Additional Evidence that Chemo Destroys the Immune System & leads to premature Death *

A published study in Breast Cancer Research has confirmed that chemotherapy causes long-term immune system damage, reducing levels of key immune cells in breast cancer patients for at least nine months after treatment, leaving the patients vulnerable to potentially life-threatening viral and bacterial infections. (Source)

The researchers investigated the immune systems of 88 women with breast cancer. Levels of lymphocytes were measured before and at intervals between two weeks and nine months after chemotherapy. The authors examined circulating lymphocyte subtypes, including B cells, helper T cells, and cytotoxic T cells, like CD4 and CD8.

In this study, the compelling evidence showed that the levels of all the major types of lymphocytes dropped significantly after chemotherapy. This included T and B cells and natural killer cells.

These are the fighter cells that go after cancer cells (See the HIP file on general principles for the evidence).

The chemotherapy had a long term effect on B cells (which produce antibodies) and helper T cells (which help antibody production), both of which only partially recovered to around 65% of initial levels in the first six months and did not continue to recover after a further three months. Levels of antibodies against tetanus and pneumococcus (the bacterium that can lead to pneumonia) also were reduced and stayed low even after nine months. (Source) The relevant statement, in pertinent part below:

“We observed that chemotherapy caused short-term depletion of all main subtypes of circulating lymphocytes (3-6 months), and prolonged depletion (over 9 months) of B and CD4″ (Source)

Researchers found that an anthracyclines regime was more damaging to B cells and helper T cells initially, but a relatively full recovery was made afterwards. On the other hand, anthracyclines followed by taxanes was associated with sustained reductions in levels of immune cells with poor recovery.  Source)

Statistics on chemo patients dying from infections

As we have mentioned elsewhere in the Blog, most cancer patients don’t die from their tumor or tumors. Most die from clots and infections. Clots because the cancer cells need to thicken the blood in order to adhere better to other metastatic tissues, inter alia (among other reasons) and infections because both radiation and chemo, and to a lesser extent surgical oncology depress the immune system, that very “system” that can durably heal the patient.

Below, statistics of chemo patients dying from infections.

(Source) pending


The evidence shows that most cancer patient die from chemo and-or radiation. (Source). One of the reasons why this is so stems from the fact that these therapies destroy the immune system and hence, many of these treated patients can die from pneumonia and other infections and all the more so that the treatment hospital is full of these deleterious bacteria, all of which, like cancer stem cells, develop resistance to chemo and radiation.

Conventional Medicine is often a Trade-off. A little poison to save this organ for a little while, to reduce the swelling  etc. Yet it is this very  Trade-off that worsens the outcome, notwithstanding the temporary tumor shrinkage “smokescreen”.  Until nothing is done by Conventional Oncology to address the root-causes of the disease upstream of genetic mutation, this type of mercantile and mutiliating treatment is doomed to failure.

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