So many institutions, corporations and medical groups (conventional as well as integrative) stand to gain financially by either perpetuating a flawed system or by intentionally skewing the facts in order to enrich themselves that any Medical Research Institute should have a section on this topic in order to better educate the public and arm cancer patients with evidence supported protocols and well researched education.

One of the legal “frauds” of the mainstream cancer system is to argue that all the alternative cancer therapies that don’t have sufficient proof or that are unproven are quakery is in itself a fraud, because the mainstream conventional oncology experts know or should know that most of integrative and holistic oncology can’t be “proven” via the double blind Randomized Control Trial (RCT) Studies. Healing techniques are personalized and the patient knows what he or she is doing (ie, a hot bath, a carrot juice, sun therapy etc), so there can’t be any double blind  randomization.

Thus, to uphold that double blind RCT is the only golden standard is all the more a fraud that only drugs can be tested within the double blind RCT paradigm.

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