The Institute’s Signature Workshop on Reversing Cancer and Accelerated Aging

In this Workshop, we will examine the hallmarks of both accelerated aging and cancer and show the workshopee which are the key pathways over which everyone has control over.

Contrarily to the Conventional medicine and mainstream paradigm, based more on propaganda, greed and narrow-minded research than on Science, there is no need to pay for the medical system’s drugs, surgery and devices to live a long healthy lifespan of 110 years and beyond. Healthy lifespans are not the result of a lack of patented synthetic drugs. The evidence compellingly confirms that humans can live in a healthy way to up to 110 and even 122, (ie, the recorded limit) provided they minimize their relationship with conventional pharmaceutical-based medicine and adopt a holistic lifestyle while activating non-invasive tools that come from the ACR Institute’s intense research work.

120 years corresponds to 70 divisions of our somatic cells. The evidence has been established for a long time that this “Hayflick Limit” is our present human potential in terms of Lifespan.  (Source)

Nowhere in the DNA is it “written” that we must spend the last decades on Earth in a wheelchair or crippled with degenerative and complex chronic diseases like cancer that deprive us of Joie de Vivre (enjoyment of Life). If anything is crippled and degenerative, it is the present conventional medical and research systems. In this perspective, we will take 20 minutes to present to you the hard evidence that irrefutably demonstrates the repeated failures of the present Conventional Medical & Research Models to deal with cancer, accelerated aging and most other degeneratve diseases. (Source)

Although we will cover a few chronic diseases,  cancer will be prioritized. (1)  But the key subject that we will go into in depth is the Art and Science of reversing Accelerate Aging with the Institute’s innovative Research that we have incorporated within our Optimal Longevity Program.

Once we understand biophysics, the biochemical processes and their signaling networks that govern accelerated aging and chronic degeneration, we can then gently guide the bodily systems back to homeostasis, regeneration and resiliency, including the immune system whose job is to clear not only cancer cells, but also senescent cells, those very cells that are causing a lot of inflammation, oxidative stress and stagnation that signals the human body to age faster in preparation of death.

To check our the Institute’s Master Class on Optimal Longevity, Click here. Check out the Institute’s Cancer Master class, Click here. To check out the Institute’s Peak Performance Master Class, Click here. To check out the Institute’s Master Class on Traditional Chinese Medicine, click here. This 6 hours Class will  take the best of these four Master Classes and give you the Knowledge and the Holistic and Innovative Clinical Pearls to help you achieved a cancer-free Optimal Longevity Lifespan way past 100 years, without the drugs, surgeries and medical devices Conventional Medicine is addicted to.

Details of its whereabouts and price for later. We will try to offer a more than reasonable price. An organic Longevity lunch may be served. This will be a Power-Point Presentation with a few hands-on exercises. Case studies will be reviewed. Just like its done in Medical School.  If interested, please email us  and we will update you. Thank you.



This workshop will be presented by French biogerontologist and holistic oncologist Pr. Joubert. (2)

Below, a 12 minutes video of a three hours power point presentation on optimal longevity, Carlsbad, Ca.


(1). New research has shown that one of the major drivers of cancer, senescence and accelerated aging is a dysfunctional immune system. Because a rejuvenated immune system can also help to remove senescent cells, (5) the Institute’s Fasting-Microbiota-Diet immunotherapy approach is one of the best insofar as the controling and reversing of different forms of diseases that are connected either to an over-reactive immune system or an under-active one, from thyroid diseases, to degenerative joint disease, multiple sclerosis and more.

Since the 2018  Nobel Prize in Physiology (Medicine) went to scientists who have bio-chemically elucidated part of the immune system’s modus operandi with regard to cancer, including, but not limited to check point “brakes”, we will also compare holistic immunotherapy with genetic engineering immunotherapy, in particular with regard to CAR-T cell therapy (CAR = “chimeric antigen receptors”) and a few other conventional immune modulation techniques.

(2). Given his European and clinical background, Professor Joubert will also review some of the best longevity breakthroughs and practices from Europe and other parts of the world (Asia included), many of which have been under-reported in this country. Likewise with recent biogerontology and longevity conferences in the United States, some of the best and most recent data will be assessed, from A4M anti-aging conferences, to Life extension, cancer immunotherapy and biogerontology symposia, including from Professor Longo’s Institute of Longevity at the University of California in Los Angeles which we have visited.

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