is the only country who broke the optimal logevity record, with Jeanne Calment, who reached 122 years and 5 months.  Three of France’s elders who have reached the supercentenarian status are all 115 years old and in relatively decent shape: These are Lucile Randon, Gabrielle Valentine des Robert and Jeanne Bot. France has also achieved the first rank, with Japan on the living supercentenarians, all women. Next comes the USA with two supercentenarians, Italy with one and Belarus also with one.
(4). Professor Joubert oversaw over one hundreds Masters thesis in law and international relations. Among other cases and jurisdictions, Joubert litigated constitutional, products liability, tobacco racketeering, medical and legal malpractice actions in both Washington State and U.S. Federal jurisdictions as well as other human rights issues in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the inter-american commission on human rights in D.C. and the U.N human rights Committee in Geneva. Chris has drafted and filed over 500 pleadings and written over 50 articles on civil and international law. Joubert has used the Courts to promote the replacement and-or improvement of outdated legal and medical standards of care with evidenced-based holistic standards. He is knowledgeable in both the common law and the continental or civil-Roman systems of law.
(5). Light to moderate drinking of quality red wine has consistently been associated with higher omega-3 levels in plasma and red blood cells, higher HDL, the so called good cholesterol and, among many other benefits, with significant amounts of polyphenols and resveratrol that can help to express the longevity gene called SIRT1. See wine blogs.
(6).  Joubert also wrote depth articles as a freelance journalist for the Israeli Ministry of Religion, the Israeli Wine Institute and, among other publications, the Jerusalem Post. He stayed at three different kibbutzim in order to write a study on kibbutz community and family education. He visited the U.N. buffer zone in the Kuneitra area and wrote a story about the Israeli-Arab conflict and other hot zones in Eretz Irsael.
(7). When the CEREDOR (Vie & Action) director, Dr Passbecq, died, this natural medicine (naturopathy) school closed. Building biology was also taught in this school. After the French Government and its conventional medical boards became more repressive vis-as-vis holistic medicine,  Jus Cogens Institute, just like CEREDOR (Vie et Action association) also closed. Dr Passbecq had been legally prosecuted for making holistic medical  claims that were not consistent with the conventional “standards” of the day. Mainstream France, just like Mainstream America thrive on a strong vaccine and drug Industry, the profits of which also feed the political “control” system.  Jus Cogens Institute therefore also got repressed.  Although there are mainstream “alternative” medicine practices like homeopathy, acupuncture and spa medicine that have been recognized by the French State administrators since 1946, France’s present political system’s ENA experts, law makers, ideologues, politicians and medical boards have repressed a number of therapeutic freedoms characterizing them as offshoots coming from “Sects” (cults), including  vaccination freedoms, the expression of which recently got one well known professor of Medicine and oncologist, Professor Joyeux and a few other medical doctors, to also experience legal repression. (Source) Other oncologists and medical doctors, including those who practiced medical and holistic “veganism” and the “New German Medicine”, like Dr Schozy (who had to flee to Spain) have lost their medical license. Nutritionist Dr Pierre Dukan also lost his medical license for having been too much of a nutritionist and not enough of a drug prescription doctor. (Source) Dr and oncologist Claude Sabbah, who practiced  psycho-neuro-immunotherapy oncology, also lost his license while getting hit with hefty fines and 2 years of jail. (Source) For the last few years, there has been this  “Mission interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires” (financed by those socio-economic and political elite members who control most of the French government) whose commissioners have legally prosecuted American church associations in France. These non profit health-based human rights activists  infringed the “domaine reservé” of conventional medicine, so they got repressed. Likewise with multiple French holistic health promoting doctors, healers and educators. Decades ago, the US Congress protested against some of these human rights violations, but today’s US Congress has gotten as “soft”as twinkies,  losing its “revolutionary fire”, its  spirit, its freshness. Yes, there are progressive elements in the French medical system that the US can benefit from, but there are also “Vichy” reactionary and ideological elements in the French health-care and political system that hinder progress, freedom and  the People’s genuine access to meaningful medicine and fulfillment. In his talks, Joubert covers these problems and identifies the best feasible conditions under which the US health-care system can improve, including with the best international health-care innovations that have the potiential to coalesce within and through-out the American culture.
(12). In the health and healing coaching and consultancy field, Professor Joubert’s originality is based on being able to examine medicine and the health sciences with legal, forensic, inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural eyes, thanks to which he can distinguish the clinical pearlsfrom the irrelevant and-or biased data and get to the crux of the issue under consideration.  Joubert is also able to identify a problem’s key inter-connectionsthat too often, most family members, medical doctors, court expert witnesses and public health agents are not able to see or understand.

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