Three Months Coaching Package

 Package of Twelve Hours on Cancer Control & Reversal  Training (Level One) – $ 2,050

This coaching program is based on 12 sessions, once a week for 3 months. In this way, the student-patient can have enough time to change lifestyle while reading up on “Cancer 101″ basics.

The price is  2050 dollars. Seven and a half hours of cancer consultation would also be 2,050 dollars. By buying this package, the coachee will get twice the value within a secured scheduled timeline. These twelve quality hours will go into analyzing the patient’s situation, identifying the general constellation of causes, introducing the patient-student to the fundamentals of holistic oncology, including, but not limited to the relevant cancer control and reversal pathways that are adapted to the uniqueness of each person.

Thereafter, we bilaterally determine an evidence-based cancer control and reversal protocol that addresses the malignancy upstream, metabolically as well as holistically, without any violent and invasive procedure.

We only teach and inform the Patient-student of critical healing knowledge. Full decision-making belongs to the client, he or she is the one who must decide how he or she wants to implement said protocols, how she or he desires to heal or not heal.

The client is free to use the Institute’s Holistic Cancer Control and Reversal Protocol in any way he or she wishes, including in conjunction with a conventional protocol that is based on cytotoxic chemo, ionizing radiation, surgery, miscellaneous targeted and combinational therapies, hormonal therapy or drug-based immunotherapy with regard to check point inhibitors, inter alia.

If the client does not want to abandon the conventional cancer protocol, the Institute will work, when possible, with the client’s oncologists in order to get the best outcome. Usually, conventional and even integrative oncology work much better with holistic savoir-faire, versus no  accompanying adjunctive holistic protocols. Depending on the cancer and the patient, we will also show the evidence that holistic protocols may be more successful if first done as a stand alone, if only because many conventional oncology treatments can be irreversible and lethal.

Rigorous monitoring of both the cancer and the treatment plan should accompany any treatment plan, including holistic protocols, in this way, the patient-student and her-his professional team can adjust the personalized approach and make sure that the patient is  going in the right “fitness” and restoration direction.

Evidence that abricot's seeds are clinically superior to allopathic oncology's anti-metastatic drugs.

Saving Thousands of Dollars in terms of Lab Tests

Since most cancer patients have usually had many conventional and even integrative and functional tests, additional tests should not be required. Contrarily to integrative and functional medicine doctors who usually require thousands of dollars up front for lab tests to identify the “root-causes” and measure the type, growth and spread of the cancer, Advanced Holistic Oncologists coaches don’t need to get this battery of tests done.

Instead of  losing precious time and money with tests, we immediatly coach on how to put the cancer fire in check while coaching on getting the entire body-mind and its microbiota back into homeostasis, balance and resiliency. Once the immune system also gets restored, then immune-surveillance and the Killer T cells work much better, thanks to which cancer cells get cleared.  (See Exhibit A below)

Another 900 dollars Saved

One of the techniques we teach is the Fasting Mimicking Diet. In this teaching, we show how to make the FMD’s cuisine in one’s kitchen, in an inexpensive way, with the ingredients that most health-conscious people already have.  We like this FM Diet because it is a stem cell boosting, autophagy promoting and immune regeneration technique that has been validated with over 40 million dollars of published  researched data. Recently the NIH has granted 10 million dollars to the UCLA Longevity Institute for continued research and validation. The modality is to use this diet 5 days a month for three consecutive months.

The integrative and functional FMD doctors who have adopted this technique within their practice sell their hourly guidance consultations plus the concomitant FMD food kit, which is, in addition to the consultation, another 300 dollars for one  FMD box. So for three months, that’s 900 dollars for light soups, kale crackers and energy bars that can be made in one’s kitchen for dirt cheap. Furthermore, there is a more holistic and rejuvenating way of preparing this diet. The ACR Institute has also improved it while tailoring it more for cancer patients. While there are dozens of other important advanced holistic cancer techniques to activate, the improved FMD’s  “five days a month for three months” protocol is a constituent element of the cancer control and-or reversal approach the ACR Institute has adopted.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 1.28.48 PM

As a Bonus for Buying the 12 hrs Package, the Patient-Student gets an Advanced Holistic Oncology Training Certificate (Level One) & Becomes a Bona Fide Member of the ACR Institute

In comparison to the preliminary costs from  the conventional, integrative and functional oncologists,  the ACR Institute’s savings from not needing additional functional lab tests and the FMD food boxes have already saved the student-patient more than two thousands dollars. In addition, the student-patient will be approached as a student to be trained. Hence, there will be lots of explanations and benefits. When a patient-student understands how cancer and healing work, he or she is usually more motivated to be compliant and proactive in doing what needs to be done to make the protocol a success. When a patient is bombarded with chemo, radiation, surgery and other stresses, it is very difficult to get the student-patient to become his or her own healer, to activate her or his inner resiliency.  For the details of  the Training Certificate Master Course, click here.

Bottom Line on the Twelve Hours Package

Equipped with the Institute’s techniques, the patient will be able to optimize the immune system in a holistic way, thanks to which the T Killer cells will become more efficient with respect to the clearing of both cancer and senescent cells. Thus, the patient will also benefit from extra Longevity. (See link)

Whatever the type and spread of the cancer, the body’s immune system, once restored, has the recognition-surveillance system to identify just about any cancer cell. Once properly identified, the immune system can then dispatch the T Killer cells to clear the targeted cancer cells in a way that does not harm the other cells. (1). See video-clip below (Exhibit A)

Coaching Prep Page.



(1).  The conventional medical system, the one that buys those big ad spaces in the mainstream media,  is not interested in getting the immune system to control and-or reverse cancer holistically because there is no big money in this approach. Hence, the relative Big Media silence on these types of modalities.
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