Holistic Cardiology & Innovative Solutions (book)

Book Two: Holistic Cardiology: Holistic & Innovative Solutions

This second volume is a follow-up to the first Holistic Cardiology Volume. Therein, Pr. Joubert analyzes different innovative and holistic treatment plans that can successfully address most cardiovascular disorders. A special focus is given to both holistic vegan and improved Mediterranean Diets. The book’s last section delves into discussion on theory (medical paradigms) and on how American Cardiology and its patients can benefit from the Fundamentals in Holistic and French medicine, most of which have been shown by strong and compelling evidence to be clinically superior and much less expensive to most of what American Conventional Cardiology has determined to be the best standards of care.

Having practiced and lived most of his Life in Mediterranean France and Israel, Pr. Joubert, director of Happiness Medicine Institute and Advanced Cancer Research, is in a unique position to explain why the Mediterranean-inspired lifestyle is good medicine and how the 800 billions dollars American Cardiology Industry can and should go holistic and Mediterranean in most of its treatment plans. There are no biological “fatalities” or “necessities” that justify the condemnation of the vast majority of Americans to early cardiac arrests, disability and deaths, let alone to be diagnosed with arterial stiffness, insuline resistance, hyperinsulinemia , diabetes, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, calcification disorders, artherosclerosis and other forms of stenosis.  Just about all of these disorders can be avoided with holistic cardiology and most of these diseases can also be reversed with the Institute’s basic twelve Fundamentals. But before that happens, complex chronic disease epidemics like CVDs will have to cease being gluttonously profitable for those who profit from these avoidable and painful disorders. The last Section of this books examines the  iatrogenic aspects of conventional cardiology and concludes with public policy measures that could benefit both the medical system and patients while helping the Nation to recover from decades of sick-care management.

This Book has around 250 pages with over 300 reference notes.

The Two Book’s Preface

The Institute offers a workshop on Holistic Cardiology.

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