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Series of Two Books on Cardiology

 Holistic Cardiology: Theory & Practice

Book One:  Holistic Cardiology: Introduction and Pathophysiology

Book’s Description

Human beings have over 60,000 miles of vessels (veins, arteries and capillaries) that are regulated by angiogenesis processes. For each cell (the major unit of Life) to thrive, this vasculature and its endothelium need to be in tip top shape. The vasculature is one of the most vital components of human biology that determines many other vital physiological functions. Yet, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are still the first cause of premature death, disability and collective suffering. CVDs are also the easiest conditions to reverse holistically. In this first volume, Pr. Joubert examines symptomatology, diagnoses and the pathophysiological mechanisms of the most common cardiovascular disorders, including, but not limited to atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart valve dysfunctions, congestive heart failure, arrhythmia and sudden cardiac arrest. The books concludes with some of the most important tests and preventive measures that can save lives. 

This Book has around 150 pages with over 250 reference notes.

Book Two: Holistic Cardiology: Holistic & Innovative Solutions

This second volume is a follow-up to the first Holistic Cardiology Volume. Therein, Pr. Joubert analyzes different innovative and holistic treatment plans that can successfully address most cardiovascular disorders. A special focus is given to both holistic vegan and improved Mediterranean Diets. The book’s last section delves into discussion on theory (medical paradigms) and on how American Cardiology and its patients can benefit from the Fundamentals in Holistic and French medicine, most of which have been shown by strong and compelling evidence to be clinically superior and much less expensive to most of what American Conventional Cardiology has determined to be the best standards of care.

Having practiced and lived most of his Life in Mediterranean France and Israel, Pr. Joubert, director of Happiness Medicine Institute and Advanced Cancer Research, is in a unique position to explain why the Mediterranean-inspired lifestyle is good medicine and how the 800 billions dollars American Cardiology Industry can and should go holistic and Mediterranean in most of its treatment plans. There are no biological “fatalities” or “necessities” that justify the condemnation of the vast majority of Americans to early cardiac arrests, disability and deaths, let alone to be diagnosed with arterial stiffness, insuline resistance, hyperinsulinemia , diabetes, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, calcification disorders, artherosclerosis and other forms of stenosis.  Just about all of these disorders can be avoided with holistic cardiology and most of these diseases can also be reversed with the Institute’s basic twelve Fundamentals. But before that happens, complex chronic disease epidemics like CVDs will have to cease being gluttonously profitable for those who profit from these avoidable and painful disorders. The last Section of this books examines the  iatrogenic aspects of conventional cardiology and concludes with public policy measures that could benefit both the medical system and patients while helping the Nation to recover from decades of sick-care management.

This Book has around 250 pages with over 300 reference notes.

The Two Book’s Preface

The Institute offers a workshop on Holistic Cardiology.

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Book Two

French & European Thermal Therapy: The Missing Standard of Care in American Medicine

Book Description

From Hippocrates and Parmenides  in the 5 century  B.C. to French Professor Dr. A. Lwoff, a Nobel laureate, and Dr Coley in the 20th century, fever medicine has been one of the most effective and safe tools for the control and reversal of multiple diseases.  If the majority of French and many other Europeans have longer healthy lifespans than the majority of Americans, it is partly because of Thermal Therapy, a millennia-old medicine that has been marginalized by the American Medical Establishment. In this book, Professor Joubert will first examine the pathophysiology mechanisms that explain Thermal Medicine’s efficiency (Part One). Thereafter, the book looks at twelve common pathologies that respond to this holistic technique. (Part Two) Of these twelve diseases, cancer will be highlighted. In many parts of Europe, heat medicine, also called hyperthermia has been a recognized standard of care for cancer and a few other metabolic disorders. (Part Three). Lastly, Pr. Joubert, biogerontologist, argues that the American medical and cancer-care systems would benefit from this medicine. (Part Four) Pending this eventuality, self-care tips and clinical pearls are invoked, with multiple case studies. (Part Five and Conclusion)

The Book’s Preface

The Institute also offers a workshop in Holistic Hyperthermia and Thermal Medicine


Book Three

Holistic Oncology: Theory and Practice

Book Description

In this book, the evidence unequivocally shows that most cancers can be much better controlled and even reversed than what the present conventional oncology system  has achieved. “Better” means that most cancers can be controlled and reversed safely, efficiently and in a cost friendly way.

To demonstrate the above, Pr. Joubert, who teaches holistic oncology, has designed the HIP Protocol, which is a 22-steps process based on thousands of empirically observed cancer control improvements and reversals, decades of cancer and biogerontology basic research.

In addition to a breakthrough Section on the re-definition of carcinogenesis and clinical practice in light of new findings with regard to cancer immunology, the microbiota, stem cells, telomerase, epigenetics, the central nervous system and much more, this book will show that most of today’s conventional oncology system is either outdated or the result of pseudo-science. Pr. Joubert will also show both the strengths and the limitations of naturopathic, integrative and functional oncology. While these medicines tend to “correct” and therefore be improvements over conventional oncology, they still retain some of the worse deleterious aspects of conventional oncology while missing what’s most important in holistic oncology.

Book’s Preface

The Institute also offers a workshop in Holistic and Innovative Oncology

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Book Four

Innovation in Neuroscience: Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease and other brain disorders with Holistic Neurology

Book Description

Today over half of Americans who reach 85 will get an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and in less than 25 years, the Alzheimer’s Disease incidence will triple to what it is today. In England, where holistic lifestyle has not been well rooted, Alzheimer’s Disease (heretofore AD) has replaced both cancer and cardiovascular diseases as the number one killer and the US is not far behind, in particular for the elderly. For those with the APOE 4 gene who are not compliant to holistic lifestyle, the risk factors are higher and strike earlier. Likewise with other neurological disorders, including Depression. Depression and anxiety are also connected to a leaky and inflammatory gut, microbiota dysbiosis, toxemia, devitalized food, chronic stress and wireless radiation. In order to better understand what health enthusiasts should do and what they should cease from doing in terms of neurological health, Part A of this book will first look at the Fundamentals of neuroscience and follow-up with the pathophysiology and etiology (pathogenesis or causation) of different neurological disorders, in particular, the pathophysiological mechanisms that are related to the vasculature, oxidative stress, toxemia, neuro-inflammation, insulin resistance, genes, epigenetics, abnormal phosphorylation and the microbiota. Thereafter, once we have determined what the correct chain of causation is with regard to different brain disorders including AD’s initiation and progression, the book will delve into the latest findings in Brain medicine, Holistic neurology, the Institute’s Twelve Great Holistic Fundamentals, a specific brain-enhancement French Mediterranean inspired Lifestyle and diet, quality wine, aromatherapy, botanicals like rosemary and astralagus and other approaches. (Part B). The author of this book, Professor Joubert, is a biogerontologist who specializes in optimal healthy supercentenarian lifespans. He teaches all over the world the best available longevity techniques that are safe, efficient, accessible and cost-friendly.

Book’s Preface

Evidence that abricot's seeds are clinically superior to allopathic oncology's anti-metastatic drugs.

Book Five

The Biology of Accelerated Aging, Telomeres, Stem Cells & Chinese Medicine

Book Description

Cancer and senescent cells are  governed by multiple pathways including the immune system. When the immune system starts to wane, these cells are not well cleared and aging accelerates. Worse, cellular senescence promotes a low-grade inflammatory milieu that favors carcinogenesis and other chronic disorders. To reach healthy lifespans, it is therefore necessary to address accelerated aging with the best of both Innovative Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC). One of the strengths of TMC is its holistic approach, thanks to which  energy and frequency therapies that target’s the electric-body’s energy and physical pathways can be safely and efficiently addressed.

The first part of the book examines accelerated aging as a chronic disease and identifies its hallmarks (pathophysiological mechanisms) as well as cancer’s hallmarks. Of all of the 14 aging Hallmarks, the depletion of stem cells and the attrition of telomeres are two biological processes the author focuses on. The Second part of this study reviews Longevity Research and innovative Science that show how healthy Lifespans can be tweaked to over 110 years, with a potential of around 122 years thanks to the fine-tuning of the 14 aging hallmarks. The book’s third Part delves into Traditional Chinese Medicine’s complementary contribution to optimal longevity. Physics and energy or frequency medicine often precedes biochemistry and the upregulation of proteins. Contrarily to most modern medical school experts, the Masters and creators of Chinese medicine have nearly always focused on this aspect of medicine. By using the best of Oriental and Western Science, we are therefore able to propose a reliable Longevity Code that can optimize  healthy lifespans.

Book’s Preface

The Institute also offers a workshop in cancer and longevity


Book Six

The French Model of Health-care and Extended Longevity

Book Description

The World Health Organization has recognized the quality of the French Model of Health-Care consistently by ranking the French Medical System as number one, the best health-care system in the World, out of 191 countries. (Source) In this world “quality ranking”, the American medical system has taken the 37th position, (Source) but maintains the number One rank in terms of being the most expensive. (Source) French-cultured Monaco has also been for decades the forgotten number One “blue zone”, where humans live the longest, on average 90 years, way better than the Okinawans. (Source A & Source B) Many French centenarians have lived passed 110 years old, including the record breaker Jeanne Calment who thrived until 119 and peacefully died at 122 years without the degeneration that is experienced by most elders. French women have been recently ranked number two right after Okinawan women in terms of life extension. There are also many under-reported zones in South France and elsewhere where centenarians thrive with few if any chronic diseases. In addition to the Mediterranean diet, French lifestyle and the French Health-care system, the evidence shows that quality wine taken in moderation is also responsible for France’s health and longevity results. Understanding these factors can help other countries to improve their public health policies.

The first part of the book will examine the French health-care system and its role on France’s quality of life and extended lifespan. Part two of the book will look at the French version of the Mediterranean diet and its impact on health and longevity. The Book’s third part will explore the relationship between quality wine and healthy longevity. Not only does the  epidemiological  evidence shows that not drinking wine is much more of a health risk than drinking wine, but the evidence also demonstrates that quality wine taken timely and moderately can efficiently and safely help to prevent and heal over 12 of the most common diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, hormonal disorders and mental disorders. The Book’s fourth part will analyze the general French lifestyle and determine to what extent the French “Joie de vivre” and lifestyle elements help to explain France’s exceptional health and longevity results.

In the book’s conclusion, French biogerontologist Pr. Joubert will synthesize the best of the French health and longevity system that could be used as a model for other parts of the world. Given new discoveries in medicine,  in particular with regard to the microbiota, stem cells, autophagy, cellular senescence, vascular integrity, immunology, neurogenesis and telomere biology, Pr Joubert will also propose different improvements to the French Mediterranean diet and lifestyle that would have the potential to bestow upon the French an extra one to three “extra” decades so that the majority of the people of France could also reach past 110 years in good shape.


Evidence that red wine (resveratrol, pygnogenol, bioflavanoids etc)  is clinically supeior to conventional aromatase inhibitors used in cancer therapy, among other benefits.

Book Seven

Wine Medicine: Theory and Practice

Book Description

The Medicinal Wine Institutes’ book is to promote the message that quality light and-or moderate wine can significantly contribute in resolving the present chronic disease Epidemics in the United States.

Characterizing quality wine as “alcohol” is like like calling spinash “arsenic”. Just because there’s an isolated molecule called “alcohol” that can be deleterious under certain conditions does not or should not condemn the carrier of this molecule, whether its wine, spinash or lipoproteins like LDL. These carriers transport cholesterol, but in no way are deleterious, as long as they operate holistically within their milieu, their bio terrain.  And LDL, the so-called “bad cholesterol”,  just like HDL, the so-called “good” cholesterol function much better in a milieu that is bathed with quality wine and its bioflavonoids, polyphenols, ethanol, vitamins, minerals and signaling molecules.

In biochemical reality, alcohol is a natural organic compound with a hydroxyl (OH) functional group on an aliphatic carbon atom. There are four types of alcohols. These have the general formula ROH where R is an alkyl group, O is an oxygen atom and H is a hydrogen atom. Alcohols can be thought of as analogs of water, H2O, in which one hydrogen atom has been replaced by an alkyl group. “Alcohol” is often used to refer to one specific alcohol, ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol), which is the drinkable type. Alcohols are common in nature. There is nothing intrinsically “evil” about alcohol as certain religious and non religious ideological groups claim. Just like Alcohol is neither acidic nor basic when dissolved in water, (as it neither produces H+ nor OH- in solution), alcohol  is neither intrinsically “good” nor “bad” when isolated from it’s context. This fact is established in Science because it is its context, its milieu, its micro-environment that determines alcohol’s benefits and molecular signaling value.

Rich in vitamins and minerals and hundreds of other organic compounds like  various polyphenolic substances, in particular flavonols (such as myricetin and quercetin), catechin and epicatechin, proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, multiple phenolic acids and the stilbene resveratrol, wine’s delicate complexity (based on over 30,000 genes and their proteins) is too often neglected. We are not talking about  hard alcohol like the Polish-made Spirytus vodka  (96 percent ethyl alcohol) or calorie-rich belly ballooning beer, we are talking about a light to moderate quality alcohol beverage that is one of the most “hygienist” beverages in the world, to repeat what Plato, Hippocrates and Pasteur had said about this substance.

But in the American mainstream, this biochemical reality is not well perceived. Study after study will either glorify wine in an underserving way or villanize it without evidence-based justification. Furthermore, most of these studies are not done with quality wines under holistic conditions. Cheap wines are so laden with deleterious chemicals, (arsenic, lead, gut destroying glyphosate among many others) that “scientific” lab results thereon are necessarily skewed.

In this Book, we show that the preclinical, epidemiological and general observational evidence demonstrate as well as in interventional and randomized controled evidence that not drinking wine is much more of a health risk than drinking wine. When  wine is taken timely, synergistically (like in a Mediterranean diet context), lightly and-or moderately, for most people who have a correctly working liver, wine will safely and efficiently promote the healing of over 12 of the most common diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and mental disorders. Furthermore, this book explains how wine positively impacts biochemical longevity mechanisms, some of which are related to apoptosis, autophagy, senescence, vascular integrity, mTor, microbiota diversity, neurogenesis, telomeres and a few other biological processes, all of which  favor  Life, health and Longevity.

Moderate wine consumption is a characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. For many decades, hundreds of studies around the world have shown a beneficial effect of moderate alcohol intake, especially wine, on health. The PubMed database was comprehensively searched to identify trials published from 2013 to the present (2019) that investigated the association between moderate wine consumption and health. Conclusion of our investigation: The most recent studies confirm the valuable role of moderate wine consumption, especially red wine, in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, cognitive decline, depression, and cancer. In the meantime, recent studies also highlight the beneficial role of red wine against oxidative stress and in favour of desirable gut bacteria and longevity. The beneficial role of red wine has been attributed to its phytochemical compounds, as highlighted by clinical trials, where the effect of red wine has been compared to white wine, non-alcoholic wine, other alcoholic drinks, and water.  As a consequence thereto, it is  recommended that public policy experts be more consistent with Science and promote the light to moderate wine intake with a diet akin to the Mediterranean regime, as this synergistic combination  has been positively associated with human health promotion, disease prevention, disease prognosis and longevity.

This Wine as medicine book shows that one of  the missing links to optimal wellbeing and holistic health is wine medicine. The Institute’s director, Pr. Joubert, biogerontologist from France, was trained at the Oenology Institute of Talence, next to Bordeaux France, which is one of the best wine schools of Europe. He grew up in the Haut Médoc where his father worked, for both Chateaux Margaux and Mouton Rothschild in Pauillac. He has taught law and medicine for many years and is presently living in one of the five Mediterranean climate and wine-rich areas of the world, South California.

The Institute also offers a Workshop on Wine medicine.

Book Preface


Book Eight

The Great Twelve Holistic Fundamentals

Book’s Description

The twelve Detoxification, Fasting, Meditation (which includes visualization and prayer), Exercise (which includes breathing techniques and rebounding), Hydrotherapy (hot and cold water therapies) Hyperthermia (heat as medicine, which includes heliotherapy or sun-bathing), Phytotherapy (phyto = plants which includes botanicals, aromatherapy and lymph massage), Sleep therapy (which includes napping and holistic circadian rhythms activation), Musicotherapy (ie, sound medicine), Electric (energy) medicine (which includes acupuncture), Psychotherapy (which includes sense of purpose, eco-community and social support), Wine therapy (ie,  grape has more genes than humans, over 30,000),  and Clinical nutrition (diet). Regarding Diet, a detailed part of this book examines the Standard American Diet, Atkins, Paleo, Keto and Vegetarian regimes and other dietary patterns in relation to the improved vegan diet and the French-inspired Mediterranean Diet. Pr. Joubert, a biogerontologist from France, will also show how these 12 holistic techniques positively impact longevity genes and most chronic diseases.

Book Preface

The  Institute also offers a   Clinical Nutrition Workshop.


Book Nine

Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders: The Holistic Approach

With the 2017 innovative technology that has allowed us to better understand intramyocellular lipid droplets, we now have hard and convincing evidence that animal saturated fats  are even worse than what was ascertained previously, and all the more so that they are glycated, oxidized, mixed with sugars and downed without quality wine. Furthermore, we have today a mountain of strong evidence that also shows how  autoimmunity and exogenous chemicals like BPa mess up insulin signaling pathways and the liver, the very seat of glycogen (a form of glucose) production. When pancreatic Beta cells are destroyed, when the liver dysfunctions and when insulin resistance gets chronic, blood sugar climbs from a healthy 90 mg-dl to the 120 mg-dl prediabetic and diabetic levels. While drugs like metformin and insulin can help to mitigate the damage and control blood sugar, these molecules don’t get to the root cause of the metabolic disorders. Advanced endocrinology and holistic medicine have today proven beyond any reasonable doubt how simple holistic lifestyle, exercises, detoxification and nutritional plans will promote, control and even reverse diabetes and metabolic disorders, including obesity, high blood pressure and syrupy blood. Applying this holistic strategy en mass would help the Nation to avoid bankrupcy and millions of premature deaths and concomitant suffering. High blood sugar is inflammatory kerosene on the fire that worsens just about all serious diseases and biological functions, from the immune system, to the vasculature, the brain, sexuality and much more.  In this book, Pr Joubert also shows how a radical change in the United State’s Public Health System could be meaningful in terms of benefiting the General Welfare and future generations. Because the modern American medical, food, agricultural, energy and environmental systems are based more on corporate ideology, negligence and greed rather than science, efficiency and the People’s basic needs, it will take some kind of  political mindful (peaceful) and proactive revolution to stop this “metabolic disease” madness train from destroying what’s left of the American Nation. Pr. Joubert shows how holistic policy could resolve this problem and restore the People’s health and the Nation’s prosperity.

Evidence that pineapples enzymes are clinically superior to the classic chemo 5-FU

Book Ten

Enhancing the Five Basic Senses: How the Senses that govern Smell, Vision, Hearing, Tasting and Touching  can help to optimize Health and Longevity

The five basic sensing organs send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us. In the last few hundreds of thousands years, human primates have lost a little over 80 important genes, many of which are related to the olfactory bulb.  Today, humans have around 6 million olfactory receptors, but most humans don’t activate most of these receptors, contrarily to the 300 millions olfactory receptors dogs use in their daily endeavors. (Source).  In Nature, smelling is key for survival with regard to predator avoidance and food foraging, but also for mating.  Pheronomes then were not altered by today’s thousands of artificial and odorous chemicals. Likewise with sight and hearing. The lack of artificial light and the presence of Nature sounds kept these senses in relative good shape. Today, both the non elders and the elders are prematurely losing their senses. While hearing impairment is often a function of homocysteine, malnutrition and high decibel rock concerts, the loss of smell and sight is also connected to Lifestyle. Touch is thought to be the first sense that humans develop. The Touching sense consists of several distinct sensations communicated to the brain through specialized neurons receptors in and on the skin. Pressure, temperature, light touch, vibration, pain and other sensations are all part of the touch sense. Tactile sensations aren’t just a sense used to interact with the world, they are also important to a human’s well-being and joie de vivre in terms of neuropeptide activation, including, but not limited to oxytocin production. Taste or the gustatory sense (eg., salty, sweet, sour, bitter, savory and spicy, which is also a pain signal). The sense of taste has been key for survival.  Adults have around 10,000 taste buds, way less than pigs (15,000), herbivores (25,000) and fish (over 100,000) (Source).

In this book, Pr. Joubert examines these five fundamental senses and shows how both holistic savoir-faire and innovative techniques can help to restore these basic senses as well as a few others, including the space sense and intuition, in this way, it can be easier and more fun to reach the ripe age of 110 and beyond. One of the most fascinating aspects of the olfactory receptors for example is that they are connected to neurogenesis. And both vision and hearing are associated with the immune system while touching and tasting are connected to regeneration.  These senses are synergistically inserted within  dynamic and multi-directional pathways that communicate with both microbiota and human genes, all of which cross-talk in favor of the celebration of Life, at least when the right Holistic Lifestyle governs the bioterrain and the person’s social and bio-electric milieu.  Thus, enhancing these basic senses can also help to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Being able to relish healing Mozart sounds, while activating pleasant lavender, tangerine or organic ripe fruits’ odorous “bouquets” in conjunction with “light therapy”, via the appreciation of rainbow colors and full-spectrum sunlight, getting touched with the caresses of a warm Mediterranean breeze and experiencing the complex but delicious taste of 100 percent organic raw cacao that activate human circulatory endothelial progenitor cells are blessings that have major repercussions on longevity pathways and human evolution. This book will thus give the reader the tools that will help with reaching  a healthy and happy long lifespan to beyond 110 years.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 8.03.49 AM

Book Eleven

Fertility, Reproduction & Hormonal Disorders: The Celebration of Life Restored

In today’s world of toxicity, stress and loss of spiritual meaningfulness, fertility, hormonal and reproduction disorders are affecting the vast majority of humans. More and more couples can’t have children, the sperm count has plummeted by over fifty percent over the last 50 years while early menopause, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, the feminization of males, the dryness of ladies and other hormone-related disorders strick earlier and more massively, including the onslaught of sexually transmitted diseases, from H. Pylori and EBV to hepatitis, dental cavities, infertility, cancer and more. If this trend continues, most humans will cease to be able to reproduce themselves and fully celebrate Life. And for those who have a successful reproduction, many of these children will be lifelong sick-care patients, thanks to the growing epidemic of greed-based  toxemia (the average American baby has contracted in utero over 200 neurotoxins and carcinogens) and caesarian births that deprive babies from rich microbial vaginal births that are decisive for the infant’s immunity and many other biological processes. In this book professor Joubert, a biogerontologist from France, examines the hard facts and shows how holistic and hormone medicine can restore these disorders. France having been blessed with natural birthing centers for many decades, in this light, Pr. Joubert will explain how these and other European, Chinese and holistic techniques can help to reverse the programmed decadence and death of the American experience.


Book Twelve

Holistic Cancer Immunotherapy

Conventional Cancer immunotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibition strategies have been declared to be breakthroughs in medicine. While these strategies are much better than cytotoxic chemotherapy, radiation and many targeted therapies, recent evidence is showing that the  majority of cancer patients who use these expensive “breakthrough” therapies are getting impaired with autoimmunity and organ failure, to the point of compromising their quality of Life. A non negligible number of these patients are also dying. Instead of quasi-always trying to find a synthetic drug to target this and that immune-related pathway, Professor Joubert, a biogerontologist from France, respectfully proposes to bypass the soon to be “trillion” dollars immunotherapy industry in favor of holistic immunotherapy, which is a safer, more efficient, cost-friendly and accessible approach to enhance immune-surveillance and activate NK and cytotoxic T cells so that these natural immune agents can gently clear cancer cells while helping to rejuvenate the rest of the body. Furthermore, when holistic immunotherapy is combined with “cancer starvation” programs and a few other holistic techniques the Advanced Cancer Research Institute has been researching, we have astounding “terminal” cancer reversals. To better convince the Medical Community to go “holistic” and-or use holistic techniques within the conventional model, including, but not limited to gut (microbiota) medicine, fasting, heliotherapy (hello = sun), hyperthermia, herbology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we would need at least one well designed clinical trial. This book’s author, Pr. Joubert, director of the Advanced Cancer Research Institute, shows how such a trial could change for the better most standards of care that govern cancer treatment.

Energy Medicine. By placing the CURSOR anywhere on the slide screen, the viewer can BETTER READ the comments.

Book Thirteen

The Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis Medicine: a Nobel-worthy Millennia Breakthrough

For thousands of years, Cannabis has been the standard of care in holistic and traditional medicine, from pain management, to depression, inflammatory disorders, seizures, cancer, eye diseases, insomia, blood sugar dysfunctions and much more. It was thirty years ago that an Israeli team discovered that the CB 1 and CB 2 receptors could be activated with endogenous cannabinoids, in particular the AG2 and anandamide endocannabinoids. Since this breakthrough discovery, scientists have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the ECS (Endocannabinoid system) is one of these fundamental biological systems mammals and other animals like the sea squid have been wired with hundreds of millions years ago. Up to now, the best interpretation of the data suggests that the ECS has evolved to what it has become so that all  bodily systems (ie gastro-intestinal system, the immune system etc)  can be harmonized via cellular cross-communication and stay synched with the body’s over-all homeostasis mechanisms. In this perspective, this ECS is a master regulatory system most doctors and just about all mainstream medical schools and government officials continue to ignore. Professor Joubert will examine the basics of the ECS and show how both endocannabinoids and phytocanabinoids from plants are clinically superior to the drug industry’s synthetic cannabinoids, opiods and more.

To download the book’s intro, click here

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Chapter Fourteen

Light Medicine: From NIR based Red light therapy to  FIR and Sun Medicine

Heliotherapy (Sun medicine) has been used for thousands of years. Today, there are over 3000 peer reviewed published studies that show health and longevity benefits of light therapy. These light therapies, also called biophotomodulation therapies, can help with many diseases and metabolic disorders. Light can also affect circadian rhythms, including the morning cortisol and the evening melatonin production. Likewise with the Endocannabinoid and immune systems. If the immune cells have more vitamin D receptors (VDR) than any other cell, it’s because these immune cells need Light to function efficiently. From many wavelengths, it is the red and near-infrared wavelengths that have the most medical effects, in particular those that range from 630 to680nm and 800 to 880nm. While most other wavelengths of light (ie, UV, yellow, blue, orange green, purple etc) are unable to penetrate deep into the body and stay in the layers of the skin, near-infrared light and red light are able to reach  up to several centimeters. These wavelengths can directly penetrate into the cells, tissues, blood, bones nerves and the brain. A flashlight pointed on a finger will prove this claim. Certain wavelengths of light can help to energize  human cells, affect hormones and neurotransmitters, balance  mood, enhance physical performance, hasten recovery from stress, increase alertness and hair growth, improve sleep, sexual performance and positively affect the expression of genes and methylation. The sun for example modulates over 500 protein coding genes.  These red light and near-infrared (NIR) lightwaves have healing effects on the cells where they can increase the mitochondrial energy production, modulate inflammation, relieve pain, help cells regenerate faster, among other biological processes, including those that govern longevity and cancer hallmarks. Furthermore, recent discoveries have shown that in many cases, expensive laser technology is not needed. In this perspective, Harvard researcher Michael Hamblin stated that “Most of the early work in this field was carried out with various kinds of lasers, and it was thought that laser light had some special characteristics not possessed by light from other light sources such as sunlight, fluorescent or incandescent lamps and now LEDs. However all the studies that have been done comparing lasers to equivalent light sources with similar wavelength and power density of their emission, have found essentially no difference between them.” (Source) In this book, Professor Joubert will show how these expensive medical lasers can be replaced with much simplier holistic techniques that have the same or even better results for multiple disorders, and all the more so that they are combined to other holistic techniques.

To download the book’s intro, click here

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Book Fifteen

Rosemary, the Mediterranean’s Happy, Health-promoting, Longevity, Memory boosting and Brain Sharpening Sacred Herb

Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly known as rosemary,  is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves and white, pink, purple, or blue flowers, native to the Mediterranean region. It is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae, which includes many other herbs. The name “rosemary” derives from the Latin for “dew” (ros) and “sea” (marinus), or “dew of the sea”. Multiple University studies have shown that Rosemary enhances the brain’s cognitive functions, a healthy centenarian lifespan and helps to address many diseases and illness conditions.  After briefly introduction of  this sacred herb, this book  examines the brain cognizance claim  and follows up with an analysis of the evidence regarding this herb’s activation potential of some of the key longevity pathways. The author of this book will also show how Rosemary is able to signifantly help with many common pathologies including hair growth. If Rosemary is one of the sacred herbs that is used in many European longevity zones, it’s because millennia-old culinary and clinical experience has confirmed its therapeutic and longevity value.

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