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For an occult cancer diagnosis, there are good and less good things about this. The good thing is that the immune system was strong enough to recognize and remove the primary, hence, immune system surveillance system was able to do its job. (1)

The less good thing is that before the lymphocyte T cells poison to death the primary (that’s the T cells job, they have natural and selective chemo in their backpack that does not harm the neighboring cells), the primary’s cancer stem cells (ie the engine of metastases) tend to sneak out and colonized another tissue or tissues. As a consequence,  cancer stem cells are key, they can split from the primary when the primary is very small and spread its malignancy, that is its job, its finality, to invade the host to the hilt. That’s why one of the most important test is the circulating cancer stem cell test and all CUP therapies should target the cancer stem cells.

The other bad thing is that conventional oncologists are going to slam all sorts of invasive and un-necessary diagnoses tests, thereby wearing out her “vital force” (Chi in Chinese medicine), including with super radioactive CT scans (one CT scan = 500 x-ray ionic radiation) which are in themselves carcinogenic, as biopsies and most of what conventional oncologists do. That’s why in holistic oncology, we prefer other monitoring and detecting techniques than these invasive and expensive procedures.

Another bad thing is that conventional oncologists cant be precise with regard to the chemo agent. Guess work thus prevails. In Europe, we have special diagnostic tests for those who want to do chemo….RGCC in Greece and FOCUS in Germany being two of them. These tests indicate which chemo will work better on the cancer tissue type. Without a test like this,  tumors dont usually respond to the chemo guess work of conventional oncologists.

Another test that can be useful is the immunohistochemical tests that looks at antibodies. Antibodies are used to assess the expression of protein markers on the surface membrane of cancer cells. The expression of these antigens is similar to the tissue that the cancer grew in. Determining if the detected cancer cells are well differentiated or not is also important. The more differentiated they are, the easier it is to heal the body.

Because tumorigenesis implies that cancer arises from normal stem cells, albeit genetically damaged stem cells, it is more nad more likely that cancer stem cells are the major players in cancer progression and resistance to therapy. Successful treatment of cancer, including that of unknown primary site, may therefore require the development of therapies against migratory cancer stem cells.  (1)

Today, what therefore appears crucial is a prompt holistic and-or integrative  intervention, much more than getting stuck with multiple testing trying to find the unfindable primary, if only because these tests are invasive and the tumor may not be findable.

All cancers behave with similar patterns, even if there can be some differences, but in terms of cancer control and reversal, the cancer reversal solutions all share a  similar protocol , and it starts by doing what is needed to stop the inflammatory and metabolic processes that fuel all malignancies and by addressing the cancer stem cells. The Institute’s recommendation is thus to first try holistic approach with strict monitoring. If the markers are not showing reversal or stabilization, then the patient may want to examine conventional immunotherapy and if that does not work, the patient may want to enroll in a clinical trial.


(1). The migration ability of stem cells can explain the existence of cancers of unknown primary site. A cancer of unknown primary site would form when deregulated, premalignant or cancerous stem cells migrated away from their natural tissue and gave rise to a cancer in the new site before or without generating a tumor in their original tissue and or by not activating its immune inhibition defense, which means that a primary tumor existed, but was properly removed. It is important to realize that forming a  big tumor in a tissue is not a prerequisite for stem cells to migrate away from that tissue.


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