The French Model of Health-care and Extended Longevity

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The French Model of Health-care and Extended Longevity: How France’s health-care system, its Mediterranean Diet, Lifestyle and  Quality Wine have significantly extended Lifespans & Joie de vivre

While France has been ranked the first, out of 191 countries, in the quality of its health-care system by the World Health Organization, French-cultured Monaco has been for decades the forgotten number One “blue zone”, where humans live the longest, on average 90 years, way better than the Okinawans. (Source A & Source B) Many French centenarians have lived passed 110 years old, including the record breaker Jeanne Calment who thrived until 119 and peacefully died at 122 years without the degeneration that is experienced by most elders. French women have been recently ranked number two right after Okinawan women in terms of life extension. There are also many under-reported zones in South France and elsewhere where centenarians thrive with few if any chronic diseases. In addition to the Mediterranean diet, French lifestyle and the French Health-care system, the evidence shows that quality wine taken in moderation is also responsible for France’s health and longevity results. Understanding these factors can help other countries to improve their public health policies.

The first part of the book will examine the French health-care system and its role on France’s quality of life and extended lifespan. Part two of the book will look at the French version of the Mediterranean diet and its impact on health and longevity. The Book’s third part will explore the relationship between quality wine and healthy longevity. Not only does the  epidemiological  evidence shows that not drinking wine is much more of a health risk than drinking wine, but the evidence also demonstrates that quality wine taken timely and moderately can efficiently and safely help to prevent and heal over 12 of the most common diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, hormonal disorders and mental disorders. The Book’s fourth part will analyze the general French lifestyle and determine to what extent the French “Joie de vivre” and lifestyle elements help to explain France’s exceptional health and longevity results. 

In the book’s conclusion, French biogerontologist Pr. Joubert will synthesize the best of the French health and longevity system that could be used as a model for other parts of the world. Given new discoveries in medicine,  in particular with regard to the microbiota, stem cells, autophagy, cellular senescence, vascular integrity, immunology, neurogenesis and telomere biology, Pr Joubert will also propose different improvements to the French Mediterranean diet and lifestyle that would have the potential to bestow upon the French an extra one to three “extra” decades so that the majority of the people of France could also reach past 110 years in good shape.


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