The ACR Institute’s Workshop on Reversing Cancer and Accelerated Aging

In this Workshop, we examine the common hallmarks (physiological mechanisms) that activate both accelerated aging and cancer. By favorably modulating (impacting) gene expression and the longevity pathways with holistic science, lifestyle medicine and the ARC Institute’s protocols, the attendee will have the knowledge to both prevent and heal cancer while simultaneously delaying the aging process by one to four decades. Our approach to cancer is unique. When accelerated aging is first addressed with holistic science, cancer and other degenerative conditions are much easier to resolve.

Logistics and Venue

Details of the workshops whereabouts, scheduling and price pending. An organic Longevity lunch may be served. This will be a Power-Point Presentation with a few hands-on exercises. We will also demonstrate how to make one longevity & trans-malignancy smoothie. Case studies will be reviewed.  For now, we are looking at a 5 to 6 hours length workshop sometime during this coming Summer.

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This workshop will be presented Pr Joubert.

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Below, a 13 minutes excerpt of a Longevity Medicine presentation

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