Thermal Medicine Workshop

In this workshop, we will review different heat modalities to both address diseases and maintain health (homeostasis). For an introduction to the subject, see  the Institute’s general study on hyperthermia, health and cancer. 

 Thermal Medicine: A French Speciality that would be of Benefit for the US Health-Care system

“Primum non nocere” (First do no Harm) Hippocrates, the Father of medicine

Hippocrates’ based Thermal Medicine or Thermalism includes, but is not limited to Spa, massage, traditional hydrotherapy, peat baths, balneotherapy treatments,  sulphur-based spa drinking water, pleasures of water games, relaxation, saunas, fitness programs, beauty treatments (in particular with clays), detox, wine therapy and, inter alia, hyperthermia therapies, in particular hot baths and showers that come from the sulphur-rich volcanic waters in France’s southern Spa resorts (called “Thermes”, “station thermale” or “Cure thermale”).

This type of preventive and curative medicine is so safe, efficient and cost-friendly that the French National Heath-care system has offered this therapy free of charge since 1944 for all who reside in France (including American residents) and benefit from a doctor’s “thermes” prescription. It is one of the most popular healing systems in France. Many French People will take a three weeks health-vacation per year in one of France’s thermal centers  where they can  soak up hot sulphur-based thermal spring water, among other detox and rejuvenation holistic techniques. In this Presentation, we will examine the health and longevity benefits of this type of Medicine and wrap up with a word on how it could be of great benefit to the US Health-care system.

Case Study: Heat Shock Proteins and  Hormesis Mechanism

Heat and cold hydrotherapy and other holistic techniques will spur the cell’s production of heat shock proteins, whose effects can be both protective and beneficial to health. In this Presentation, we will explore this mechanism in light of healthy lifespans. (Link)

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