Coaching (Part 2)

Your Coach-Professor

Biogerontologist, holistic oncologist and naturopath, Pierre Joubert was trained in conventional, naturopathic, nutritional and traditional chinese medicine (acupuncture) schools as well as in organic agriculture, sociology and law.


A gifted healer, Pr Joubert has helped thousands of  patients and doctors in Europe, Israel, Africa, the USA and Asia to better control and reverse holistically their malignant tumors and other challenging disorders. He has participated in hundreds of functional, integrative and holistic medicine symposia in different countries,  visited dozens of cancer clinics, including European, American, Asian and Mexican cancer clinics,  assisted many chronic diseased and cancer patients, looked at their lab results, examined medical records, he has read hundreds of studies and books as well as helped many patients to get better educated so that they could take responsibility for their own healing journey.

 A gifted teacher, Pr Joubert taught international public law, comparative law, human rights law, holistic medicine, organic agriculture for many years, wine medicine and oenology having been trained at Bordeaux’s wine school under the direction of Émile Pénaud.

A gifted litigator, Pr. Joubert has toiled in litigation, (medical malpractice, products liability, racketeering (regarding tobacco companies), constitutional law, legal (attorney) malpractice and other areas in Tort Law).  He was also a medical malpractice and holistic oncology court expert as well as a certified organic farmer and partook in different holistic health public advocacy campaigns both in Europe and in the US.

A gifted spiritual vessel:  Having lived a long time in Israel, Jewish via his Polish mother and Catholic via his French father, Pr Joubert has also taken refuge with Tibetan Boudhism and shared experiences with  different religious and indigenous groups, including, but not limited to assumptionists, mystics, and shamans, who also deal with medicine, but from the “vibration”, “soul” and “heaven & earth axis” angles.

What the Coachee benefits from

Because of the above-mentioned experience, Pr. Joubert examines medicine, its claims and coachees’ health challenges with the eyes of an attorney, (separating relevancy from irrelevancy) the mind of a forensic scientist (separating facts from fantasy) and the soul of a spiritual teacher (separating meaning from illusion).

Furthermore, on occasion, Pr Joubert organizes holistic health rejuvenation Mediterranean retreats and spiritual pilgrimages in South France.

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Top:   Professor  Joubert, at the international integrative oncology convention (2016) in  San Diego toasting and “dégusting” (sipping) a small amount of red resveratrol-rich pinot wine with the conference President, Annie Brandt and her two assistants. “Wine is an appropriate article for mankind, both for the healthy body and for the ailing man.” Hippocrates  Professor Joubert is also a French certified ECOCERT organic agricultural peasant-farmer and Holistic Mediterranean Diet Chef & wine master, in this capacity, he  teaches how to prepare anti-cancer and longevity Med-Diet dishes as well as  how to pair quality small amounts of wine with the best foods, in a way that enhances both wellbeing, longevity pathways, super-gene expression and neurogenesis

(For Pierre’s story, Training, Experience and Bio, see here).


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Request your Consultation or Coaching session via with Pr Joubert, he will help each consultee and coachee to craft a personalized cancer-free Longevity Program, as this approach is the best way to address cancer and complex chronic diseases as well as optimal living.

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Rosemary, a Mediterranean anti-dementia and longevity herb that is abundantly used in the blue or longevity zones where many  people live beyond 90 and 100 years old, eg, the record breaker longevity zone Monaco, (which most American anti-age experts forget),  not-well-known villages in South France), South Italy, spring-water rich Ikaria in Greece, areas in Israel etc) (3)  M. M, Oliver L. Plasma 1,8-cineole correlates with cognitive performance following exposure to rosemary essential oil aroma. Ther Adv Psychopharmacol. 2012 Jun;2(3):103-13.

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So much contradictory, changing and confusing information on the Internet, in Medical Libraries and in Medical Conventions

How can you know who to trust, when you’re doing Life-saving and Life Extending research ?

That’s why we offer a preliminary 15 minutes free discussion (either via email or exceptionally phone or Skype) to see if the coachee and the coach share motivating dopamine-boosting “resonance” that can help to deblock energies and activate vitality pathways.

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