Alzheimer’s disease and Holistic Solutions (ebook)

Innovation in Neuroscience: Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease and other brain disorders with Holistic Neurology

Book Description

Today over half of Americans who reach 85 will get an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and in less than 25 years, the Alzheimer’s Disease incidence will triple to what it is today. In England, where holistic lifestyle has not been well rooted, Alzheimer’s Disease (heretofore AD) has replaced both cancer and cardiovascular diseases as the number one killer and the US is not far behind, in particular for the elderly. For those with the APOE 4 gene who are not compliant to holistic lifestyle, the risk factors are higher and strike earlier. Likewise with other neurological disorders, including Depression. Depression and anxiety are also connected to a leaky and inflammatory gut, microbiota dysbiosis, toxemia, devitalized food, chronic stress and wireless radiation. In order to better understand what health enthusiasts should do and what they should cease from doing in terms of neurological health, Part A of this book will first look at the Fundamentals of neuroscience and follow-up with the pathophysiology and etiology (pathogenesis or causation) of different neurological disorders, in particular, the pathophysiological mechanisms that are related to the vasculature, oxidative stress, toxemia, neuro-inflammation, insulin resistance, genes, epigenetics, abnormal phosphorylation and the microbiota. Thereafter, once we have determined what the correct chain of causation is with regard to different brain disorders including AD’s initiation and progression, the book will delve into the latest findings in Brain medicine, Holistic neurology, the Institute’s Twelve Great Holistic Fundamentals, a specific brain-enhancement French Mediterranean inspired Lifestyle and diet, quality wine, aromatherapy, botanicals like rosemary and astralagus and other approaches. (Part B). The author of this book, Professor Joubert, is a biogerontologist who specializes in optimal healthy supercentenarian lifespans. He teaches all over the world the best available longevity techniques that are safe, efficient, accessible and cost-friendly.

Book’s Preface

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