1 to 2 hours Talks that can be Ordered

1.  Successfully Treating Chronic Diseases & Acclerated Aging with  Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle

In this talk, the attendees will  discover the basics in optimal nutrition & quality supplementation (e.g. herbs, essential oils and the like), including food pairing, restrictive eating (ie, intermittent fasting) and the best nutrients, probiotics & superfoods for durably reversing degenerative disorders. The speaker will also present the evidence showing that plant-based and fiber-rich Vegan Diets as well as  French-inspired  improved Mediterranean Diets are clinically superior to all of the other diets presently on the market.

2. Reversing cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease with Holistic Nutrition & Neutraceuticals

In this talk, the speaker will talk about the common pathophysiological mechanisms that allow all of these above-mentioned diseases to be successfully treated with food as the main therapy and a few other holistic techniques as adjunctive therapies.

3. Activating human longevity pathways to the human DNA-regulated “Hayflick” potential of  120 years old

In this talk, the speaker will explore today’s cutting edge anti-age medicine and millennia-old holistic techniques that help to activate the longevity genes and  over twelve longevity pathways. Preliminarily, the speaker will examine the lives of a few supercentenarians who have reached 110 years and beyond including the French Mediterranean lady Jeanne Calment who reached 122 years in decent shape. (World Guiness Record).

4. The Strengths and the Limitations of today’s engineered Cancer immunotherapy and why the Holistic Approach to Cancer is still clinically superior to conventional oncology’s standards

Conventional Cancer immunotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibition strategies have been declared to be breakthroughs in medicine. While these strategies are much better than cytotoxic chemotherapy, radiation and many targeted therapies, recent evidence is showing that the  majority of cancer patients who use these expensive “breakthrough” therapies are getting impaired with autoimmunity and organ failure, to the point of compromising their quality of Life. A non negligible number of these patients are also dying. On the other hand, Holistic Oncology is still way safer, more efficient and much more reasonable in terms of costs and quality of Life.

5. How the Five Major Cardiovascular disorders (artherosclerosis, which includes coronary heart disease and strokes), heart valve stenosis, congestive heart failure, Arthymias and Sudden Cardiac Arrest) can be reversed with Holistic Cardiology

In this talk, the speaker will cover symptomatology, diagnosis and both conventional and holistic treatment plans that treat these conditions.  Case Studies are included.

6. Depression, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Diseases

In this talk, the speaker will analyze how these three disorders are inter-related and show how holistic Medicine can resolve them.

7. The Biology of accelerated Aging,  Holistic Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this talk the speaker will show the evidence supporting the claim that accelerated aging is a reversible disease, in particular with both TCM and Holistic Innovative Techniques.

8. The French Model of Health-Care

Regularly ranked as the best health-care system in the World (ie, out of the 191 World Health Organization member States), (Source) French Holistic and Conventional Medicine is not well known in the U.S. In this talk, an analysis of the strong aspects of the French Medical System will be presented, including France’s Spa and Thermal medicine, thanks to which every French resident can have a three weeks free health spa tune-up each year.

9. Wine Medicine: Theory and Practice

Not only does the epidemiological and observational  evidence show that not drinking wine is much more of a health risk than drinking wine (in moderation), but the “interventional” (i.e., RCT, or randomized control trials) evidence also demonstrates that quality wine taken timely, synergistically, holistically and in a dose dependent way can efficiently and safely help to heal over 12 of the most common diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hormonal dysfunction, mental disorders and accelerated aging. Yes, accelerated aging is or should be a N.I.H. (National Institutes of Health) recognized pathology. Aging biomarkers and actionable remedial wine-inspired protocols are well established in Science.  But those in charge of the Government’s public health institutions still refuse to do so. Meanwhile for Vino to be less an invitation to Danté’s Inferno than a “divine” manifestation of robust, corrective and preventive medicine, there are multiple rules and principles to respect, the knowledge of which should be taught in all medical schools and public institutions of the Land.

10. The Great Twelve Holistic Fundamentals that are used in French Traditional Holistic Medicine

The twelve Fundamentals are as follows: Detoxification (which includes oral hygiene, sauna, chelation, holistic restrictive eating and more), Fasting (which includes intermittent fasting, monodiets and juicing), Meditation (which includes visualization, sophrologie  and prayer), Exercise (which includes breathing techniques, yoga, lymph massage and rebounding), Hydrotherapy (hot and cold water therapies) Hyperthermia (heat as medicine, which includes heliotherapy or sun-bathing), Phytotherapy (phyto = plants which includes botanicals, spices and aromatherapy), Sleep therapy (which includes napping and holistic circadian rhythms activation), Musicotherapy (ie, sound medicine), Electric (energy) medicine (which includes acupuncture), Psychotherapy (which includes sense of purpose, sense of humor, joie de vivre, eco-community and social support), Wine therapy (ie,  grape has more genes than humans, over 30,000),  and Clinical nutrition (diet). Each of these techniques will be briefly explored.

11.  The Holistic Approach to Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders (Obesity, High Blood Pressure and Related disorders)

In this talk, the speaker will show why the present American medical approach to these health challenges is misguided and how Holistic Medicine can resolve these disorders in a few weeks, including weight management. The Paleo and Ketogenic diets are effective in weight loss, but these eating regimes also carry significant risks in the longer term. There are safer and more efficient Holistic Diets whose health effects will also last a long and healthy Lifespan as long as the patient is diligent, proactive and compliant to living in a holistic way.

12. How to improve the American Health-care system in light of the French & European Public Health Systems as well as in terms of “Building Biology” (Eco-Housing) & the Law

In this talk, the strengths and the limitations of both the American and French-European systems of health care will be briefly covered. A list of different proposals to improve the American Health-care system will follow the above-mentioned comparative analysis, including on “building biology”. Being able to live in a healthy ecologically-designed home with a lush food garden is necessarily part of a sustainable  health-care system. The last part of this talk will analyze to what degree the American legal system is as broken as its “sick-care”and political systems. When most patients can’t effectively  vindicate their right to benefit from equal access to genuine and health-care in responsible courts of law, then public policy is not consistent with Science, let alone with the People’s Constitution, the foundation of which is or should be based on General Welfare, holistic well-being and the dopamine-inducing pursuit of Happiness

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The Speaker: These talks are given by Professor Joubert, biogerontologist  from France. Most of these talks are presented with a strong up-to-date power point slide-show that supports the claims that are invoked during the talk.  A “Questions and Answers” Session follows these talks. For Joubert’s Bio, click here.  While we can on rare occasions organize free one hour talks for non profit, (charity) “social cause” organizations or the like, most times, we will required a talk fee, the terms of which can be freely and bilaterally negotiated.

To Order one or more of these talks, please inform us about your needs via this email.

Evidence that Nigella Sativa is clinically superior to many cancer drugs. To VIEW the Slide Show's ARTICLES & VIDEOS, consider CLICK-ing directly on the Screen.

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