Holistic Cancer Coaching 101 Program (Three Months)

This coaching program is based on 12 sessions, once a week for 3 months.

In this way, the student-patient-coachee can have enough time to change lifestyle while reading up on “Cancer 101″ basics.

Each session is one hour long. However, if the coachee needs extra time for proper assimilation, more tme will be given at no extra cost, up to one extra hour.

The price is  2050 dollars for the entire 3 months. Seven and a half hours of cancer consultation would also be 2,050 dollars. By buying this package, the coachee will get twice the value within a secured scheduled timeline. And for those consultees who need more time for proper assimilation, up to an additional hour will be given at no cost. 

These twelve quality hours  will go into analyzing the patient’s situation, identifying the general constellation of causes, introducing the patient-student to the fundamentals of holistic oncology, including, but not limited to the relevant cancer control and reversal pathways that are adapted to the uniqueness of each person.

Thereafter, we show the evidence that supports the best evidence-based cancer control and reversal protocols that can address the malignancy upstream, metabolically as well as holistically, without violent and invasive procedures.

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