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A brief comment on why public policy is key in the Reversal of the Cancer Epidemic.

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Two prelimiatry Conditions to kick-start the cancer control and reversal process

If we were able to apply the  Cancer Control and Reversal Holistic Program that is outlined in the ACR Institute’s General Protocol  and confirmed via anecdotal and testimonial evidence in the HOM documentary (i.e.. “subjective” condition number one)  and  if the public agents and law-makers who have been elected, nominated and employed to serve public interests over-hauled the country’s public health “sick-care” corporate-dominated greed-inspired governmental policies so that public health would be consistent with Science and the People’s best interest  (“objective” condition number two), then the Judicial system would be more in line with the Constitution and the cancer epidemic and its trillions of wasted dollars would cease within two years to five years, it would be History, just like tuberculosis, leprosy or cholera. Thenceforth, with the money saved, we could invest in healthy eco-communities that would reconfigure Society’s institutions so that they are consistent with Life, Well-being and Social Peace. 


The Mechanism of Holistic rejuvenation Retreat Centers

To assist over two third of the American population who are suffering from one type of chronic disease, and to help  half of the American People who are “destined” to contract at least one cancer diagnosis in one human Lifetime, the Institute respectfully proposes privately and-or publicly supported holistic rejuvenation retreat centers.

These vacation learning rejuvenation centers are essential because most people can’t comply to the rigors of holistic protocols. Even with the best holistic doctor, most patients return to low-frequency living.  The evidence is overwhelming. To enjoy a healthy life span of over 120 years old, as we have been evolutionarily designed to, (Source), chronic disease patients and future cancer candidates need to concretely change narrow mind-sets and deleterious lifestyles. That’s why “health vacation retreats are vital.

Once this “mechanism” is put in place,  grass-root holistic awareness and action movements would spur enough Energy for responsible activists to move Courts of Law to fine-tune meaningful jury instructions and better recognize new standards of care, from allopathic (conventional) to  integrative and then to holistic and happiness standards of care.

Chronic disease and cancer epidemics are not fatalities. Other epidemics in the Past like the Spanish flu and the Black Plague have been durably resolved.  There would be no chronic disease and cancer problem if there were no solutions.  It’s a question of digging deep and finding or cracking the right “code”.

When robust intentionality is combined with enlightened and holistic savor-faire, all epidemics can  be reversed.  Well… all…, except perhaps one epidemic. An epidemic which has been evolutionarily hard-wired within the psyche of humanoids for millennia,  an epidemic which is deeply rooted within human “memes”, within the collective subconscious. There is even an acupuncture point for this epidemic, this malady of all times. This epidemic is the attitude of narrow-minded fear-driven and ego-divisive arrogance. More widespread than greed, stronger than ignorance, this low frequency entropy-based “energy”, one that can be characterized as an attitude   expressing narcissistic and predatory arrogance behavior, appears to be the toughest challenge all chronic disease epidemics and temporal societies face. This is why the Roman, Ottoman, Assyrian, Greek as well as many other empires auto-destroyed themselves, including and especially via their public health policies. This is why the definitive solution to chronic disease and cancer epidemics must be rooted in a holistically based public grass-root campaigns that target norms, rules of law and public policy that can put in place holistic rejuvenation learning retreat centers in all counties asap.

Christian Joubert (ACRI Director)


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