Brief Online Prep. (Introduction)

How does the Consultation and-or Coaching work ?

The client will have a one-on-one video and-or phone conference with Pr. Joubert during which he-she can ask him any health-care or health-related legal questions and concerns. Pr. Joubert will work with the coachee or consultee to create his-her own personal Life and health strategy restoration program.

We will first examine the factual background and root causes  of the health or legal issues under consideration, based on the coachee’s written description and during the first part of the consultation. 

Thereafter, the client will be given all the necessary information and tools to help restore homeostasis, the body’s resiliency and peace of mind.

Preparation of a Written Description of the Disorder (s)

When the client books online consultations with Pr. Joubert, he or she will be taken to the consult page form, where a description of the health or legal challenge can be inserted.

Pr. Joubert will then carefully review the case at no cost and inform the client whether the ACR Institute can be of help.

If we believe we can, we will then share in live the ACR Institute’s work as well as Pr. Joubert’s  impressions, knowledge and experience.  

During the coaching, Pr Joubert may ask the client to clarify certain symptoms and ask more specifically about  medical history, lifestyle, possible traumas,  food intake, toxemia load, housing situation, work stress, sleep cycles etc. in order to determine the deep causes of the health issue (s) under consideration. Thus, the more complete the coachee is on the description form, the better.

During the coaching-consultation Pr. Joubert  will create  actionable steps to get the client on board of the Holistic Healing journey as well as on the road to health restoration. 

When indicated, we will send via email  published documents so that the client can better understand the conditions under which he or she is suffering and the published evidence with regard to solution options.

In order to stay on track, we will provide the client with a lot of useful information on clinical nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, types of therapies and holistic tools that can be used to get healthy and stay fit.

Consult-Coaching Modus Operandi (instructions)

Once the client schedules a consultation or coach session with Pr. Joubert, the client will receive an email with the phone and-or Skype address to contact. If the client prefers Zoom, an URL link to join the consultation meeting will be emailed.  When the client clicks the link to install the program and join the meeting,  the app automatically launches and the client will find her-himself in a virtual chat room with Pr. Joubert. 

The client can record the video conference so that he-she can  review the consultation later.

If the client prefers to have a phone consultations, that’s good too. 

At the ACR Institute, we usually prefer Skype or phone consults, these modalities are the easiest to use.

Possibility to Purchase a Consultation-Coaching gift certificate

The client will also be able to purchase  consultation time as a gift for someone in need.  They’ll receive a gift certificate with a code and phone number to use within 1 year from the date of purchase. It may be possible to redeem a 60 min gift certificate as two 30 minutes separate consults or a 120 min gift certificate as two one hour consults.

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Request your Consultation or Coaching session via with Pr Joubert, he will help each consultee and coachee to craft a personalized cancer-free Longevity Program, as this approach is the best way to address cancer and complex chronic diseases as well as optimal living.

To Check out how the ACR Institute prepares its Sessions and proves it’s Recommendations, click here

We will do our best to give the client the most up-to-date information and published data while inviting him-her to discover the  healing potential of the human body and Nature within, as well as the millennia-old Holistic Longevity Tradition and the best of innovative science, oncology and Biogerontology.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this education website should be contrued as legal or health advise. In consulting with H.M. Institute experts, there is no patient-doctor relationship. Advanced Cancer Research  Institute consultaiton experts are consulants and coaches that share information to help reset a client’s health back to homeostasis and happiness mode without any diagnosis nor conventional drug prescription treatment plan. This web site is neither for third party product advertising nor dispensing any form of conventional medicine. Clients who consult with ACR Institute experts receive information in an educational context in an effort to understand both the biolotical mechanisms underlying  diseases and the conditions to optimize healthy lifespan and peak performance.

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