Chemo Spreads Cancer & does more Harm than Good

Among many other cases ACRI’s sister website “Holistic Justice” examined,  a 2017 published analysis showed strong evidence that cytotoxic chemotherapy  spreads breast cancer cells into the blood and body of the patient.  (Source)

More recently another study confirmed that two commonly used breast cancer drugs promote lung metastasis. (Source)

While surgey alone can sometimes fix the problem,  the conventional standard of care is to reduce the size of the tumor via neoadjuvant chemotherapy first. But by doing this, the conventional oncologists puts in place a mechanism that will spur the cancer stem cells, inter alia, to mutate and spread. (See proof via coaching)


In this study above, the researchers found that two chemotherapy drugs frequently used for patients, Taxol (paclitaxel) and Adriamycin (doxorubicin), induce breast cancer tumors to release tiny fluid filled sacs called exosomes, which contain a unique protein called annexin-A6 (ANXA6).

After being released from a chemotherapy-treated tumor, the exosomes circulate in the blood. When they reach the lungs, the exosomes release their content, including annexin-A6, which stimulates lung cells to release another protein, CCL2, which attracts immune cells called monocytes.

This immune reaction can be dangerous, as previous studies have shown that monocytes can actually help cancerous cells grow and survive in the lungs. This is the negative entourage or negative feedback loop we have often talked about.

“In short, our study has identified a new link between chemotherapy and breast cancer metastasis” (Michele De Palma, lead scientist of Said Study)

Notwithstanding these findings, the the study authors still recommend breast cancer patients undergo neoadjuvant chemotherapy as not all of the evidence is in, insofar as countering this new deleterious effect.


How could these researchers not recommend more chemo even by admitting that chemo kills. That’s where the money is, in selling more chemo.

But because they know or showed know that there are more gently cancer treatments that dont spread cancer, this study is another example of fraud, getting rich with a lethal system when other credible options exist.

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