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Thank you for connecting to the Institute’s Consultation and Coaching Service.

To be certain we get your questions and-or requests, please use both the email below as well as the contact form to explain your concerns as well as your health challenge questions.

If you would like a 15 to 20 minutes complementary (free) consultation, please inform us of that too.

If we find that we can be helpful, we will explain in what holistic manner our services can support your recovery, either a 2 hours initiation consultation, follow-up consultations or the Institute’s Twelve Hours Package Deal.

This package Deal will give the subscriber the cutting edge, safe, efficient and cost-friendly introductory tools to better control and-or reverse your malignancy. With this  healing knowledge, you will have accomplished the first of four levels of training for the  Institute’s  Advanced Holistic Oncology Coaching Certificate.  (1) With a Holistic Oncology Coaching certificate,  the coachee-student will be able to  meaningfully help her or his family and community, if only because one out of two Americans will get a cancer diagnosis in his or her lifetime. Often more than one.

Consultation Modality

To organize an online coaching or consultation session, we can use skype, google hangouts, zoom, messenger, what’s up, opera, facetime or by phone.

For the prices and Service

1. Initiation Consultation

2. Follow-up Consultation

2.  Three Months Coaching & Certificate Training

4. Optimal Longevity Coaching

5. Options Report

6. Additional Coaching questions

Below, two ways to communicate with us


2. Via contact form, below.

For the Coaching Prep, please click here

Precision Note

(1). The ACR Institute is still under construction. We are thus not ready to fully train students to be Advanced Holistic Oncology Coaches. As of now, we are envisaging a 48 hours online training Master Course, equipped with four levels of education. However, this first 12 hours Package can count as Level One. At the end of the 12 hours of  coaching, the student will get a short exam. Once completed with success, the student will get the Institute’s Level One Holistic Oncology Certificate. The coachee has the right not to take the exam. In which case a Certificate of Completion will be given, provided the student follows through with Level One’s 12 hours of training.

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