Personalized Cancer Options Reports

Each Cancer Options Reports goes into the quasi full spectrum of options, from the conventional, integrative, functional and holistic viewpoints. A section on the legal rights of the patient to use innovative techniques and another section on the duties of health professionals to inform patients about the least damaging and most efficient and cost-friendly techniques are included. These reports are backed by strong evidence. They are configured individually, customized in relation to the client’s genome, transcriptome, microbiota, lifestyle, toxemia and cultural specificity.


The price depends on the complexity of each cancer situation. Time is needed to get to the root causes. More time to read the medical records. Additional tests may be indicated. Hence, it is not possible to give a standardized price. In terms of the criteria above, they can vary from 4K to 10 k. Depending on the Institute’s work-load, on the complexity of the case and on the client’s attitude and expectations, we may have to refuse the research and redaction of said reports.

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