Holistic Coaching Prep.

 Feeling  Stressed, Sick and Stuck with your conventional cancer diagnosis ? Then ACRI Holistic Coaching Services may be  indicated

Joy is what is felt when the Soul is fulfilled” Spinoza

Before starting a Holistic Coaching Session, it may be useful to activate the Socratic “self-inquiry” process on the following questions

The first self-inquiry is to ask oneself how one deeply feels in the here and the now ? Is fulfillment experienced in Consciousness ? Is Joie de Vivre felt on the  sensory and cellular level ?

One of Professor Henri Laborit’s significant contributions to the neurosciences and medicine is to have  shown that when a patient is existentially stuck, in a state of inhibition, (“inhibition de l’action”) (1) and overwhelmed by perceived chronic stress, he or she usually gets hit with serious diseases. Over 70 years ago, Laborit further noted that it is in dysfunctional toxic environments that this “inhibition of action induces pathogenic mechanisms“. (Source)

Thus, one of the first considerations to examine is one’s environment. Is it favorable to one’s best interests and fulfillment ? By environment, we are refering to one’s ecological niche, one’s entourage and living situation. When the patient lives in an environment that is toxic and conflictual,  diseases tend to be somatised. 

The Second self-inquiry: The will to live, thrive and forgive

The next consideration to examine is the patient’s motivation to continue living. Two people with the same diagnosis and treatment plan often have different outcomes, especially in cancer. One may be upbeat and eager to thrive, if only because of the patient’s Community’s support and needs. While another patient who is more isolated or aloof from human meaningful interaction may not. Furthermore, any and all sentiments relative to guilt, blame, scapegoating and vindictiveness tend to be self-defeating. While righteous anger and karmic release can be therapeutic, hatred and the intent to harm in any form is laden with nocebo and entropic consequences. (2) In this context, forgiveness means the process of getting detached from negativity that does not serve growth, wellbeing and healing.

The Third self-inquiry. Willing to do what it takes to remove the Disease’s Causes

Being upbeat and having a clear conscious are important Consicousness elements, but in most cases, they are insufficient for chronic disease reversals. One must be motivated and determined enough to make massive changes. If only because a “terminal” diagnosis calls for a massive reconsideration of one’s Lifestyle and priorities.

In this perpective, the solution may be ceasing to smoke cigarettes or eat processed inflammatory foods. Or getting a new bedroom without EMF wiring thereby prioritizing deep sleep hygiene. Or leaving a predatory or demeaning relationship,  a toxic work place, a moldy home, a noisy and polluted city or a spiritually stifling ambiance. Or stopping the fueling of the fire of inflammation with pent-up emotions and stressful situations. Or firing one’s oncologist if he or she insists that a terminal diagnosis is hopelessly terminal or calls for cytotoxic chemo or ionic radiation without first paying attention to holistic science and putting in place non-invasive holistic procedures, even if their cash-flow potential is minimum.

The Work-up: Disease Symptomatology and Search for Root Causes

For the coach to better understand  the coachee’s symptomatology (totality of observed symptoms) and root causes, it will be necessary for the coachee to talk about the key aspects of his or her Life, from the type of birth the patient had (3), to the patient’s family situation, living environment, stressors, lifestyle including diet and mold exposure, traveling and parasite exposures, general health including intestinal permeability and a sense of purpose in Life as well as any other relevant happening that may have somatized into a disease, including the client’s past medical treatment plans and their iatrogenic consequences. For example, we know that the geographical areas that have prescribed the most antibiotics tend to also have the highest rates of cancer. (Source). Thus, we will need to review the coachee’s medical history and toxicity status.

Lab Tests

Most times, patients already have enough tests for an ARCI predetermination of the treatment plan,  and if they don’t, most times they are not needed, at least in the beginning of the restoration program. The Institute’s clinical experience is that most patients are fear-driven, hence, they tend to be too obsessed with diagnostic exams, the cost of which is detrimental to negentropy, to getting restored and whole again (etymologically, healing means to get whole again).

Because most chronic diseases and cancers have their origins in toxemia, chronic stress, emotional blockages, gastro-intestinal dysfunctions and a few other causes, the Institute prefers to immediately focus on general solutions that will reinforce the body’s Life-force and homeostases. Furthermore, it’s always better for the patient’s morale to get monitored with lab tests when he or she feels better and is on the way to recovery. The figures will be less frightening and the nocebo effects less damaging.

Howewer, when tests are genuinely needed or when the coachee desires to have evidentiary certainty, we help the client to acquire his or her own tests or refer client to a licensed holistic or functional or integrative medical doctor.

For the Institute’s cancer and health tests, please click here.

The Determination of a Holistically based Remedial Plan of Action

Once we better understand the relevant issues at work, we can then bilaterally (with both the coach and the coachee) find an adapted treatment plan that will generate less fear then hope and enthusiasm for the patient. From the Holistic Medicine viewpoint, a Treatment Plan that depresses and damages the patient is usually an expensive and frustrating waste of time. (4)

In addition to helping the patient determine the right lifestyle factors, from diet, (5) to fasting, supplements, hydrotherapy, sleep hygiene, meditation techniques, detoxification, massage, hyperthermia, exercises (6) and many other holistic techniques, we help the client to find his or her best individualized path to  fulfillment, if only because healing needs a motivating and resilient patient. As the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) experts have written in the WHO Constitution, health is much more than the absence of diseases.

If the client thinks he or she may need conventional medicine’s prescription drug surgery or other conventional high-tech medical procedure, the Institute’s experts will give evidenced-based information and options with regard to conventional medicine, including surgery. Too many cancer patients have not been informed on surgical oncology’s immune supressing and  metastastic effects as well as on other less invasive techniques that can shrink and even remove tumors. (7) We will also teach how to mitigate and detoxify both cytotoxic chemo and ionizing radiation, including their long-term physiological effects. We will always strive for informed consent and the securing of the patients enthusiasm. (8)


In terms of evolutionary biology, the body’s design by default is to be fulfilled, to feel secure and good, which means that the pleasure and gratification neuro-circuits need to be correctly activated and balanced. This is what is called “joie de vivre” or enjoyment of life. We can see this playful energy in children and young animals, provided they have not been traumatized in an un-happy and toxic milieu.

By not feeling well, by feeling “stuck”, there is necessarily frustration, which usually means that the patient has exhausted her or his flight and fight pathways and is stuck in a “freeze” or “inhibition of action” situation, the ill effects of which tend to down-regulate the expression of neuropeptide genes that fuel one’s Purpose, Well-being and “Raison d’être” in Life. This claim is supported by an abundance of published peer-reviewed evidence. (9)

During the stressful  ghetto and  gestapo concentration camps experiences, Viktor Frankl and others noted that it was less the Darwinian-inspired “fittest” inmates who survived than those who nurtured a holistic attitude of equanimity, mindfulness and meaningfulness. (10). Just like  NDEs (near death experiences) and totalitarian terror, a serious chronic disease diagnostic is also a stressful “life or death” experience. Most Americans will experience first hand lethal chronic disease diagnoses, so Reason commands that it’s better to get informed about the Art of Holistic Healing before rather than after a traumatic diagnosis. It is thus useful for the coachee to first ponder, before the Holistic Coaching Session, on the meaning of his or her diagnostic. After a brief discussion of this preliminary question, the coach and coachee will then be able to determine an adapted treatment plan and start the holistic reversal process.

For a detailed summary of what a lab-test monitoring-based holistic approach to health restoration is, please click here.

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General Disclaimer

Agreeing to participate in the Institute’s coaching services does not legally constitute a patient-doctor relationship and the Institute refuses any and all liability if the client is not satisfied with results. (See terms).Furthermore, the Institute’s coaching service should be construed as an educational effort to empower the client to better understand the mechanics of his or her body, the mechanisms of diseases and what some of the best International Research has determined to be in terms of proposing healing modalities that are the least damaging, the most efficient and  cost-friendly.

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(1). By inhibition, we mean inhibition of the two fundamental forms of action that has characterized evolutionary biology and survival for millions of years. Both these forms of action are governed by the sympathetic of the automatic nervous system: flight or fight. When we can no longer fight or flee a danger, when we are in a “freeze” or “inhibition” situation,  whether it be a saber tooth tiger or a terminal cancer diagnosis, the body’s Life-force starts to shut down via the emergence of chronic diseases that are difficult to reverse Cf. http://happinessmedicine.com/mission/#from-blackburn-to-laborit
(2). The “Nocebo Effect” is a medical concept which means the opposite of a placebo effect, and has as much physiological impact as a placebo effect, but in the entropic sense, which means that disorder, accelerated aging and dissipating energy are vortexed into de-materialisation.
(3). Even if most of these treatment plans are not a waste of time for the medical doctor and the Industry that supports him or her, as most allopathic drug-surgery-radiation procedures generate huge cash-flow. (See Blog article on this topic)
(4). Among other examples, if the patient was C-section baby, the evidence shows that the adult patient will have an impaired immunity system. Today, the evidence is quite clear that vaginal births bestow upon the baby the right microbes and bacteria that will kick start and correctly form the infant’s immune system. Hence, by knowing what is the type of birth the client had, we will be able to focus more on corrective holistic measures that can help with the building of a robust immune system.
(5). We also teach how a client can self-empower by getting most of what the body physically needs through a Holistic Vegan and-or Mediterranean-based diet. Nutrition science have determined that these two diets are the best for cancer. The Ketogenic diet can also be useful for certain cancers. Nutritional regimes also depends on the patient’s individuality, both in terms of the genome and microbiota. Whatever the diet chosen, it should be anti inflammatory and correctly modulate and restore the immune system.
(6). When a serious cancer diagnostic hits, many conventional and integrative oncologists advise to rest and not exercise. However, the evidence suggests that exercise should be part of the protocol. Among many other examples, see this link, which shows that the elderly live at least an extra five years when they partake in physical exercises. (Source)
(7). For evidence, see the Institute’s blog on this topic.
(8). Per legal and ethical duty called “informed consent”,  the Institute offers the client all reasonable and scientifically based health-restoration options that we are aware, including informing the client of the toxic effects of many prescription drugs, most of which have led to millions of un-necessary emergencies to hospitals and millions of avoidable deaths. (See blog paper on this topic)
(9).   See the blog on downregulating and upregulating over 500 genes with holistic oncology.
(10). Viktor Frankl, See his “Man’s Search for Meaning” which is an autobiographical account of  Frankl’s application of his trademark theory, which he calls, “Logotherapy.” He formulated and tested  this theory during Hitler’s war, including in Jewish ghettos and concentration camps. His argument posits that finding meaning and purpose in life is the key to personal happiness and well-being, i (Source)

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this education website should be contrued as legal or health advise. In consulting with H.M. Institute experts, there is no patient-doctor relationship. Advanced Cancer Research  Institute cnosultaiton experts are consulants and coaches that share information to help reset a client’s health back to homeostasis and happiness mode without any diagnosis nor conventional drug prescription treatment plan. This web site is neither for third party product advertising nor dispensing any form of conventional medicine. Clients who consult with Happiness Medicine Institute experts receive information in an educational context in an effort to understand both the biolotical mechanisms underlying  diseases and the conditions to optimize healthy lifespan and peak performance..
2018 (c) Advanced Cancer Research Institute and agents. All Rights Reserved
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