Core Mission

The ACR Institute’s core mission is to contribute in improving cancer practice with innovative research, advanced education, individualized coaching, rejuvenating retreats and scientific integrity.

Core Mission

The Advanced Cancer Research Institute’s core mission is to contribute in improving cancer practice with innovative research, scientific integrity, advanced education, individualized coaching and rejuvenation retreats.

Concomitantly, ACR Institute also partakes in public advocacy with regard to the dysfunctional American health-care and conventional cancer systems.

ACR Institute’s Public Policy Goal

“The health-care system is a tapeworm to the American Economy” Warren Buffet

The ACR Institute’s public advocacy three-pronged goal is to significantly reduce cancer incidence to less than 2 percent and concomitantly to increase cancer survival rates so that at least 90 percent of cancer patients will be cancer-free for at least ten years after diagnosis and the other 10 percent will live peacefully with their cancers in check. Furthermore, we believe it is also possible for less than 5 percent of the World Population to be struck with a cancer diagnosis. We believe that these three goals can be met by 2024.

For the US, these goals are ambitious given the present incidence previsions.

“By 2020, the authors predict annual cancer cases (all races, all sites) to increase among men by 24.1% (−3.2% risk and 27.3% age/growth) to >1 million cases, and by 20.6% among women (1.2% risk and 19.4% age/growth) to >900,000 cases. The largest increases are expected for melanoma (white individuals); cancers of the prostate, kidney, liver, and urinary bladder in males; and the lung, breast, uterus, and thyroid in females”. (Source)

Furthermore, today we have about  40 percent of Americans who will get a cancer diagnosis in his or her life. (2)

Achieving the goal of having less than 5 percent of Americans who would get a cancer diagnosis per year would therefore be remarkable. Claiming to be able to achieve better than this goal though would not however appear to be feasible, unless there were major breakthroughs in science, behavior modification, the legal landscape and politics. (3)

The reason why ACR Institute ventures to propose that these goals are realistic is based on new understandings relative to cancer’s hallmarks, in particular with regard to cancer stem cells, the microbiota, telomere biology, cellular senescence, epigenetics and the immune system. (Source). Furthermore, today we understand better than ever how modifiable behaviors and carcinogen restrictions can significantly reduce the root-causes of cancer.

Furthermore, while cancer cells proximately result from DNA mutations, we do have repair systems and tumor suppressor genes. Furthermore, genetic mutations are downstream from metabolic dysfunction of the mitochondria. And metabolism controls the immune system. All of these processes can be holistically controlled.

So it’s quite likely that invasive (metastatic cancer) is less the result of Evolution than the consequence of mankind’s deviation from Nature. In this light, a Nature published study of the history of cancer showed that from 5000 years ago in Egypt until the industrial revolution around two hundred years ago, cancer was “extremely rare” as claim the paleopathologist authors of this work.

“… We can make very clear statements on the cancer rates in societies because we have a full overview. We have looked at millennia, not one hundred years, and have masses of data…(…)  “Yet again extensive ancient Egyptian data, along with other data from across the millennia, has given modern society a clear message – cancer is man-made and something that we can and should address.” (Professor David, Manchester University and Nature Reviews) (Source)

Thus, the priority should  be in educating the public about healthy and holistic lifestyles as well as in enacting better protection statutes, in particular, hefty environmental protection measures and a strong “precautionary principle” system with retard to questionable economic  and cancer practices, in both the conventional and alternative realms. (4) Thereafter, we would need to put in place a robust preventive and curative Holistic Oncology system that can get meet the above-mentioned goals.

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Tentative Conclusion

“Rather than just try to use toxic chemicals to kill a cell, we use the metabolism of the cell itself to kill the cancer,” (Prof Wicha)

Advanced Holistic oncology as defined by the ACR Institute, based on traditional immunotherapy, traditional Chinese Medicine, thermal medicine, telomere biology, stem cell therapy, microbiota medicine and over 30 other safe, efficient, cost-friendly and often “fun” holistic and innovative interventions, is thus poised to become the standard of care of choice for all malignancies.

Concomitantly, we must not forget Public-health based Prevention and the need to change Society’s Institutions so that they are more consistent with the Health Sciences, the Constitution’s “General Welfare” provision and the exigencies of our “healthy supercentenarian lifespan” birth-right

Pr. Joubert (Founder and Director of ACR Institute)

To understand Pr Joubert’s motivation to significantly help solve the Cancer challenge, see his Bio, wherein he shows a video  about the horrendous cancer treatments that killed both his parents.

To benefit from a personal cutting-edge and holistic guidance (info & experience sharing), consider scheduling a consultation or coaching session

Below, ACR Institute’s documentary  on the clinical superiority of holistic oncology over conventional oncology.

The Institute's Documentary's tentative VIDEO TRAILER on the Limitations of Conventional Oncology and the strengths of Holistic Oncology (over 60 oncologists and patients testify)

The Institute’s Documentary’s tentative VIDEO TRAILER on the Limitations of Conventional Oncology and the strengths of Holistic Oncology (over 60 oncologists and patients testify)

This documentary, whose video interviews began in 2010, is supported with over 60 testimonies of cancer patients who reversed their cancers holistically as well as with pioneering cancer experts like Seigfried, Yu, Simoncini, Gonzalez, Gerson, Berkson, Beljanski, Gordon, Cousens and many other professors of medicine, doctors and holistic health experts like David Wolfe who testified to both the un-necessary damages of conventional oncology and the successes of holistic oncology. One of the goals of the ACR Institute’s Documentary-film is to show that durable Success demands going upstream to the sources of the problem. An analogy would be the Battle of Yorktown. If the French generals allowed General Washington (who died from the medical practice of his culture) to prevail, the “enemy” would have won. It’s because De Grasse and colleagues went upstream to Chesapeake Bay to cut off Cornwallis’ supply and support route that full Victory was possible. (6)

  HOM documentary movie.  While this documentary was near-finished in 2013-14, circumstances compelled us to suspend its broadcast. Because thereafter other film-makers got on the same-band wagon and also diffused an “alternative solution to cancer” message, the ACR Institute has been focusing more on basic science and compelling evidence of cancer success  rather than on collecting multiple claims from interested parties that this or that alternative method works best. Once the ACR Institute’s book on these questions will be terminated, we may put the final and up to date  finishing touches on this documentary film and make it available to the public  with its concomitant book.

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Top: Nap Bonaparte who practically gave away a huge chunk of America, by selling the Louisiana Purchase for dirt cheap to Jefferson in the early 19th century, a little after the Franco-american naval war, in hope that the future American Giant would abide by the rules of civilized Nations, internationally recognized human rights and Holistic (strong) Science.

Exhibit A

Cancer cells almost always outsmart man’s cancer weapons of cellular destruction, case in point, the once “breakthrough” drug  called Avastin

Professor Max Wicha is a leading cancer stem cell scientist who also believes that the key to stopping both metastasis and treatment resistance is by targeting cancer stem cells. However, holding equity in Onco-Med Pharmaceuticals doesn’t encourage him to find a holistic solution to this twin inter-related challenge (metastasis and treatment resistance). But at least his Lab has helped to better identified the IL 8 signaling network and related mechanisms that promote cancer stem cells and metastasis, thanks to chemotherapy, which causes enough damage to release this IL 8 cytokine so that cancer stem cells can thrive and drive metastasis. His group is still trying to find inhibitory drugs that will knock out signaling receptors. The ACR Institute prefers a more holistic and synergistic approach using phytonutrients from food and a few other techniques.

While conventional oncology has been more successful with the “liquid” cancers (e.g. lymphomas and leukemia), it has over-all failed with regard to the safe and efficient control and reversal of “solid” cancers, which constitute the vast majority of malignancies that affect humans.

 “The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA”. Cf. Morgan G1, Ward R, Barton, The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies. M.  Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol). 2004 Dec;16(8):549-60.    (Source) (1)

Resistance to chemotherapy and molecularly targeted therapies with high recurrence rates have been a major hallmark of conventional oncology. (2) Not only can chemotherapy worsen the tumor’s micro-environment, it can also make the cancer circulating stem cells, which are the engins of metastases, mutate and spread even more.  Radiation has similar effects. (Source)  Likewise with many biopsies and surgeries, they too can significantly contribute to the spreading of  malignancies,  via the cellular adhesion, immune suppression, surgical stress and inflammatory pathways. And to make matters worse, many conventional diagnoses and prognoses have built-in and often  fatal flaws. 

On the other hand, with well-designed holistic and metabolic cancer protocols, most cancer patients can expect a  50 to 100 percent survivability success rate, defined as at least five years of remission, with few if any side effects. (3)


(1). This Study is the result of close to one hundred studies incorporated within this meta-analysis. Other meta-analyses confirm this one, where less than 3 percent of cancer patents make it to five 5 years.  This is true  only when chemo is used as a stand alone. When more holistic techniques accompany chemo, radiation or surgery, the results are a little better. For the liquid cancers, the 5 years rate of survival can reach 40 to 50 percent. But what is usually not stated is that many of these cancers tend to come back after the 5 years mark. And if they do, they are considered to be new cancers.
(2). The mechanisms of resistance to  conventional cytotoxic chemotherapeutics share many features, such as alterations in the drug target, activation of prosurvival pathways and ineffective induction of cell death. (Source). In the end, most advanced cancer patients tend not to survive relapse.
(3). Unless the patient first adopted a harmful conventional treatment and-or is not compliant to the holistic protocol. Given the costs (hundreds of millions to billions of dollars), human RCT (randomized control trials) can’t exist in holistic oncology, if only because most of holistic oncology is lifestyle medicine and this type of medicine is not patentable, nor can it be squeezed into a double blind RCT. On the other hand, there are a few prospective and observational studies that confirm holistic and integrative oncology’s clinical superiority over conventional oncololgy, See blog.

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oday, we are in the early part of the 21st Century, in the final stage of a “System of Things” that produces epidemics of chronic diseases, inanity, stress, poverty, ignorance, arrogance, complacency and malignant corruption. Professors Spengler and Arnold Toynbee qualified these “civilization” end-stages as “decadence”. If anything, cancer is a man-made disease of decadence. We can not and will never durably solve the cancer challenge without cleaning up the Nation’s crippled and corrupt Institutions. As stated in the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man, all violations of human rights (including the right to benefit from equal access to holistic health-care and wellbeing) are triggered by metastatic corruption.

(1). There is and there never will be an anti-cancer “magic bullet” drug, whether it be today’s American and-or Israeli scientists’ outlandish and unsubstantiated claims.  But we can solve the cancer challenge holistically. We dont even need anymore clinical trials or Science to prove this, we have all the empirical data needed to support a complete public health policy shift. By  addressing cancer holistically,  we also resolve the accelerated aging dilemma. With ACR Institute programs, it’s a “win-win”.


(1). When we activate the ACR Institute’s signature HIP Protocol, both cancer and senescent cells tend to be cleared. As a consequence, one of the side effects of the HIP Protocol’s anti-cancer branch is to increase health lifespan to over one hundred years. We dont really need clinical trials to prove this above-mentioned claim because we have all of the DATA and experience to proceed to the ACR Institute’s public policy goals. However,  most people dont believe that One Protocol can resolve most chronic diseases, most cancers  and most disorders of accelerated aging. Therefore, for the Big Shift to occur, we need to organize a TED talk to help with fundraising and thereafter to start to recruit patients for the ACR Institute’s Clinical Trial.


(1). In 2012, one in seven dollars went into the “sick-care”system. Today, we are approaching one in six dollars. On the unsustainability of this problem, we agree with Warren Buffet’s assessment that the health care system is the “tapeworm of American economy”.

(2). Lifetime Risk of Developing Cancer was estimated to be approximately 38.5 percent of men and women, who will be diagnosed with cancer of any site at some point during their lifetime, based on 2012-2014 data. (11) (Source). Today, this figure has risen, to around 50 percent of men and 33 percent of women who will contract a cancer diagnosis. So we are dealing with a little over 40 percent of Americans who will be struct with a cancer diagnosis in his or her lifetime.

(3). It would be dishonest to claim, like certain conventional and alternative cancer experts, that cancer can be “eradicated”. Cancer cells are millions years old. They have been recorded 5000 years ago on  Egyptian papyrus. King Louis XVIth’ Mom died from horrible cancer ordeal in the 18th century. As have million other humans throughout the centuries. Cancer cells have a strong evolutionary and biological purpose. We make thousands of these cells each day. They are the only cells that have mastered immortality. One of their ontological functions is to remind us that we may also be “eternel”. So far, the evidence is irrefutable that cancer cells have expressed and repressed key genes in our DNA that allow them to divide and therefore live without end, provided the host still has some munchies for their voracious appetite. One of these genes is the telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT gene) that produces lots of telomerase. The telomerase enzyme  is also not the “enemy”, on the contrary, the holistic mastery of telomerase can significanly prolong healthy lifespan to 110 years and beyond. These genes also fuel stem cells much more than other somatic cells. We can therefore learn to live holistically with these cancer cells without the deleterious effects of metastatic destruction and end-stage cachexia. But claiming to eradicate cancer cells with “cancer breakthroughs” as do conventional oncologists or claiming to “eradicate cancer once and for all” as some alternative oncologists do reflects more “get rich quick” marketing schemes than the scientific “truth”.  Claiming to eradicate metastasis in an imperfect society that ceaselessly spews out carcinogens, chronic stress, deleterious viruses  and poverty  also appears to be  dishonest. Sometime in the future, it may be possible to control metastasis so that under 1 or 2 percent of the Population would be struck by this condition, just like it was possible to control leprosy, tuberculosis and syphilis in the past. But before this happens, the entire Society will need to restructure its institutions so that predatory and “cancerous” behavior is not the norm.

(4). A few examples. Promoting cytotoxic chemotherapy as a remission and “quality of life” tool is generally inconsistent with a happy outcone for most solid cancers, the evidence has been well established since 2004. (Source) But the recommendation of going “keto” during the entire cancer therapy, like certain alternative cancer websites can also be deleterious since the evidence shows that animal cholesterol and saturated fats are cancer-promoting, notwithstanding some short-term benefit for certain cancers like brain cancer. Reducing glucose is a good move, but this can be done without an animal-based keto diet. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy also can have some short term benefits, but in the longer run, these “benefits”tend to become cancer-promoters. Likewise with surgical oncology, many (not all), but many of these procedures spread cancer cells. Just like with alternative oncology’s tendency to recommend “stand-alones”, like only using Laetrile (ie, amygdalin or B-17) or mistletoe or pork proteolytic enzymes or hundreds of other molecules and techniques. While these procedures can have a useful role for certain cancer patients and under specific conditions,  they usually are not enough to reverse malignancies.  Just because there are 2 success testimonies regarding a conventional or alternative technique does not mean this technique is safe and efficient. Two out of 100 is only 2 percent. One of the significant drawbacks with alternative oncologists is that their promoters can’t or don’t want to produce prospective studies as evidence of durable success. Many cancer patients have prematurely died believing integrative or “natural” oncologists who recommended a restrictive “natural” protocol. Many cancer patients have also prematurely died from health-care practitioners’ negligence. Illustrations: failing to follow-up and properly monitor cancer, not paying attention to key symptoms like cancer lysis, clots and infections, whether it be conventional or alternative oncologists. But many patients also prematurely go into premature extinction because cancer protocols are not personalized enough.  As mentioned, of the two cancer-care systems, the mainstream and the alternative ones, the evidence shows that it is still mainstream’s conventional oncology that is the most damaging. It’s  dogma on  “one size fits all” and on its approaches to chemo, radiation, hormonal, surgery, targeted & combination therapies and even its gene-editing immunotherapies  are more often than not responsible for cancer’s resistance, cachexia and death. including past the five years mark.

(5). A major limitation of targeted anticancer therapies is intrinsic or acquired resistance.  Resistance to single‐agent cancer therapeutics is frequently the result of reactivation of the signaling pathway, indicating that a major limitation of targeted agents lies in their inability to fully block the cancer‐relevant signaling pathway. Ineffective alternative cancer therapies are usually based on other mechanisms. “A major limitation of targeted anticancer therapies is intrinsic or acquired resistance. This review emphasizes similarities in the mechanisms of resistance to endocrine therapies in breast cancer and those seen with the new generation of targeted cancer therapeutics. Resistance to single‐agent cancer therapeutics is frequently the result of reactivation of the signaling pathway, indicating that a major limitation of targeted agents lies in their inability to fully block the cancer‐relevant signaling pathway. The development of mechanism‐based combinations of targeted therapies together with non‐invasive molecular disease monitoring is a logical way forward to delay and ultimately overcome drug resistance development”. (Source)

(6) “Before Rochambeau and Washington’s armies arrived at Yorktown, the battle was essentially won by de Grasse, whose fleet outmaneuvered the British and then, along with de Barras’s, occupied Chesapeake Bay. That forced the British fleet to return to New York, leaving Cornwallis and his army utterly exposed” (How the French Saved America: Soldiers, Sailors, Diplomats, Louis XVI, and the Success of a Revolutionjust published by St. Martin’s Press) (Source)


Pr Joubert does not practice Conventional Drug and Surgery based Medicine.

Because over 95 percent of diseases can be reversed in a cost-effective, safe and efficient way with holistic and lifestyle medicine (ie, without expensive and often damaging prescription drugs, surgery or other high-tech procedures), Pr. Joubert is focusing on teaching and coaching. He no longer has a clinical practice (ie, acupuncture and naturopathic-based Center in France),

but he still on occasion organizes holistic health rejuvenation Mediterranean retreats and spiritual pilgrimages in South France

. Having been disappointed in French conventional medicine, he has never practiced this type of medicine and he refused to acquire a medical license to practice conventional medicine. In this way, he is not under the constraints of Medical system, he is thus free to help patients to get empowered,  to get them to embark on their own healing journey in a bio-hacking, holistic and cost-friendly way.


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