Optimal Longevity Consult

Optimal Longevity (anti-aging) Consultation – $550.00 (per hour)

Three to fours of coaching is usually enough for the transmission of the key longevity technology in holistic medicine, thanks to which the coachee can benefit from 15 to 40 extra quality years of Life.

If the client wishes to benefit from the most recent and credible personalized protocols that can give the client an extra 15 to 40 extra years of healthy cancer-free lifespan, (up to 115 or, exceptionally 122 years) the price is more expensive because we will teach the client the best and latest techniques to activate the  key longevity pathways, thanks to which cancer as well as senescent cells get cleared. The Student-patient can look over the Institute’s Optimal Longevity Master Class to get a feel for this consultation.

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