Book 1: European Thermal Medicine, Cancer and General Well-being

European Thermal Medicine, Cancer and General Well-being : the Missing Therapy in American Oncology.

Below, the book’s Introduction

“Give me a chance to create a fever and I will cure any disease,” Parmenides (500 B.C.).

From Hippocrates and Parmenides in the 5 century  B.C. to Professor Dr. A. Lwoff, a Nobel laureate French bacteriologist, the best medical voices who care more about reversing disease and human suffering than generating cash-flow confirm, from their clinical experience that thermal medicine is one of the best human interventions one can activate to restore cellular homeostasis, reinvigorate deficient immune system, relieve arthritis and, among other conditions, clear cancer cells.

In this perspective, not only does heat medicine (also called hyperthermia) remove toxins (ie heavy metals and toxic chemicals  mess up important biochemical signaling pathways), but thermal medicine can also boost fever high enough to produce heat shock proteins and other beneficial physiological effects that are both deterring and destructive to cancer cells.

Other Conditions than Cancer for which Thermal Medicine is Indicated

Since the early twentieth century, hyperthermia or thermo-therapy or thermal medicine (term used in France) has been an efficient standard of care and one of the most established holistic medical approaches supported by thousands of articles published in peer reviewed journals, notably in European medical reviews. Today, in Europe, and particularly in France, thermal medicine is paramount. (1)

The many benefits of heat therapy are based on the body’s natural fever mechanism that is triggered when the immune surveillance system identifies threatening pathogenic microbes that have invaded the body. Heat mediicne is effective for detoxification, sweating and loss of weight, to rev up metabolism and increase oxygenation, red blood cells, nitric oxide release and nutrient uptake, to modulate blood circulation and vasodilation, thanks to which blood flow to the heart, skeletal muscles, skin, and many other tissues are optimized. Hyperthermia also boosts muscle regeneration and neurogenesis, the production of hormones and neurotransmitter (neuropeptides).

In this perspective, European Research and Praxis have shown that heat therapy increases levels of norepinephrine, a hormone involved in the stress response that increases focus and attention, as well as prolactin, which promotes myelin growth, helping the brain to function faster and repair nerve cell damage. Hyperthermia also increases human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone is foundational molecule that can correct muscle loss and muscular atrophy that occurs with aging. Heat stress can also increase endorphins. Endorphins are endogenous opioid neuropeptides or neurotransmitters, which function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system.

And yes, without proper electric signaling, the immune system can’t do its job correctly, in particular with regard to the clearing of cancer, senescent and ectopic endometrial cells. 

Thermal medicine also increases insulin sensitivity, improves cardiovascular homeostasis and the release of nitric oxide and repairs misfolded and damaged proteins as well as the longevity pathways. If the pharmaceutical corporations could put in a pill all of these benefits, their CEOS and shareholders would be in a position to buy off politicians and future law-makers with the gift of a mansion.


Many European conventional and integrative oncologists have declared that Heat medicine should be the 4th cancer standard of care (after chemo/radiation, surgery and immunotherapeutics/checkpoint inhibitors), but the author of this study, holistic oncologist Pr. Joubert is asserting that it should be the first standard to use, if only because hyperthermia is the People’s medicine in terms of being safe, efficient and cost friendly, but also because it  is one of the keys to get the body’s immune-surveillance system to  work better so that cancer cells, instead of cunningly avoiding the immune system, can get properly zapped by the cytotoxic T cells, as that is one of the key missions the T cells share with the natural killer cells, a mission that has been fine-tuned for millions of evolutionary years. 

In this book, Pr Joubert demonstrates that thermal medicine is a key element in the reactivation of the immune system and the concomitant reversal of malignancy and other diseases. (2)

Content of Book

In this book, we examine the following:

1. The History of Hyperthermia

2. Why Thermal Medicine is not practiced in the USA

3. The scope and practice of French Thermal Medicine

4.  Cancer and hyperthermia:  mechanisms and modalities

5.  The German clinics.

6. Other health conditions and hyperthermia.

7. Evidence: Case, observational and clinical studies.

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(1). If thermal spa 3 weeks health-vacations have been financed by the French National Public Insurance system since the 1940s, there’s a good reason for this “generosity”. It’s great for preventive medicine, which means that the State saves billions of euros long term from not having to dish out much more money than what this health-vacation policy costs, in particular for extended chronic disease maintenance, which is quite costly. Furthermore, this preventive public health system is making France, in particular French women, the second to benefit from a healthy lifespan in the entire international medical system. The French men are starting to eat better and especially give up smoking, so they are not on par with women yet.
(2). However, American Conventional Medicine shuns this type of cost-friendly medicine. It would replace too many drugs and surgical procedures. As a consequence, this Medicine is not taught in US Medical School.

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