Gustave Roussy Institute looks into the Metabolic pathway of Cancer

The Gustave Roussy Institute is France’s largest and Europe’s premier integrated cancer centre devoted to patient care and research and teaching. The conference hosts were its Dutch director-general, Alex Eggermont, professor of oncology at Paris-Sud University; and Bernard Escudier, who was a cardiologist before moving into renal oncology as a head of department at the institute.

One of the conferences drivers was  Air France captain Jean-Jacques Trochon.  In 2003, doctors diagnosed Trochon with aggressive stage 2 kidney cancer. Doctors did a scan and found a 7cm kidney tumour. Within 24 hours, surgeons had removed the tumour and kidney.

His doctors expected metastases (cancer spread) within months and advised chemotherapy and radiation. Trochon  adopted  aregimen of a ketogenic diet, supplements and fasting, which he still follows. Trochon’s medical team, which now includes Escudier, supported his decision. Source)

Pr. Joubert (ACR Institute director)

Evidence that Nigella Sativa (black seed oil) is clinically superior to many cancer drugs.

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Professor Joubert teaches how to extend a healthy cancer-free Lifespan to 122 years thanks to safe, efficient and cost friendly breakthrough protocols. Working on a documentary and book that redefines Medicine in light of new discoveries, ancient wisdoms, innovative research and holistic science, he can be nonetheless available to coach patients back to homeostasis, wellbeing & Joie de Vivre. On occasion, Pr. Joubert can also coach health professionals to better protect their holistic practice when they must deviate from outdated and-or irrational mainstream “standards of care” in order to genuinely serve their patients, evidence-strong Science and internationally recognized human rights. For details, see the links called “Contact” and “Mission” (under the “About” link).

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