ACRI’s Advanced Holistic Oncology Coach Certification Program

We are preparing online Master Course in advanced holistic oncology based on evidence-based breakthroughs and holistic innovations and tradition in cancer research and clinical praxis from all over the world.

There will be four levels. The first is the Basic Healing knowledge that helps to put out the fire of cancer growth and gives the patient the tools to take back his or her health sovereignty. In this Section, we look at the 16 mini-protocols of the Institute’s General Approach, tests, theory and a few other items.

The Second level is based on a deeper analysis of root causes and a deeper dive into carcinogenesis. The Third level is on helping the patient to secure  “Informed Consent”. This means that the patient will get knowledge on other forms of cancer treatments, from conventional to integrative modalities. To be an advanced holistic oncology coach, it is necessary to  be informed on the strengths and the weaknesses of most of the ongoing standards of care and innovative practices. The fourth and last section will delve deeper in the Law (ie, patients’ rights, doctors duties etc) as well as into the connection between cancer and longevity and a few other topics. Each level will conclude with a short exam, and a certificate of completion and success will be given to all the coachee-students who have completed the 12 hours training and retained most of the key points.

Once the training  is completed, there will be a general and final exam.  A certification diploma as an ACRI advanced  holistic oncology  coach will be given for the successful students. There will be two chances to pass the exam.

There will also be an option to not take any exam. In which case only  a Certificate of completion will be given.

This training will be supported with teleconferences and edocuments and ebooks.

Later on, once the Institute is better organized, there will be hands-on workshops at the Retreat Center in France and-or  in other locations in the US or elsewhere.

ACRI students will be eligible for the ACRI breakthrough newsletter and Life time membership.

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