Cancer Coaching Topics

Seventeen telephonic or in situ mini-conferences coaching topics are proposed, each of which contains multiple holistic and integrative techniques, all of which are supported by robust science.
1. Evaluating the molecular biology of the tumor cell population and, in particular, its CTC spread (if any). (CTC – Circulating tumor cells) and other tests. Where to get these tests. Examining the conventional diagnosis. Studying the strengths and limitation of conventional allopathic options. Elements of informed consent.
2. Reviewing efficient and safe monitoring techniques to make sure the chosen options are consistent with evidenced-based progress in cancer control and reversal.
3. Detoxification (metabolic and otherwise).
4. Chosing an adapted diets that corresponds to the patient’s health challenges and constitution. Ph regulation.  Stress management, heat therapy and exercises. Dealing with the glycolysis.
5. Turning off the fire of excessive free radicals and growth factors which promote cancer development.
6. De-activating malignant angiogenesis.
7. Quieting the malignancy-based inflammation cascade.
8. Correcting coagulation.
9. Immune-building, immune-modulation, re-activation of the innate immunity and the dendritic surveillance system.
10. Addressing key genes (downregulating oncogenes and upregulating tumor suppressor genes).
11. Dealing with cancer stem cells, the inhibition of micro-metastases and metastasis pathways.
12. Reviewing other anti-mitotic, metabolic and anti-cancer proliferation holistic techniques, from hyperthermia, electric regulation, electro-acupuncture, to oxygenation improvement, cellular homeostasis, atp normalization and selective malignant cyto-toxic natural substances that induce apoptosis and malignancy necrosis, among other activations.
13. Maintaining bone integrity, managing cancer pain and oxygen therapies: from the HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen chamber), to the floating chamber, to the altitude chamber,  to aromatherapy, the Bol de Jacquier technique, breathing exercises and more.
14. Repairing and-or correcting allopathic oncology’s damages (when possible, from cancer wounds that don’t heal well, to traumatizing surgeries, to radiation fibrosis, to chemo brain fog, to immune and gut destruction and allopathic cancer stem cell activation).
15. Nurturing emotional wellbeing and spiritual health.
16. Supplementation
17. Addressing cachexia, anorexia, autophagy, multiple tumor targeting techniques (both conventional and holistic), integrative  oncology and follow-up.
« L’urgence en cancérologie, ce n’est pas d’opérer, mais c’est de traiter les micro métastases. » Prof. POUYARD Institut Curie (“The urgency in oncology is not to use surgery, but to address micro-metastases”)

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