Book: Holistic Oncology: Theory and Practice: With a Cancer Breakthrough Protocol

Book Description

In this book, the evidence unequivocally shows that most cancers can be much better controlled and even reversed than what the present conventional oncology system  has achieved. By “better”, I mean that most cancers can be controlled and reversed safely, efficiently and in a cost friendly way.

To demonstrate the above, Pr. Joubert has designed the HIP Protocol, which is a 22-steps process based on thousands of empirically observed cancer control improvements and reversals, decades of cancer and biogerontology basic research.

In addition to a breakthrough Section on the re-definition of carcinogenesis and clinical practice in light of new findings with regard to immunology, the microbiota, stem cells and telomerase, this book will show that most of today’s conventional oncology system is either outdated or the result of pseudo-science.


The Purpose of the HIP protocol is to help cancer patients by showing that it’s clinically better to address cancer as an accelerated aging disease that can be significantly delayed, in this way, we resolve most chronic diseases while giving the patient a few extra decades of quality Life. 

While it is possible to reprogram the human genome and epigenetics to avoid metastatic cachexia, humans can’t entirely eradicate the formation of cancer cells and their tumor niches. In the same way, when humans reach 110 years of age, it becomes more and more difficult to eradicate the unfolding of their proteins, hence, they tend to die from different forms of amyloidosis, in particular amyloidosis of the heart and kidneys. Supercentenarians’ immune systems also wane, including other biological processes that are part of the aging process, of Life itself. But what this book can help cancer and other chronically ill patients with is on how to delay and mitigate over a dozen aging biological processes while optimizing a vibrant and healthy lifespan to the 110-120 years potential.

What is the HIP protocol ?

The HIP initials stand for holistic immunotherapy protocol. It’s central mechanism of action is based on tweaking the immune-surveillance system so that the cyto-toxic T cells can recognize cancer cells and clear them. This Protocol can also help cancer cells  to melt away via the apoptosis-necrosis mechanisms. Cancer cells can also redifferentiate back into the community of mortal somatic cells. Cancer cells don’t only come from toxic living, they can also spontaneously surface from random DNA mutation and even from ectopic calcification and the microbiota (viruses, bacteria and other parasites). They have been evolutionarily part of Life for millions of years. They are super-smart and need to be respect for who they are. Instead of being scared to death via the nocebo and iatrogenic mechanisms, a cancer patient needs to pay attention, to be vigilant and mindful about cancer’s pervasive existence and “raison d’être” (reason of being). They too  have purpose and mystery. One of which is the mystery of their stemness and telomerase-based immortality.

Indeed, up to now, cancer cells are the only cells that have cracked the code of quasi endless longevity. As long as they have food and space, they will replicate without end. And they will do this with extreme force and vitality, breaking down the extracellular matrix (ECM) with their matrix metalloproteinases enzymes (MMPs) and other tools, recruiting immune cells and fibroblasts and spearheading across dozens of biological challenges until they have entirely subdued and conquered the host. Far from being stupid, these cells have figured out how to trigger the off switch of the aging and apoptotic genes. (3) They are so good at this task that they will even delocate, squeeze, burst and repair their DNA-containing nuclei through all sorts of bodily obstacles in order to accomplish their metastatic mission. (4) (Exhibit A)  And the more they are attacked by conventional oncology’s weapons of mass cellular destruction, the stronger and more invasive  their cancer stem cells tend to get. (5) When simple tumor cells (those that have no stemness within) die from man’s toxic and sophisticated weaponry, these tumor cells release interleukin signals that spur circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells to stay on target, to reinforce their defense and continue the colonization of tissues and organs.

How could they not, given the fact that mainstream oncology experts exert few if any safe and efficient interventions on the tumor’s milieu (what is called the tumor micro-environment) and the body’s metabolism, the most important of which is the immune system, the microbiota and related organ systems. Indeed, we have known for many decades that N.K. and cytotoxic T cells are capable of removing cancer cells. Yet, until recently, (6) very little has been done in this realm. And when it has, via immune “check-point” inhibitors, inter alia, there are many expensive side effects, many of which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per cancer patient. (7)

Furthermore, it has also been shown that bacteria from the human microbiota cross-talk with thousands of eukariotic genes, including with human immune cells. These  no less smart  bacteria, who are also billions of years old and precede the emergence of eukariotic cells,  can either help cancer cells to pump out cyto-toxic chemo from cancer cells or fine tune the immune cells for cancer clearance.

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