Precision & Personalized Medicine

Precision Medicine Defines a Custom Approach to Care

Precision medicine, also called personalized medicine, is an approach to treating cancer that is customized to each individual patient. More than just treating the disease, precision medicine includes cancer screening and prevention tips based on individual cancer risks. To develop individually-tailored treatment plans, the patient should understand nutrition, environmental factors, lifestyle choices, treatment plans that combine the most successful therapies with the least impact of side effects, predicting whether the cancer will return and having a plan if it does, the patient’s personal history and genetic make-up.

Impact of Genetics on Precision Medicine

A major factor in integrative oncology precision medicine is an individual’s DNA molecules, gene sequences and unique genetic history. Cancer is in part the result of a genetic malfunction that causes cells to develop out of control, creating tumors. Understanding a person’s complete set of DNA, (the genome), is the first step in using  integrative and conventional precision medicine to guide treatment. The more researchers know about genetic sequencing and DNA analysis of cancer tumors, the more specialized treatment options may be available, especially if a person’s cancer stops responding to standard treatment.

ACR Institute Precision Oncology Efforts

Although the Institute pays attention to the sequencing the DNA and RNA of metastatic cancers and normal tissue to identify alterations that could help drive treatment,  (1) many cancer patients just dont have the money to have their tumors sequenced and the State is still behind in terms of recognition and reimbursement. Furthermore, most of this sequencing leads to which chemo-agent would be best for the patient. While this is a progress from blanket chemotherapy, it’s still is not holistic, in that conventional oncology experts refuse to delve in more natural and holistic immune enhancement modalities.

Moreover, the very nature of Holistic Oncology is to be individualistic, precise and relevant. It is Precision Medicine par excellence. The ACR Institute does not recommend to treat the “cancer” according to allogorithms or outdated and flawed standards. It teaches the Patient how to be healthier and more vibrant, and thereafter, the body’s innate intelligence will be in a better shape to clear both cancer and senescence cells, including with specific holistic interventions when necessary. (See File on the ACR Institute’s Model).


(1). Researchers reported on the first 500 patients sequenced in one of the largest and most comprehensive efforts to examine the genetic and molecular landscape of advanced cancer. The paper was featured on the cover of Nature

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