Cytotoxic Chemotherapys Spreads Cancer Cells: New Findings of Facts

Among many other cases ACR institute’s has examined,  a 2017 published analysis showed strong evidence that cytotoxic chemotherapy  spreads breast cancer cells into the blood and body of the patient.  (Source)

More recently another study confirmed that two commonly used breast cancer drugs promote lung metastasis. (Source).  Over the years, we have collected over 100 of these published peer reviewed studies that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that most cytotoxic chemo agents and radiation tend to spur cancer stem cells, thereby guaranteeing cancer’s spread and reoccurrence.

While surgery alone can sometimes fix certain non-advanced cancers,  the mainstream conventional standard of care is to reduce the size of the tumor via neoadjuvant chemotherapy before surgery.

But by doing this, the conventional oncologists puts in place a mechanism that will promote the circulatory tumor cells and especially the cancer stem cells to mutate and spread.


Exosomes with Unique Protein

In this study above, the researchers found that two chemotherapy drugs frequently used for patients, Taxol (paclitaxel) and Adriamycin (doxorubicin), induce breast cancer tumors to release tiny fluid filled sacs called exosomes, which contain a unique protein called annexin-A6 (ANXA6).

After being released from a chemotherapy-treated tumor, the exosomes circulate in the blood. When they reach the lungs, the exosomes release their content, including annexin-A6, which stimulates lung cells to release another protein, CCL2, which attracts immune cells called monocytes.

This immune reaction can be dangerous, as previous studies have shown that monocytes can actually help cancerous cells grow and survive in the lungs.

This is the negative entourage or negative feedback loop we have often talked about. Cancer cells are smart, they send signals to the microbiota and the immune system to be allies with cancer’s mission, total invasion and wasting of the host.

“In short, our study has identified a new link between chemotherapy and breast cancer metastasis” (Michele De Palma, lead scientist of Said Study)

Notwithstanding these findings, the study authors still recommend breast cancer patients undergo neoadjuvant chemotherapy as not all of the evidence is in, insofar as countering this new deleterious effect.

Appraisal & Tentative Conclusion

In this and hundreds of similar studies, one of the underlying mechanisms that has been identified regards one of  the engines of metastasis, the “process of intravasation” of cancer cells into the vasculature and then its seeding.

“By studying the process of intravasation or entry of cells into the vasculature, Karagiannis et al. discovered that, in addition to killing tumor cells, chemotherapy treatment can also increase intravasation. Groups of cells collectively known as tumor microenvironment of metastasis (TMEM) can serve as gateways for tumor cells entering the vasculature, and the authors discovered that several types of chemotherapy can increase the amounts of TMEM complexes and circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream. The researchers also determined that a drug called rebastinib can interfere with TMEM activity and help overcome the increased risk of cancer cell dissemination”. (Source)

From the Holistic Science viewpoint, the problem with this study and most of conventional oncology is based on the fact that the cancer “Model” or paradigm is outdated. Trying to kill  the symptom, the tumor and its cancer cells usually does not work long term because cancer cells are smart, they are part of the host and its immune system is partially dysfunctional. Hundreds of studies have shown that yes, the tumor can shrink, but then other cancer cells turn into cancer stem cells to repair and  replace what was killed by chemo and radiation. This is the nature of all stem cells, including the beneficial ones, to repair and replace. Yet, in cancer science, it’s been known that cancer is especially a metabolic and an immune imbalance issue, and until recently, very little has been done to treat the root causes. Even today, most of the conventional immunotherapy is associated with radiation, chemotherapy and long term failure.

How could these researchers not recommend more chemo and treat the deleterious effects of chemo and radiation with more chemo ? That’s where the money is, in selling more chemo and expensive approaches, including monoclonal antibodies, targeted therapies and engineered “artificial” immunotherapy at hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Furthermore, conventional oncologists don’t get any training in nutritional oncology, let alone in hyperthermia and over 40 other scientifically proven safe, efficient and cost friendly  holistic cancer modalities and when some do, these more gentle and less expensive modalities almost never make it to the market, let alone become part of the cancer standard of care.

For now, the only factual conclusion that can be thus established by any reasonable mind is that most (not all, just most) of conventional oncology is either profoundly outdated, stuck in dogma, quackery or an unethical “business model”, getting rich with a lethal and misleading system when other credible options exist, but are kept silent.

Pr. Joubert (ACR Institute)

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