Cancer-causing Glyphosate-based Pesticides Banned in France: Alternatives *

While glyphosate and many other pesticides continue to destroy the Soil’s immune system and Life, a French Court examined the evidence and revoked Bayer’s license to sell Glyphosate in France. (Section A). But what about predatory insects ?  In addition to many  techniques, from biological control (via useful insects), essential oils, biodynamics and permaculure, there is “urinotherapy” (Section B)

Section A

French court bans Glyphosate

A French court recently canceled the license for one of Monsanto’s glyphosate-based Round-up weedkillers on Tuesday January 15, 2019, over safety concerns, placing an immediate ban on Roundup Pro 360 in the latest legal blow to the Bayer-owned business. A court in Lyon in southeast France ruled that the approval granted by French environment agency ANSES in 2017 for Roundup Pro 360 had failed to take into account potential health risks.

Germany’s Bayer, which bought Monsanto for $63 billion last year, faces thousands of U.S. lawsuits by people who say its Roundup and Ranger Pro products caused their cancer. Bayer, which said it disagreed with the decision and was considering its legal options, has cited regulatory rulings as well as scientific studies that found glyphosate to be safe.

The firm is appealing a first U.S. court ruling that awarded $78 million in damages to a school groundskeeper from California. “Bayer disagrees with the decision taken by the Administrative Court of Lyon to cancel the marketing authorization for RoundUp Pro 360,” it said in a statement while adding,  “..this product formulation, like all crop protection products, has been subject to a strict evaluation by the French authorities (ANSES), an independent body and guarantor of the public health security.” One of Monsanto’s expert even said that Glyphosate was so safe that he could even drink it.

Glyphosate, originally patented as an antibiotic,  is off-patent and marketed worldwide by dozens of other chemical groups including Syngenta and DowDuPont’s Corteva Agriscience.

The European Union renewed its authorisation of glyphosate for five years in November 2017. Instead of protesting against this decision, President Emmanuel Macron and his team bypassed the precautionary principle (codified by French law) thereby imposing on the French people and countryside 5 more years of  this cancer-producing and gastrointestinal poison. (Cf the work of Séralini). This may be one reason why the Yellow Jacket social movement is so angry, an anger that may topple Macron’s government.

As stated this Lyon Court, the Government’s ANSES had not respected a precautionary principle in French law, notably by not conducting a specific evaluation of health risks for Roundup Pro 360.

“Despite the European Union’s approval of the active substance (glyphosate), the court considered that scientific studies and animal experiments showed Roundup Pro 360 … is a potentially carcinogenic product for humans, suspected of being toxic for human reproduction and for aquatic organisms“.

The World Health Organization’s cancer agency concluded in 2015 that glyphosate was probably carcinogenic, an assessment cited by the French court in Tuesday’s ruling.

ANSES said it was still examining the court ruling, but that the decision was effective immediately. “As a consequence, the sale, distribution and use of RoundUp Pro 360 are banned as of today,” the agency said in an email.

“This is a great first, which must be repeated,” Corinne Lepage, a former French environment minister and member of environment association CRIIGEN that brought the court case, said of the ruling on Twitter.

The association had also contested the process by which the EU renewed the general license for glyphosate, seeking a referral to the European Court of Justice, but the French administrative court said such action was not necessary

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Section B

Alternatives to toxic chemical Pesticides and Herbicides

In addition to many  techniques, from biological control (via useful insects), essential oils, biodynamics and permaculure, there is “urinotherapy”. Below 8 scientifically supported reasons why this holistic technique works.

1. Urine Helps to Deter Animals

In Nature, odors have a territorial impact. The scent of human urine can keep animals such as cats, foxes and rabbits away from one’s garden. (Source)

2. Urine Keeps Deer From the Garden

Human urine also wards off deer, by using a spray bottle, this golden natural repellant can deter deer from approaching the garden, especially morning urine which is more potent. l a (Source)

3.  Urine is a Natural Fertilizer

Crops need nitrogen to synthesize amino acids, enzymes, proteins and chlorophyll. Thanks to it’s nitrogen content, human urine is a high-quality fertilizer. According to the experts, one individual’s urine would be enough to fertilize up to one tenth of an acre of vegetables for an entire year. Diluting urine in a 20:1 ratio (20 parts water, 1 part pee) and then sprinkle it on the soil around the plants is what the experts recommend. (Source)

4. Urine feeds Compost

For a well-balanced and soil-rich garden, high carbon material and high nitrogen material are needed. Undiluted urine to one’s compost pile  help balance out the nutrient ratios in the your future soil! (Source)

5. Urine Enhances the Garden’s Soil and potentiates Ocean water

Urine contains phosphorus and potassium, which helps replenish soil that is depleted of minerals.  Mixed with an abundant mulch (made from twigs,  vegetable peelings, leaves, hay etc) in the Fall, come Spring time,  the Garden’s soil will be fertile, rich in nutrients. One could also add some ocean water in case the urine owner doesn’t have all of the necessary minerals. (Source)

6. Urine Acts As A Compost Accelerator

The uric acid in urine accelerates compost decomposition. (Source)

 Urine Fight the Garden’s Deleterious Fungi

Fungal diseases like leaf rot and downy mildew can damage one’s garden plants. Urine’s uric acid helps to deter and remove fungi on plants. But it needs to be diluted by about 50%, then a spray bottle is needed so that the golden liquid can be sprayed on the affected areas. (Source)

Urine Will Help Kill Weeds

And last, instead of using Round-up or other toxic poisons that target weeds,  urine will work without toxic residues. (Source)

Discussion and Conclusion

There is only one caveat in using human or animal urine. That the owner’s urine is not too toxic from prescription medication,  processed foods or other toxicants. Chemo and other toxic substances eventually find their way in the urine. If one has had a toxic non organic meal, then at least, using the afternoon or evening urine would be cleaner, as long as the urine producer has not filled up his or her bladder with toxin on the day of the plant urinotherapy. The urine of healthy dogs or other animals could also be used (Source)_

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