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What should be the Coaching attitude ?

The Institute reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not show Team Spirit, friendly cooperation and  community enthusiasm. One of the hallmarks of healthy longevity is precisely this team or community spirit. The longevity zones in the world (known as blue zones) have a strong, friendly and supporting community. Most longevity experts and biogerontologists have determined this “community” factor as one of the key conditions for people to reach  cancer-free long lifespans to 100 years and more.

Are the Institute’s Prices aligned with the coaching Market ?

Longevity and fitness experts like Ben Green charges 1200 dollars an hour, and he doesn’t incorporate the best of Chinese and European medicine. Many other anti-aging and integrative cancer experts charge over 500 dollars an hour. A few years ago, Dr Chang of New York charged 500 dollars for half an hour of cancer consultation while a well known non medical professional, Ralph Moss, charged 500 dollars an hour for cancer consultation.

As for functional and integrative oncology doctors and Mexico cancer clinics, prices range from 5,500 dollars a week (for the Gerson clinic) to over 15,00o dollars per week. A few years ago, Drs Munez, Forsythe and “Tony” (Jimenez) for example asked for over 35 thousands dollars for functional and integrative cancer treatment plans that lasted in between 2 and 3 weeks. Likewise with the Nevada’s, Az and California’s integrative cancer centers that we have examined. Furthermore, all integrative and functional  oncology doctors who work in the US are obliged to go by the conventional cancer system’s standards of care. This is why insulin Potentiation therapy (which uses chemo) (1) is popular among American integrative and functional oncology centers. In this perspective, integrative and naturopathic medicine  is used as adjunctive and palliative therapy.

In light of the above, it can thus be reasonably asserted that the Institute’s prices are under-aligned with the average of the anti-aging and integrative cancer markets and much lower with regards to the best hacks and techniques on optimal longevity, immunotherapy and oncology. And as a bonus, the student-patient gets a meaningful education on holistic oncology with the Holistic Advanced Cancer coach program (Level One).

Does the Institute assist the Needy with either Charity or a Sliding Scale for Hardship Cases ?

For cancer patients who are low income and in great difficulty, we will help them for free as much as we can, up to around one hour of coaching to guide the patient toward an inexpensive cancer control and-or reversal plan of action, with possible referrals. Once the Institute will be better financed and structured, we will give out scholarships to support (via teaching and possible rejuvenation retreats) those who are of good faith and can’t afford a holistic protocol.

For cancer patients who are not low-income, but who would have too much stress with these prices, depending on the case and circumstance, we may be able to negotiate financing and-or lower prices based on the sliding scale mechanism.

Are the Institute’s content supported with compelling evidence ?

All of the Institute’s consults are supported with hard evidence that will be available to the client.

Is there a money-back Guarantee ?

We are so confident in our methods that we offer an 60 to 80 percent money back guarantee, depending on the case. But only if most of the biomarkers don’t improve within  three to six months. To benefit from this guarantee, the patient or his or her caretaker must show that the patient has been compliant with the individualised holistic protocol as much as possible.

If the patient however has had an aggressively destructive cancer treatment (conventional or integrative) that has wreaked havoc and destroyed many bodily functions, including the immune system,  and-or if the patient’s cancer is too far gone, we can’t extend this guarantee.

In most cases, some of the biomarkers will still improve, but the cyto-toxic chemo or radiation or even surgery damage may have reached the PONR (point of no return), in which case we will examine with the client and his or her caretakers multiple palliative options, including with medical cannabis, Ayawashka, Iboga, mushrooms, acupuncture, nutrition, mindful meditation, aromatherapy, fasting, raw juicing, musicotherapy and other techniques to mitigate the suffering and allow the passing with as much serenity, spirituality and happiness as possible. Cannabis is an herb which is much friendlier than most conventional opiates. For those interested, we will show the relevant data. As for the other shamanic plants,  we can only show the evidence of their safety profile and efficacy for pain and the death process. We can not offer retreats that use these plants because in the U.S., they still are illegal, being in Schedule one.

To our knowledge, no anti-aging or cancer expert guarantees anything like what we are guaranteeing, let alone will most of these experts support their claims with strong evidence

Are Donations welcome ?

For now, we need funds to consolidate this European flavored Advanced Cancer Research Institute and finish its documentary. Without enough cash-flow and financing, we will have to abandon this project.

Why does the Institute call clients “student-patients” ?

The word “patient” reflects a power relationship between the doctor who knows and the patient who is expected to be ignorant, passive and compliant to the standards of conventional medicine. But if we add the word “student” before patient, we are enpowering the patient by opening him or her up to becoming pro-active and educated. When the student-patient will better understand how the biology of holistic health works, in particular by taking the Advanced Holistic Oncology coaching program, then  he or she can get promoted to the ACRI coach status.

Will all student-patients  receive the Institute’s newsletter, get certified as holistic cancer coaches and-or become bona fide Members of the ACR Institute ?

As educated Americans know, whenever anyone, including medical doctors, recommends “alternative” health measures which deviate from the established pharmaceutical and allopathic standards of care that have been adopted by those who have taken over the Nation’s institutions, those who recommend these alternative measures,  even for those measures which are supported by robust science, can get into legal trouble. This is why we will ask all student patients to become a bona fide member of the ACR Institute, which we will later registered as a  501 (c) 3 non profit. Right now, we are still organizing the Institute’s structure and have not had time to prepare trimesterial or monthly newsletters. But later on, if all is good, we will.

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(1). IPT is an integrative oncology technique that is used with sucess to shrink tumors. It is not a cure-all, the the evidence does show tumor shrinkage, improvement of cancer markers and extra quality of life.  However, when the cancer is advanced, or metastatic, IPT will not be sufficient to reverse the cancer.  Here’s how it works: The patient consumes no food the night before.  Insulin is then administrated the following morning, before the chemo so that  the cancer cells open up, which makes sense because there are many more insulin receptors on cancer cells. Once the patient is hypoglycemic and the cancer cells are opened up thanks to the insulin, a low dose of chemo is injected, about 10 percent. It is claimed that the insulin also increases the cell membrane’s permeability for cytotoxic drugs, as well as the S-phase fraction of tumour cells. This explanation also makes sense because increasing the number of cells with active DNA replication, makes the tumour more vulnerable for the action of cytotoxic drugs, in particular cell-cycle-phase-specific agents. One of the big advantages of this technique in relation to conventional chemotherapy is that there are fewer genotoxic drugs that damage the healthy cells.   See Integrative Oncology Protocol for this approach.

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