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The ACR institute is about proactive participation in reversing the cancer epidemic with holistic savoir-faire.  (1)

To  achieve this above mentioned goal, the Institute’s fields of intervention are cancer research, publication, education, litigation, meditation, advocacy and public policy influence.


Because the Institute has a unique holistic approach based on inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary heuristic tools that allow the research to be both advanced and deep, getting at the root of the relevant issues.

The roots of cancer are not only biochemical and biophysical. They are not only evolutionary, genomic and spiritual. They are also deeply ingrained in mentality and sociology.

In this sense, advanced cancer research Institute goes way beyond the petri dish, observation studies and human clinical trials. Advanced Cancer Research is by nature holistic and exhaustive. To our knowledge, no other cancer research institute addresses Cancer in this “advanced” way.


Right now, the ACR Institute is under construction, so the Team is small. Pending consolidation, the Institute’s scientific team first and foremost delves into intense international cancer and longevity research, (2) empirical experimentation and clinical trials in order to find safe, efficient, innovative and cost-friendly cancer protocols that can contribute to reverse the cancer epidemic and, concomitantly, that can  help to alleviate human suffering and accelerated aging. In this perspective, in addition to the research, we also educated via talks, consultancy, coaching, workshops and public advocacy.


Because too many mainstream, government-supported and alternative cancer protocols have been marketed with misleading claims and weak evidence, the ACR Institute’s legal team gets involved in  pubic policy and legal issues while it’s scientific team substantiates its findings with strong evidentiary-based science, most of which can be found in the Institute’s blogs, posts, written reports and e-books.


The institute’s ultimate goal is to meaningfully contribute in the redefinition of the cancer treatment paradigm (model), thanks to which this disease can be safely and efficiently treated and reversed in a timely and cost-efficient way, just like other past epidemics were treated and reversed, including, but not limited to  tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy and the plague.

As far as the ACR Institute’s team is concerned, there is enough good Science to support a declaration of “Peace with Cancer” public policy (as opposed to Nixon’s failed “War against Cancer”).


A “Peace with Cancer public policy” means two things. First, to put 90 percent of the public cancer funds into prevention versus 10 percent research on a cancer  remission and-or cures. If those who rule the People really cared, they would significantly and immediately reduce all of the cancer-causing toxicants that are allowed to pollute Life, from the soil, to the air, food and water. There would also have to be a better public hygiene system that would need to be holistic and also address cancer-causing molds (like aflatoxins), bacteria (like H. Pylori) and viruses (like HPV).

Secondly, instead of investing 95 percent of public cancer dollars into cancer drugs, the ACR Institute recommends not more than 5 percent on cancer drugs. The reason being that drugs target symptoms, not the cause, and most of these symptomatic drugs make cancer worse. One of the characterizations of this phenomenon is called “chemo resistance”.

For the 95 percent of the public investment research dollars that remain, the investment research should focus on micro-metastasis, cancer stem cells, exosomes, senescence cells and the real causes from which cancer patients die: 1). Incompetence and negligence from medical doctors and staff. 2).  Toxicities and invasiveness of the conventional care model. 3). Malnutrition. 4). Clots. 5). Infections.

Peace with Cancer also means that the public policy goal should not be to eradicate cancer cells. This purported goal is evolutionary impossible because cancer cells are part of Life, they are akin to embryonic and primitive cells. They have been around for many millions of years, some experts say billions of years, before oxygen came on Earth. Hence cancer cells’ resiliency with regard to its thriving proliferation drive in anaerobic milieus that lack oxygen.

All it takes is the mutation of one cell for its daughter cells to proliferate to a full-size angiogenesis-rich tumor. Much of this can’t be stopped. These random accidents are part of the Evolutionary process. There would actually be no Evolutionary process without some genetic mutations. The “culprit” is not “genetic mutation”. So it remains delusional to even think about eradicating cancer, as different conventional, integrative and naturopathic oncology groups promise to, thanks to the People’s donations.

But what can be controlled are different cancer hallmarks, or biochemical pathways, thanks to which cancer genes (called oncogenes) are turned off and tumor suppresser genes (like the P 53) are turned on. In addition, one of these pathways the HIP protocol focuses on is connected to the immune system. With a strong immune system, cancer cells are detected and cleared. Under certain conditions, cancer cells can even redifferentiate back into the community of mortal cells, where they relearn to be useful and then die. The holistic modulation (control) of these pathways is what makes Holistic Oncology clinically superior to today’s Conventional oncology.

So no, killing tumors with Conventional Oncology’s weapons of mass cellular destruction is a futile war that tends to worsen everything except the bank accounts of pharmaceutical, medical and politician groups.

What we need is to declare Peace to cancer cells.  Cancer cells are eukariotic cells just like the trillions of somatic and germ cells that allow us to live a full happy life. Because of unholistic ways of thinking and living, some of these cells have reverted back to the primitive stage of Life when oxygen was rare. Just a blast of chemo will do this, transforming an innocent tumor cell into an aggressive circulatory tumor cell equiped with stem-ness, which is a formidable power position that allows the tumor cell to adapt, resist, clone, spread and conquer.

With millions of years of natural selection, cancer cells have learnt to become  immortal super-cells. When chemo attacks them, they recruit the microbiota’s bacteria to help with their inner detoxification, they activate their genome to repair the chemo mess, thus becoming stronger, resistant to man’s chemo folly.

Humans make thousands of new cancer cells each day.  The body lives with them in relative harmony.  When cancer cells get threatening, the dendritic cells send signals to T-cells and these cells communicate with still other immune cells to remove these cancer cells they can recognize. Cancer membranes have specific antigen proteins on their surface that alerts healthy immune systems. Likewise with the human microbiota and its 8 billion genes, the eukariotic human genome system and its 23,000 thousands genes, all of these inter-species genes cross talk to participate in the control of the cancer cytokine-rich storm.

Cancer cells can be redifferentiated, tamed, put in dormancy or cleared via apoptosis or necrosis when they become Life-threatening. These neoplastic cells have sophisticated membranes with myriad receptors thereon. Receptors are like “ears”. When they “hear” a conventional oncologist say “War on cancer”, they get scared and upregulate more “come-back” resiliency. Differently from the mainstream and belligerent cancer model, the one the ongoing Government promotes, the heretic holistic paradigm is a peaceful process, no chemo-poisons, no fire-radiation, no bleeding surgery, no genetic engineering of immune cells that more often than not will also go after innocent and vital tissues. This is what i mean by declaring a “Peace to Cancer” policy. This policy will also help to avoid the country’s bankrupcy.


From the point of view of FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH, the ACR Institute’s team focuses on cancer as an immune, metabolic, energy, epigenetic and social disease, the genetic mutations of which come after metabolic alterations and lifestyle aberrations.

Most cancer research Institutes postulate that cancer is a genetic disease with metabolic consequences. As a consequence, the primary allopathic cancer treatment is to target genes, growth receptors and entire tumors via chemo-radiation, surgery, target therapies and gene-engineering immunotherapeutics that can also provoke cancer “resistance”.

On the contrary, ACR Institute’s scientific team believes that genetic aberrations constitute epi-phenomena that result from metabolic, immune, microbiota and mitochondrial dysfunctions, most of which can be addressed via corrective holistic, integrative and innovative techniques, with on occasion, the adjunctive expertise of bio-tech companies.

Regarding praxis, CLINICAL ORIENTATION, the ACR Institute’s team examines all credible experimentation and trials with conventional, integrative and holistic oncology groups from all over the world including, but not limited to European, American, Asian and Mexican clinics.

In this perspective, the ACR Institute’s scientific team focuses on the following fields of heuristic inquiry, all of which can contribute to find the best cancer reversal protocols: immnuno-therapy, cancer stem cell research, genetic damage repair (of both cancerous and non cancerous DNA), the inflammation drivers, epigenetics, lifestyle medicine, neuroscience, microbiota, metabolic disorders, psycho-neuro-immunology, psycho-neuro-endocrinology, clinical nutrition, oenology, bio-physics, energy medicine (including, but not limited to acupuncture), Chinese and Tibetan Traditional Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, biophysics, neuroscience, phyto-therapy longevity genes, telomere science and anti-fungals.


ACR Institute’s scientific research policy is based less on the maximization of profitability than on what works, (3) the successful result of which is hinged on scientific integrity, public support and methodological rigor.  The ACR Institute’s experience is that durable success is a result of safe, efficient, cost-friendly and metabolically sound approaches that can be replicated. 


Once the research is conclusive insofar as safe, efficient and cost-friendly cancer control and reversal protocols are concerned,  the ACR Institute will use the social media, innovative and cutting edge science reports, clinical trials, eco-community support (including conferences and coaching), the law (e.g., including legal education workshops), public policy and inspired creative chutzpah to diffuse these protocols and the holistic principles that go with them. (4)

In this perspective, we also are planning on creating different holistic rejuvenation retreats and campuses so that patients will be able to learn how to better prevent cancer and accelerated aging as well as how to heal age-related chronic and degenerative disorders.

Pr. Joubert (ACR Institute Director)

See the Institute’s official Mission statement link for more precisions, via mouse click here. 

To inquire about the Institute’s founder, click here.



(1). Today, one in two Americans will get a cancer diagnosis in his or her life. 30 years ago, it was one in four and during Nixon’s time, one in ten. The Institute’s team is convinced that this trend is far from being an unavoidable fatality. To reply to this problem, the ACR Institute contributes with the international medical  community in all spheres of possibilities in order to significantly change this epidemic.
(2). By including longevity research within its scope, the Institute’s team is able to find lots of correlations and similar pathways in many types of different chronic diseases.
(3). In this realm, the Institute’s team has confirmed that many purported mainstream bio-tech cancer research goals can too often be based on corporate profits over scientific integrity and rigor, at which point scientific bias can weed out fertile avenues of heuristic research that can better unmask cancer’s weak points and reverse its epidemics.
(4). On this subject, the ACR Institute believes that the People’s wellbeing birthright to have reasonable access to cancer control and reversal protocols is a fundamental right the State should protect and promote, so  that  the vast majority of the People can  become cancer-free, without recurrence and without bankrupting them, nor the State’s public finances

Evidence that Nigella Sativa  (black seed oil) is clinically superior to many cancer drugs.

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