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How to Donate

If you wish to donate or help out in any way, please email us at or phone 206 446 6079. We also have a PayPal account on the HOM (Holistic Oncology Movie website). We also have started a small fundraiser via FB.

By Donating you are investing in the best Life insurance

Contrarily to what conventional oncology claims, all cancers can be treated with one approach. This assertion is based on the fact that all cancer cells are wired in a similar way, in particular with regard to their ability to turn off the immune system’s surveillance system. (Source)

By retraining and cleaning up the immune system,  in most cases, the immune systeme is restored to the point of being able once again to detect and zapp cancer cells. As a bonus, we will show that the same anti cancer protocol can also clear senescent cells, thanks to which to entire body goes into rejuvenation. This approach is called holistic immunotherapy (HIT) regarding which the ARC Institute has been a pioneer. 

While High-tech conventional cancer immunotherapy has had some success, including with the Nobel panel and is much better than chemo and radiation, most patients do not benefit from the “breakthrough cure” that conventional oncology experts claim to have found. And for those who do get an immune response from conventional immunotherapy, many suffer serious auto-immune reactions. (Source)

Why another Cancer Clinical Trial ?

To Convince Public Authorities to change cancer standards of care, we need to perform a Human Clinical Trial

By donating to the ACR Institute, the donor will help us to finance clinical trials that can prove that holistic immunotherapy is the way to go both for cancer reversal and longevity extension. We have the clinical experience that this is so, but the System requires human clinical trials for proof. And this costs money.

With enough funds, we will also be in a position to finish the Institute’s documentary, the building of the Institute, its textbook and much more. 

Right now, the Institute is made up of only one person, the founder. Having lost both his parents and many friends and patients to conventional oncology, the founder has closed his holistic health center, interviewed over 60 cancer experts as well as patients in an attempt to gather enough testimonial evidence to prove the case that the HIT (Holistic Immunotherapy) is capable of reversing cancer and  accelerated aging.

The Success Momentum

Pending the certification of a tax deductible Section 501(c) (3) application (from the Internal Revenue Code), we accept non deductible donations.

In this perspective, we would be grateful for any fund-raising/ donations thanks to which the ACR Institute will be in a position to help  change ongoing outdated cancer standards of care.

One of theh best ways to create a success momentum is by showing the strength of a new scientifically-based holistic cancer paradigm model.

As Buckminister suggested, once a superior model is established, the old model will whither away. No need to fight it. Better to show what really works in the cancer and longevity fields.

Distribution of Funds

Help to finance ongoing carcinogenesis research that  integrate innovative science with holistic Tradition.

Pay for one clinical trial so as to help cancer patients reverse their cancer challenge and extend their healthy lifespan via  holistic immunotherapy.

Finish the Institute’s cancer documentary.

Finance a rejuvenation retreat and research center somewhere in the US which would house the ACR institute as well as its other sister institutes.

Fund Scholarships to the needy for the Center’s retreats.

Consolidate the French health and teaching Center so that it can be more efficient in its international reach regarding education, resources and fitness programs (ie detoxification protocols, immuno-building techniques, clinical nutrition and the like).

Provide grants to individuals and organizations involved in significant cutting  edge biological, biochemical, biophysical and clinical research in immunotherapy, cell repair and regeneration and cellular senescence.

Travel the World to examine innovative, safe and efficient cancer protocols and for speaking engagements.

Educate the public on key cancer reversal and optimal longevity  techniques. (1)

Public Advocacy: Propose new public policies to key institutions on prevention and new treatments.

Nurture a grass root movement for general wellbeing.

After building an American center and consolidating the French Center, we could envisage to finance a tropical center somewhere in the tropics,  where the Sun and different healting plants are abundant.


For each gift of 100 dollars and beyond, you will receive a DVD copy of the Institute’s ongoing “HOM” documentary (Holistic Oncology Movie). For gifts above 1000 dollars, you will receive both a DVD and the Institute’s book.  For donations over 5000 dollars, you will receive two week retreat in the Institute’s French Education Retreat Center. Documentary and book are pending, still working on these projects. Not sure when they will be finished.

Precision Notes

(1). The History of medicine teaches that it can take up to two generations for an innovative science-based successful medical technique to reach the masses. With today’s social media, we can compress this timing significantly, thereby contributing in alleviating much un-necessary suffering and premature deaths..
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