Book: French & European Thermal Therapy: The Missing Standard of Care in American Medicine

Book Description

If the majority of French and many other Europeans have longer healthy lifespans than the majority of Americans, it is partly because of Thermal Therapy, a millennia-old medicine that has been marginalized by the American Medical Establishment. In this book, Professor Joubert will first examine the pathophysiology mechanisms that explain Thermal Medicine’s efficiency (Part One). Thereafter, the book looks at twelve common pathologies that respond to this holistic technique. (Part Two) Of these twelve diseases, cancer will be highlighted. In many parts of Europe, heat medicine, also called hyperthermia has been a recognized standard of care for cancer and a few other metabolic disorders. (Part Three). Lastly, Pr. Joubert, biogerontologist, argues that the American medical and cancer-care systems would benefit from this medicine. (Part Four) Pending this eventuality, self-care tips and clinical pearls are invoked, with multiple case studies. (Part Five and Conclusion)

Reproduction of the Book’s Preface

Since the early twentieth century, hyperthermia or thermo-therapy has been an efficient standard of care and one of the most established holistic medical approaches supported by thousands of articles published in peer reviewed journals, notably in European medical reviews. Today, in Europe, hyperthermia is a major cancer standard of care. The many benefits of heat therapy are based on the body’s natural fever mechanism that is triggered when the immune surveillance system identifies threatening pathogenic microbes that have invaded the body. Heat mediicne is effective for detoxification, sweating and loss of weight, to rev up metabolism and increase oxygenation, red blood cells, nitric oxide release and nutrient uptake, to modulate blood circulation and vasodilation, thanks to which blood flow to the heart, skeletal muscles, skin, and many other tissues are optimized. Hyperthermia also boosts muscle regeneration and neurogenesis, the production of hormones and neurotransmitter (neuropeptides). In this perspective, European Research has shown that heat therapy increases levels of norepinephrine, a hormone involved in the stress response that increases focus and attention, as well as prolactin, which promotes myelin growth, helping the brain to function faster and repair nerve cell damage. Hyperthermia also increases human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone is foundational molecule that can correct muscle loss and muscular atrophy that occurs with aging. Heat stress can also increase endorphins. Endorphins are endogenous opioid neuropeptides or neurotransmitters, which function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. Thermal medicine increases insulin sensitivity, improves cardiovascular homeostasis and the release of nitric oxide and repairs misfolded and damaged proteins as well as the longevity pathways

If three weeks of thermal spa “heat” therapy “health-vacations” have been financed by the French National Public Insurance system since the 1940s, there’s necessarily a good reason for this, if only because the World Health Organization has consistently ranked the French Medical System as number one, the best health-care system in the World, out of 191 countries. (Source) In this world “quality ranking”, the American medical system has taken the 37th position, (Source) but maintains the number One rank in terms of being the most expensive. (Source)

Not only is Thermal Therapy a safe, efficient, accessible and cost friendly Medicine, it is also both preventive and curative for many disorders. It is one of Happiness Medicine Institute’s  Great Twelve Holistic Fundamentals. 

Many European conventional and integrative oncologists have declared that Heat medicine should be the 4th cancer standard of care (after chemo/radiation, surgery and immunotherapeutics/checkpoint inhibitors), but the author of this study is asserting that it should be the first, if only because thermal medicine helps to fine-tune the immune system, remove deleterious microbes and is one of the best ways to facilitate detoxification and cancer reversals.

In this perspective, the data shows that Hyperthermia is one of the keys to get the body’s immune-surveillance system to better recognize cancer cells as “non self”. Once this is done, the cytotoxic T cells can use the body’s endogenous “chemo” to remove cancer cells from the body and the B White Blood Cells will memorize the cancer cells’ antigens for Life. This way, the type of cancer cells that was diagnosed will never again become a threat. Furthermore, for the patients who choose conventional oncology’s radiation and chemotherapy, the right type of heat can also inhibit the repair mechanisms cancer cells activate to spring back into metastatic action. 

Thus, before prescribing anti-fever drugs, antibiotics, other pharmaceuticals, radiation rounds and surgeries, it would be both reasonable and wise for American physicians and oncologists to consider using thermal medicine as a powerful ally in the fight to prevent and cure multiple chronic diseases as well as acute disorders and cancer.

Across the board, the preponderance of the evidence overwhelmingly shows that heat medicine is a Great Holistic Fundamental. With a few other holistic techniques, including the  French version of the Mediterranean diet, thermal medicine could meaningfully contribute to alleviate and reverse millions of diseases most Americans are plagued with. Professor Joubert shows how this can be done in a safe, efficient and cost-friendly way.

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