A. Coaching Options, Modalities & Prices

Thank you for connecting to the Advanced Cancer Research Institute’s Consultation and Coaching Service.

To be certain we get your questions and-or requests, please use both the email below as well as the contact form to explain your concerns as well as your health challenge questions.

If you would like a 15 to 20 minutes complementary (free) consultation, either via text and-or live, please inform us of that too.

A. Multiple Coaching Options

If we find that we can be helpful, we will explain in what holistic manner our services can support your recovery, either a 2 hours initiation consultation with follow-up consultations as needed. Or the Institute’s Twelve Hours Program, Three months Program, Six months program or Certification Program if the participant desires to become a Coach him or herself. For more details, see below in Section D.

B. How does the Consultation and-or Coaching work ?

You’ll have a one-on-one video  and or phone conference (choice is yours) with Pr. Joubert during which you can ask him any health related questions and concerns you may have. Pr. Joubert will work with you to create your own personal health strategy restoration program.

  Once the background of your health issues are better understood, you will be given all the necessary knowledge and tools to maximize your health and lifespan by restoring the body’s multiple homeostasis systems and resiliency.

C. Consultation Modalities

To organize an online coaching or consultation session, we can use skype, google hangouts, zoom, messenger, what’s up, opera, facetime or by simply the phone or just texting.

D. Prices 

1. Initiation Consultation-coaching

2. Follow-up Consultation-coaching

3. Twelve hours coaching

4.  Three Months Holistic Oncology and Fitness Coaching

5. Six Months Cancer-free Longevity Coaching

6. Certification Training (pending)

Prices of ACR Institute’s minor Services

7. Optimal Longevity Coaching

8. Options Report 

9. Additional Coaching questions

Other age-related questions (CVD, autoimmune etc)

Below, two ways to communicate with us, both of which are recommended

1. info@advancedcancerresearchinstitute.com.

2. Via contact form, below.

For the Introduction Coaching Prep. file, please click here

Precision Note

(1). The ACR Institute is still under construction. We are thus not ready to fully train students to be Advanced Holistic Coaches. If interested, please inform us and we will get back in touch with you.
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2 comments on “A. Coaching Options, Modalities & Prices
  1. Matthew Rhys-Roberts says:

    Hi, I’m about to go for a cystoscopy, got probable lesions in my bladder (via ultrasound scan), and am passing blood and clots all the time.

    I don’t want any surgery or chemo, I want to reverse this naturally if known to be at all possible. I’m on a ketogenic diet (to hasten the autophagy of cancerous cells) that’s been measurably keto in my urinalysis for about a week, am sugar free, and not self intoxicating (any more).

    Please help me find the most natural way out of this. thankyou!

    • Hi, sorry for late reply,i’m still building this website, but if you want to schedule a coaching session, just let my know via this email: info@advancedcancerresearch.org and please inform me via this contact link. Meanwhile, i can’t give you a legally based medical opinion because that’s based on a one-to-one in situ consultation with work-up etc, but what i can do is share my decades long experience and knowledge with controling and reversing cancer holistically. Autophagy and keto are good, but there’s lots of confusion with this. While animal-based keto is OK because of the low carb aspect, it’s horrendous long term, because animal protein increases IGF-1 and mTOR, both of which feed cancer and accelerate aging. Animal cholesterol also feeds cancer. The body makes about 3 grams of endogenous cholesterol a day, that is more than enough for all of the body’s physiological functions. Consider keto-vegan, but there are conditions to respect in order to optimize results. In immunotherapy, there’s the French BCG vaccine which has been used for decades for bladder cancer, with better success than chemo or surgery. But it’s still a little invasive and has limitations. It’s integrative oncology. Me, i focus more on holistic stuff as i found that it is usually more safe, efficient and cost-friendly. But you have to me more pro-active. Good luck. Pierre

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