A. Consultation & Coaching Options for Well-being & Optimal Longevity

Greetings from Pr. Joubert 

Thank you for connecting to the Advanced Cancer Research Institute’s Consultation and Coaching Service.

 We start off with a thank you because  Science has shown that an attitude of gratitude can lower systemic inflammation and boost the immune system. (Source) (1)

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Professor Joubert will be your Advanced Cancer and Longevity Holistic Coach guiding you back to your birth-right: a healthy cancer-free long lifespan to 90 years and beyond.

How to Communicate with us ?

To be certain we get your questions and-or requests, please use both the email below as well as the contact form to explain your concerns as well as your health challenge questions. Email is preferred: info@advancedcancerresearch.org

If you would like a 15  minutes complementary (free) consultation, either via text and-or live, please inform us of that too and submit the central challenge you wish to resolve. Given time constraints, we will respond to only one challenge for free, either by email or live, and inform you if we can be of future use in terms of activating a durable solution to the health or legal challenges the coachee may face.

Below, two ways to communicate with us, both of which are recommended

1. info@advancedcancerresearch.org

2. Via contact form, below.

What does the ACR Institute and its Founder-Director Offer ?

 Multiple Coaching & Consultation Programs

Once we get your email and if we find that we can be helpful, we will explain in what holistic manner our services can support your recovery, either a 90 minutes to two hours initiation consultation with follow-up consultations as needed. Or the Institute’s coaching programs. The details for these programs can be seen below.

 How does the Consultation and-or Coaching work ?

The consultee or coachee will have a one-on-one teleconference  and-or phone conversation with Pr. Joubert during which the client can ask any health or legal related questions and concerns he or she may have. We will diligently work with the client to create her or his own personal health and-or legal strategy restoration program.

  Once the client’s background and root causes  are better understood, we will give the client all the necessary knowledge and tools to maximize a healthy lifespan by restoring the body’s multiple homeostasis systems and resiliency. For legal challenges, we will teach the client pro se representation and how he-she can personally deal with most health-related legal issue.

What we don’t Offer in Medicine and Law

We do not offer representation in court, nor do we give legal advise. We prefer to teach how the client can resolve most legal issues him-herself. This is how it was done in the 18th century when the United was created. Hence, differently from many other countries, the right to represent one’s own legal interests is a paramount constitutional right in the United States. However, medical law and the court system being complex, the patient and-or health-care professional may need some preliminary coaching (guidance).

Regarding the Government’s monopoly on medical “standards of care”, we do not diagnose or treat diseases, let alone give medical advise. How could we ? Most of the Government’s recognized medicine that is legally enforceable in the chronic disease field is skewed and-or outdated and-or harmful, based on the disability and disease management money-making model. (For the evidence, see the “Basics” under-menu) We prefer to teach clients what the robust Science is with regard to health challenges. Once informed of all of the credible options for whatever health challenge, the patient is in a much better position to negotiate with his or her primary care physician.

What are the Consultation & Coaching Modalities ?

To organize an online consultation or coaching session, we can use skype, google hangouts, zoom, messenger, what’s up, opera, facetime or by simply the phone or just texting.

What is the Content of Consultations Sessions ?

Consultation sessions are reserved for the initiation and follow-up meetings and focus on prompt solutions to health and legal challenges. Cancer and accelerated aging are our specialities, but we can also assist with other health conditions.

What is the Content of Coaching Sessions ?

Coaching sessions are longer in that they focus on helping the client understand the mechanisms that promote the disorder that he or she is suffering from. In this context, most of the information we offer will be based on supporting published studies and our evidence-based research files that we will be able to share. For legal health-related issues, we base our teaching on jurisprudence and case law.

Choosing between these two options

It is our experience that the client will be more compliant  to the best Protocols once he or she will be a coachee, because then there will be more time for the coachee to understand what is called in medicine pathophysiology, the mechanisms of action that trigger and sustain the disorder.

But for those who are stressed with urgency and time-sensitive dossiers, who don’t need to understand as much the underlying causes to their disorder and who wish to focus especially on a Holistic Action Plan, then being a consultee would  be the best option.

The Client can also be a consultee first, then a coachee and finish off by being a coach him or herself, with an Advanced Holistic Coach Certificate thanks to which the client can then be a certified coach and help to foster healthy Longevity Communities. 

What are the Prices &  Service Descriptions ?

For the prices and service descriptions, see the links below. While consultation and coaching fees correspond to or are under the market prices, these may still be pricy for people in need facing financial difficulties. On a case by case basis, sliding scale or other terms may be negotiable. When possible, we can also offer 15 or 20 minutes of free personalized compassionate care recommendations to help guide the patient toward meaningful solutions.

Meanwhile, there is an abundance of helpful blogs and resources in this website, including a few key Questions and Issues the patient may want to ask his or her primary doctor and oncologist.

1. Consultations for Holistic Health Enthusiasts

1. Initiation consultation-coaching in any field relative to cancer and accelerated aging

The Accelerated Aging disorders the Institute focuses on are as follows: 1) Cardiovascular and angiogenesis disorders. 2)  Immune, DNA repair and and cancer disorders. 3) Diabetes, gastrointestinal, gut and metabolic disorders. 4) Amyloidosis, Depression and Brain disorders.  5) Arthritis, connective tissues and Joint disorders. 6) Sensory senses (smell, vision and hearing) disorders. 7) Fertility and hormonal disorders. 8) Disorders relating to the lack of energy (ATP) & peak performance output.

  2. Cardiovascular performance for supercentenarian living

3. Optimal Longevity to 120 years 

4. Wine Therapy and Food Medicine for Optimal Living Cf. (Wine workshop)

5. Healthy House Medicine 

6. Follow-up Consultation-coaching

2. Coaching for Holistic Health Enthusiasts

7.  Three Months Holistic Oncology and Fitness Coaching

8. Six Months Cancer-free Longevity & Supercentenarian Coaching

9. Certification  Training to become a  Coach in Holistic Oncology & Optimal Longevity (2)

 To see Part of the Advanced Holistic Coaching Program, Click Here

3. Medical & Legal Consultations and Coaching for Health-care Professionals

In particular for medical doctors and conventional oncologists who wish to better serve Science, their Conscience and their patients by deviating from the legally enforceable  standard of care.  Before doing so, there are rules, precedents and legal arguments that help to protect the Health-care provider who wishes to practice  innovative & science-based Medicine, holistic oncology, holistic cardiology and biogerontology while improving Health-care and the Nation’s sustainability.

These sessions and their modalities are bilaterally determined. First 15  minutes are also free so that we can figure out if we can be of help.

4. Personalized Evidence-based Options Reports on Different Cancers

Options Report

Q & A on Consultation and  Coaching Issues

5. Consultation and Coaching on the Institute’s Book Subjects

Holistic Oncology

Holistic Cardiology

Holistic Neurology (which in includes Depression & Alzh. D.)

Thermal Medicine (One of France & Europe’s Specialties)

Stem Cells & Telomere Biology in relation to Aging and Longevity

The French Model of Health-Care based on the W.H.O.’s First Rank Status

Wine as Medicine (ie, dosage, quality, variety, region, pairing & more)

The Core Holistic Fundamentals (With emphasis on Herbology, Aromatherapy & Clinical Nutrition)

Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders

Fertility and Hormonal Disorders

Enhancement of the Body’s Basic Senses

Right now, we are in a development phase where we are redacting multiple ebooks. So many of these works are not yet finished.

6. Email Consultation

Either in combination with a video or phone session, or as a stand alone, email coaching can be a great way to communicate supporting evidence regarding over 100  Protocols the ACR Institute has analyzed in different conventional, integrative and holistic oncology systems.

Email Consultation

7. Peak performance & Holistic Mediterranean-Fungi-Plant-based Nutrition Coaching

If the client feels a need to release his or her bad lifestyle and food addiction habits and embrace a more holistic vibrant lifestyle with the best clinical nutrition for one’s constitution, then we may be able to be of assistance. While plant-based high-fiber nutrition is generally recommended, depending on the circumstances, fungi-based (muchrooms and the like) and Mediterranean-based diets can also be focused on. Each case is different, one can not be fanatically ideological about food, for example nuts and legumes are great, but many people are allergic to nuts, soy and peanuts, for other people who have SNPs (genetic variations), they may not methylate well or their gastric juices, bile ducts, digestive enzymes and intestinal systems may be dysfunctional (ie, the intestine is an important immunological organ), so all of these factors need to be taken into account as well as the microbiota and ancestral habits etc. We also coach movie stars and athletes who seek better performance.

8. Executive Consulting for Supercentenarian Enthusiasts, the Longevity Industry, the Government’s public health officials and the Corporate CEOs

Pr. Joubert offers strategic and executive consulting services to patients, corporate groups, longevity industry CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, public institutions’ officials and other health enthusiasts who are interested in thriving to 110 years and beyond while improving the country’s health-care system.

Pr. Joubert, biogerontologist, is the founder-director of the Mediterranean Center for Holistic Medicine, the Longevity Gazette, Advanced Cancer Research Institute and Optimal Longevity. See Bio.  He has been a discreet, but leading voice in the longevity biotechnology and patient advocacy communities in Europe for more than 30 years. He focuses on pathophysiological mechanisms of aging as well as on the rejuvenation  of all of the body’s functions via holistic and lifestyle means first. When these recourses have been maxed out, he looks at proven innovative technologies that have the potential to repair the molecular damage in dysfunctional tissues.

Pr. Joubert’s and the ACR Institute’s Coaching Goal: Resolution of chronic diseases by enhancing the supercentenarian pathways

The Institute’s and Pr. Joubert’s goal in all of his consultations and coaching is to help the holistic health enthusiast to activate his or her supercentenarian potential and better express longevity pathways, in this way, most chronic diseases will either go away thanks to the body’s endogenous repair mechanisms or stabilize to the point of not affecting quality of Life and Joie de vivre. Contrarily to the prevailing dogma, exceptional longevity genomes are not the central engine that explains why some people become supercentenarians.

“We performed whole-genome sequencing on 17 supercentenarians to explore the genetic basis underlying extreme human longevity. We found no significant evidence of enrichment for a single rare protein-altering variant or for a gene harboring different rare protein altering variants in supercentenarian compared to control genomes. (…)  The genome of one supercentenarian had a pathogenic mutation in DSC2, known to predispose to arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, (….) Even with this pathogenic mutation, the proband lived to over 110 years”. (Source).

In this above-mentioned study,  Dr. Gierman and colleagues performed whole genome sequencing on 17 supercentenarians. When the genomes of these supercentenarians and normally aged people were compared, no protein altering variants (letter change, regarding the ATCG nucleotides) were found. Thus, although genes can be a factor, there are many other relevant factors and mechanisms that can explain extreme longevity, including, but not limited to “attitude”, stress, nutrients and epigenetic expression. (The epigenome consists of chemical compounds that modify, or mark, the genome in a way that tells it what to do, where to do it, and when to do it. Different cells have different epigenetic marks. These epigenetic marks, which are not part of the DNA itself, can be passed on from cell to cell as cells divide, and from one generation to the next).

On the other hand, we have evidence that when the biological and electrical potential of the human body is holistically potentiated, supercentenarian living can be reached and most chronic diseases can be down regulated,  at least until or close to death, when many  supercentenarians die from the exhaustion of the Hayflick’s limit, stem cells and, inter alia, organ reserve, thereby not being able to return organ function to homeostasis. (“Health Span Approximates Life Span Among Many Supercentenarians: Compression of Morbidity at the Approximate Limit of Life Span”. The Journal of Gerontology: Series A. 67A(4): 395–405). (Source)

Indeed, the up-to-now available evidence corroborates the existence of this late-life mortality deceleration law for the supercentenarians, where death rates level off at advanced ages to a late-life mortality plateau. (Source)

“We analyze the relationship between age of survival, morbidity, and disability among centenarians (age 100-104 years), semisupercentenarians (age 105-109 years), and supercentenarians (age 110-119 years)… (…) We observed a progressive delay in the age of onset of physical and cognitive function impairment, age-related diseases, and overall morbidity with increasing age. As the limit of human life span was effectively approached with supercentenarians, compression of morbidity was generally observed”. (J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2012 Apr;67(4):395-405, Source)

Thanks to this above-mentioned mechanism, the supercentenarian can plan on enjoying a chronic disease and cancer free “dénouement” (ending) while most of today’s 85 year olders can benefit from more than three extra decades of healthy Life in terms of today’s life-expectancy norm. (Without holistic savoir-faire, most of these late baby-boomers will get hit with both an Alzheimer’s and a cancer diagnoses or will just drop dead from sudden cardiac arrest).

On the other hand, if we are to progress to beyond a healthy lifespan of 120 years, we will have to better address what is called senile systemic amyloidosis, the misfolding and deterioration of proteins, as it is especially this disorder  from which most supercentenarians die. (Source). While pharmaceutical companies are investing billions in anti-amyloidosis drugs, the ACR and O.L. Institutes are  searching for innovative, cost-friendly and holistic ways to slow down and reverse this disorder. Thanks to this accomplishment,  many humans will soon be able to surpass today’s Guiness record of 122 years, broken by Jeanne Calment from Mediterranean France.

In the biogerontologists and gerontologists community, there is a consensus that there is no known fixed theoretical limit to human longevity. Today it is 122, but tomorrow it could be much more. Scientists have already tweaked genes in animals that doubled their lifespan. (See the Institute’s Longevity Master Class and Gavrilov, L. A.; Gavrilova, N. S. (1991). The biology of life span: a quantitative approach. New York City: Harwood Academic Publishers) Among many other specificities and characteristics, we have found diversified and youthful flora in those who benefit from what is called  “extreme longevity”.

For the ACR and OL Institutes, there is nothing extreme about reaching 110 years and beyond. What is extreme is the way conventional medicine and mainstream culture promote destructive lifestyles, chronic stress, deleterious beliefs systems, institutionalized inanities and iatrogenic diseases that cost trillions of dollars while simultaneously  truncating the God-given birth-right and genetically designed healthy human lifespan potential of at least 120 years.

When the Institute’s Optimal Longevity book will be ready, we will give a copy to our coachee members. Meanwhile, there’s today an abundance of holistic longevity activation pathway techniques to be learnt and which can be applied by those who are enthused with the prospect of living a healthy and long supercentenarian lifespan of 110 years and beyond and become coachee members of our Institutes, thanks to which we can have enough support and funds to continue the Research and the “mise en oeuvre” of the Institutes’ Mission.

To reach out, send email, briefly discuss aims and needs and we can take it from there.

(Depending on the season, conditions and needs, prices negotiable)

To check out who your coach is, click here

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So much contradictory, changing and confusing information on the Internet, in Medical Libraries and in Medical Conventions

How can you know who to trust, when you’re doing Life-saving and Life Extending research ?

That’s why we offer a preliminary 15 minutes free discussion (either via email or exceptionally phone or Skype) to see if we can be of help.


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Request your Consultation or Coaching session via info@advancedcancerresearch.org with Pr Joubert, he will help each consultee and coachee to craft a personalized cancer-free Longevity Program, as this approach is the best way to address cancer and complex chronic diseases as well as optimal living.

For the Introduction Coaching Prep. file, please click here

To Check out how the ACR Institute prepares its Sessions and proves it’s Recommendations, click here

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Precision Note

(1). In their study of 186 patients, more grateful people reported better sleep, less fatigue, less depression, more confidence in their ability to care for themselves, and lower levels of systemic inflammation (an immune response that can have negative effects on the body, including the cardiovascular system). Patients who did daily gratitude journaling for eight weeks also showed decreased markers of inflammation at the end of the experiment. There are many other studies that support the causative relationship between an attitude of thankfulness and health restorations, many of which will be available, as needed, when the consultee becomes a coachee.

(2). The ACR Institute is still under construction. We are thus not ready to fully train students to be Advanced Holistic Coaches. If interested, please inform us and we will get back in touch with you.

Text under construction

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Copyright (c) 2019: Advanced Cancer Research Institute and agents.

DISCLAIMER. Nothing in this blog-website is to be construed as medical or legal advise, including, but not limited to replies, comments and posts, all of which can not be deemed to constitute either a therapist-patient nor an attorney-client relationship.  For additional details about privacy policy & terms of use, please see the Institute’s legal link.

2 comments on “A. Consultation & Coaching Options for Well-being & Optimal Longevity
  1. Matthew Rhys-Roberts says:

    Hi, I’m about to go for a cystoscopy, got probable lesions in my bladder (via ultrasound scan), and am passing blood and clots all the time.

    I don’t want any surgery or chemo, I want to reverse this naturally if known to be at all possible. I’m on a ketogenic diet (to hasten the autophagy of cancerous cells) that’s been measurably keto in my urinalysis for about a week, am sugar free, and not self intoxicating (any more).

    Please help me find the most natural way out of this. thankyou!

  2. Hi, sorry for late reply,i’m still building this website, but if you want to schedule a coaching session, just let my know via this email: info@advancedcancerresearch.org and please inform me via this contact link. Meanwhile, i can’t give you a legally based medical opinion because that’s based on a one-to-one in situ consultation with work-up etc, but what i can do is share my decades long experience and knowledge with controling and reversing cancer holistically. Autophagy and keto are good, but there’s lots of confusion with this. While animal-based keto is OK because of the low carb aspect, it’s horrendous long term, because animal protein increases IGF-1 and mTOR, both of which feed cancer and accelerate aging. Animal cholesterol also feeds cancer. The body makes about 3 grams of endogenous cholesterol a day, that is more than enough for all of the body’s physiological functions. Consider keto-vegan, but there are conditions to respect in order to optimize results. In immunotherapy, there’s the French BCG vaccine which has been used for decades for bladder cancer, with better success than chemo or surgery. But it’s still a little invasive and has limitations. It’s integrative oncology. Me, i focus more on holistic stuff as i found that it is usually more safe, efficient and cost-friendly. But you have to me more pro-active. Good luck. Pierre

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