The Institute’s “Peak Performance & Cancer-free Supercentenarian Optimal Longevity” Workshop

Power-point presentation and Workshop on the Hot New health topics of 2019 that Optimize Peak Energy and Healthy Lifespans (*)

Workshop Description

This power-point-based workshop reviews the latest breakthrough peak performance and rejuvenation technologies that are redefining medicine, all of which are safe, efficient, cost-friendly and robustly evidence-based. These technologies can be activated directly by the patient, thereby empowering the “healer” within, with few if any expenses and intermediaries. Furthermore, when the patient is compliant to this Workshop’s lessons, a healthy lifespan of 110 years and beyond becomes real.

Subjects Covered

Introduction (90 minutes)

While the average life expectancy has increased dramatically in the last 100 years,  Healthy life expectancy (“healthspan”) has not.

 Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 1.26.21 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 1.26.12 PM

Source: CDC

In this introduction, we will briefly examine both different theories of aging and a few of the cellular & molecular Aging pathways 

Theories of Aging 

Oxidative Damage


Genetics alterations with aging

Mitochondrial aging

Inflammatory processes

Hormonal changes

Lifestyle/behavioral choices

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 1.36.40 PM

The phenotypes associated with aging driven by “dysfunction” at every scale. 

The Hallmarks of Accelerated Aging 

Accelerated Aging is characterized by a rapid loss of physiological integrity, paving the way to impaired function, increased vulnerability, un-necessary suffering, chronic diseases and death. This deterioration is the primary risk factor for major human pathologies including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases. In the last couple of decades, longevity science has experienced unprecedented research breakthroughs,  particularly with the discovery that the rate of aging is controlled by genetic pathways and biochemical processes conserved in evolution. In Holistic Medicine, we show that sustainable Lifestyle, Holistic Savoir-faire and non-invasive health interventions can significantly control this accelerated aging process so that humans can achieve their 120 years healthy lifespan potential. The Hallmarks below represent biological processes and common denominators of aging in different organisms, in particular with mammals. A major challenge is to dissect the interconnectedness between the   below-mentioned hallmarks and their contribution to aging, with the final goal of identifying holistic formulas and Lifestyle codes that can extend healthy human Lifespan to beyond 120 years.

1. Genomic instability.

2. Mitochondrial DNA Break-down & Dysfunction

3. Telomere Shortening and Attrition.  Telomerase Depletion

4. Epigenetic Alterations

5. Loss of Proteostasis

6. Deregulated Nutrient-sensing

7. Cellular Senescence & the proliferation of Senescent cells

8. Stem Cell Exhaustion

9. Altered Intercellular Communication.

Summary on the First Nine Hallmarks

10-14. Complementary Hallmarks identified by the ACR & OL Institutes 

Analysis: Longevity Mechanisms in supercentenarian & long-lived animals

Case studies of a few Humans and Animals who have significantly outlived their peers 

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 2.19.47 PM

Top: The French Mediterranean dancer,  Madame Jeanne Calment, a Piscean born on February 21, 1875,  is still  the  Optimal Longevity Champion, notwithstanding some evidentiary controversies. Having reached 122.5 years, according to her claims,  she “allowed” herself to die. In other words, she could have continued to live. Her age was confirmed via birth certificate and the Guiness Record scientist-investigators, in conjunction with university experts, confirmed this fact as well as many other facts that proved beyond any reasonable doubt that human beings were capable of reaching 122 years of Life without major chronic diseases and without any drugs or supplements. In this picture, she was 120.

In this Case Study, we will examine the Life and thoughts of the Mediterranean supercentenarian Champion Jeanne Calment whose longevity record has never been broken. (Source) We will also look at her lifestyle, her diet and her medical records that span from 111 years to 118. Thereafter, we will make an evidence-based determination as to what kept her going for over 122 years. A few other super centenarians as well as animals will be compared to this all time longevity record breaker. And yes, she drank red wine with her Med-diet meals, (with, on occasion A2 quality cheese & wild fish), had a great sense of humor and enjoyed lots of dark chocolate, up to one kilo a week (2.2. pounds). (Source) But according to Jeanne herself, French scientists and her doctor, her healthy lifespan secret was something else.

Bottom line: Paradigm Shift in Target Therapeutics 

Just as ceasing industrial tobacco ameliorates multiple bodily functions, just like  treating obesity leads to improvement in metabolic profile,  targeting the longevity pathways holistically postpones or avoids most if not all chronic diseases and  age-associated conditions while significantly  improving healthspan. We are now ready to zoom in different biological longevity pathways and Peak energy processes. 

 A. Peak Energy with Stem Cell & Hormone Rejuvenation, Detoxification,  Therapeutic Fasting, Superfoods and Wine Therapy (Three hours)

The first series of breakthroughs regards stem cell and hormone rejuvenation. While bio-identical hormones and stem cell injection therapy has been prevalent in the anti-aging & integrative medical fields for decades, this Workshop focuses on holistic ways to activate one’s own stem and progenitor cells as well as hormones and other signaling molecules. In this Session, the workshopee will learn different forms of exercises as well as therapeutic fasting, detoxification, autophagy enhancers, wine medicine and a few other techniques that can rejuvenate signaling molecules and endogenous stem cell production. (1)

Topics covered.

1. Stem Cells, Signaling Molecules and Hormone Biology. Neurogenesis.

2. Exercises, (from burst training to other modalities) & Aromatherapy.

3. Hydration: The ADH system. Deep Ocean Water & Quinton. Different drinking waters and how-when to drink.

4. Detoxification (including from glyphosate and heavy metals that feed deleterious parasites).

5. Therapeutic Fasting: Different forms of fasting & caloric restriction.

6.  The superfoods, supplements and herbs that can help to boost stem cells and rejuvenate signaling molecules, including, but not lmited to hormones, neuro-transmitters and cytokines.

7. Wine Therapy (Part One)

8. Case Studies

B. Peak Energy with Mitochondrial Enhancement & Microbiota Diversity (Two and a half hours)

The second series of breakthroughs deals with mitochondrial enhancement and the impact of the microbiota and its microbiome on  peak energy and quality life extension. Just like the human liver, the “human” microbiota generates hundreds of useful activities, including the production of short-chain fatty acids that are associated to a strong immune system. In this perspective, the attendee will learn the basic science that explains the vitality and Life extension benefits of mitochondrial and Microbiota therapy. (2) Thereafter, hackable and holistic techniques that nurture these two inter-related bodily functions will be presented via power-point presentation.

Topics Covered

1.  The Science behind Mitochondrial Medicine and the Microbiota Therapy. The revolution (in medicine) of the microbiome and its cross-talk with the human genome.

2.  Enhancing the mitochondria’s “energy-fuel-ROS” system as well as intestinal permeability (leaky gut).

3. General Lifestyle Techniques that favor the repair & rejuvenation of the mitochondria and  microbiota.

4. Specific Mitochondrial enhancers.

5. Specific Microbiota enhancers. Striving toward eco-diversity.

6. Case Studies

C. Peak Energy with a robust but fine-tuned  Immune system & Holistic Nutrition (Two and a half hours)

The third series of breakthroughs this workshop deals with is based on the latest scientific findings that highlight different holistically-based immune modulation and nutritional strategies, all of which  impact the epigenetic expression of longevity, vitality and peak energy. (3) People who have strong immune systems can still be energically weak, get cancer and prematurely die. During the Spanish flu, the people with the strongest immune systems died the quickest, from what is called the “cytokine storm”. The allergy and auto-immunity epidemics are also connected to an over-reactive and denatured immune system. This Session will therefore teach how to clean up, fine-tune and modulate the immune system so that infections and auto-immune disorders don’t hinder the flow of peak performance and extended Lifespan. (4)

Topics Covered

1. The Basics of Immunology, Nutrition & Gene expression

2. Holistic Immune-Modulation Techniques (heliotherapy, hyperthermia, herbology and more)

3. Case Studies on immunotherapy

4. The Basics of Clinical Nutrition, Culinary Phytotherapy & Medicinal Wine (Part Two)

5.  Different diets. Food combination. Timing. Digestion. Excretion (too many people don’t know how to safely and efficiently evacuate wastes)

6.  Case Studies relative to clinical nutrition

D. Peak Energy DNA repair enhancement and Circadian Rhythms Alignment (Two hours)

The fourth series of breakthroughs is about DNA repair and the holistic regulation of circadian rhythms. The 2017 Nobel Prize of Medicine (Physiology) went to scientists who unveiled the importance of different circadian mechanisms that govern key biochemical pathways while the 2015 Nobel Prize of Chemistry was awarded to scientists who unraveled the complexities of DNA repair mechanisms. (5) After reviewing the fundamentals of the biology of circadian rhythms and DNA repair, we will delve into different holistique techniques that can optimize DNA repair and  the body’s  internal “clocks”, including but not limited to sleep hygiene, during which time the body detoxifies and repairs itself.

Topic Covered

1. The Science behind DNA repair and Circadian Rhythms.

2. Holistic Techniques to enhance endogenous DNA repair

3. Holistic Techniques to better restore and synchronize circadian rhythms.

4.  Sleep Hygiene

5. DNA repair enhancers

6. Case Studies

E. Peak Energy with Telomere therapy, Senescence Regulation, Gene Activation, Nutrient sensing and Angiogenesis Modulation (Two hours)

The Workshop’s last series of breakthroughs is about Telomere biology, Senescence regulation, Longevity Gene activation and Angiogenesis medicine. (6) To reach 120 years without debilitating conditions as have different supercentenarians, it is necessary to  upregulate (promote) longevity genes, modulate telomerase, clear senescent cells, fine-tune nutrient sensing and maintain a smooth blood vasculature with quality red wine, among other holistic techniques. In this perspective, millennia-old mind-body techniques are  powerful rejuvenation and peak energy therapies. This Session will teach the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine as well as French Medicine and general innovative medicine, all of which can target the longevity and peak performance pathways invoked above.

Topics Covered

1. The Science behind Telomere Biology, Longevity Gene Activation, Cellular Senescence, Nutrient sensing, Angiogenesis modulation and parasympathetic activation.

2. Different Meditation and Mindful Techniques

3. Telomere enhancers.

4. Senolytics.

5. Angiogenetic homeostasis

6. The Best of Chinese and Tibetan Medicine

7. The Best of French Medicine (Sophrology, Anthroposophic Medicine, Thermal therapy, Wine & Mushroom medicine, Phytotherapy, & more)

8. Case Studies

F. General Application & Case Studies (Six hours)

How the judicious targeting of the above-mentioned Hallmarks can successfully address different chronic diseases, delay the Aging Process and Boost Peak Performance

Avoiding & Reversing Auto-immune and Cancer Diseases (One hour)

The 2018 Nobel in Physiology (Medicine) went to scientists who have bio-chemically elucidated part of the immune system’s modus operandi with regard to cancer, thanks to which new cancer immunotherapeutics have  reached the market. However, many of these genetic engineering immunotherapeutic procedures, including CAR-T cell therapy (CAR = “chimeric antigen receptors”) and immune check-point inhibitors, lead to serious auto-immune side effects. And when they do seem work, (for certain cancers like melanoma), we can’t ascertain for how long the cancer patient will be cancer-free because this treatment modality is still young, so we dont have enough hindsight and published long term studies. Furthermore conventional immunotherapeutics are expensive, hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. It thus makes sense to look into more natural immune-based approaches that have been evidenced to work for hundreds of years. This Session will thus show how holistic immunotherapies can be clinically superior (safe, efficient and cost-friendly) to conventional immune modulation techniques, both for cancer and other auto-immune diseases that are connected to an over-reactive and dysfunctional immune response.

The Biology and Hallmarks of Cancer

Just like the complexities of the  Biology of Aging, the complexities of the Biology of cancer can be reduced to a few underlying biochemical processes or “hallmarks”. Because both Aging and Cancer Hallmarks share common pathways, fixing accelerating aging will favorably impact on cancer resolution (control and reversal). This approach is the ACR Institute’s originality.

 1. Cancer cells stimulate their own growth (self-sufficiency in growth signals)

2. Cancer cells resist inhibitory signals that might otherwise stop their growth (insensitivity to anti-growth signals)

3. Cancer cells resist their programmed cell death (evading apoptosis)

4. Cancer cells multiply indefinitely (limitless replicative potential)

5. Cancer cells stimulate the growth of blood vessels to supply nutrients to tumors (sustained angiogenesis)

6. Cancer cells invade local tissue and spread to distant sites (tissue invasion and metastasis).

7.  Cancer cells have abnormal metabolic pathways & a dysfunctional mitochondria

8. Cancer cells evade the immune system & bath in its inflammation cascades

9. Cancer cells are spured by mutations and genome instability

Summary of the First 9 Cancer Hallmarks.

10-14. Complementary Hallmarks identified by the ACR & OL Institutes 

Analysis: Cancer avoidance mechanisms in supercentenarian & long-lived animals

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.45.54 PM

Top: The naked mole rat who also broke the world record for longevity in its category. Negligible senescence in the longest living rodents, the naked mole-rats & their DNA repair system 

Avoiding and Reversing  Cardiovascular Events (One hour)

Save for a few genetic conditions, for the vast majority of cases, there is nothing fatalistic about cardio-vascular disorders. In its infinite wisdom, the body’s innate intelligence has all of what the body needs to thrive for around 120 years. The 60,000 miles of endothelium tubing a child has and the near 100,000 miles of vasculature tubing a human adult is endowed with are made to withstand a lot of “wear and tear”.  The heart valves, which are made to open and close over one billion times during a human lifespan and the circulatory endothelial progenitor cells roam around these tubings to keep them in good shape. When strokes, artherosclorosis or calcific stenosis strike, it’s usually because the underlying homeostatic mechanisms dysfunction. And these can usually be holistically restored with techniques this Session will review. Successful CVD reversal Cases studies will be examined, in particular in the five basic fields where holistic cardiology has been shown to be superior to conventional cardiology: Atherosclerotic plaque and coronary diseases, Valvular disorders, Congestive heart failure, Arrhythmia and Sudden cardiac arrest. The One hour limit may be extended via Q & A. or with a longer presentation. We will do this because CVDs remain the number one category of diseases that hinder the 120 years lifespan most everyone should benefit from.


Avoiding and Reversing  Alzheimer’s disease as well as other neurological disorders and amyloidosis (One hour)

Most supercentenarians die from some form of amyloidosis, where unfolding proteins clog up vital tissues, like those in the heart, kidneys and brain.  In this Session, we will demonstrate that Innovative clinical medicine can holistically reverse many  neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. While most supercentenarian die from amyloidosis, we can  holistically slow this degenerative process down. We will  review the Alzheimer’s Bredensen Protocol as well as  other  neurological problems like the “new” disease called “mild cognitive disorder” (reserved for the 65 + seniors), ADHD or ADD, insomnia and clinical depression. We will also give a general “brain enhancement” holistic protocol to help the brain stay in good harmony with the microbiota as well as the rest of the body to 120 years or so.

Avoiding and Reversing Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure), Hormonal disorders & and Joint degeneration (One hour)

With regard to the metabolic syndrome and hormonal disorders, we will review how Holistic and Innovative Medicine  can help to better control and reverse these diseases of “civilization”. With the present medical system and the Government’s public health policies, the incidence of this disorder will soon impact one out of two Americans. Yet, it’s simple and cost-friendly to both prevent and reverse this disorder as it is characterized by holistically fixable techniques with regard to blood pressure, insulin resistance, abdominal obesity and other metabolic dysfunctions.  Successful Cases studies will examined.

Minimizing the Accelerated Aging Pathways and Optimizing the Optimal Longevity Hallmarks (90 minutes)

In this section, we will show how Holistic and Innovative medicine can favorably impact longevity pathways,  from general metabolism, deep sleep, muscle tone, weight management, cellular detoxification, autophagy, stem cell renewal, DNA repair mechanisms, Circadian harmonization, BDNF enhancement, mitochondrial biogenesis to the holistic modulating of different bioelectric, biochemical and hormonal processes, including, but not limited to mTOR, IGF-1, AMPK, NFR2, senescence, nutrient sensing, energy activation, the immune system and, among other processes, inflammation. (7) In this section, we will summarize some of the key hallmarks of biological aging (from the Institute’s Longevity Master Class) and how to prolong life extension to 12o years.

G. Conclusion.

The Twelve Fundamentals in Holistic Medicine (30 minutes)

Adapted and personalized nutrition plans, herbology, gut diversity, circadian & sleep hygiene, heliotherapy, hyperthermia, hormesis-based exercises, breathing therapy, hydrotherapy, meditation, hydration, wine therapy, olfactory stimulation, stress-trauma resolution, detoxification therapy, therapeutic fasting, acu-pressure, ocean beach therapy, play medicine and eco-community have been some of the best actionable self-care bio-hacking holistic and resilience enhancing tools we have for optimal longevity and peak performance. By holistically modulating the body’s “force vitale” (“Chi” in Chinese medicine) and its immune system with these simple Lifestyle and Holistic techniques, key bio-physical pathways, bio-electric-chemical processes and longevity genes can be better activated. Thanks to the activation of these holistic techniques, peak performance can be maximized while chronic diseases and accelerated aging can be better controlled and reversed, to the point of no return, meaning, no return to the disease-management standards that characterize most of today’s modern medicine. (8)

Power-point Outline 

Each workshopee will receive a detailed outline of the workshop with a few documents. Each session will be open for question and answers.

Learning Objectives and take-aways

Understanding the Hallmarks (biochemical processes) of Peak Performance, accelerated aging and complex chronic diseases. Targeting these hallmarks with innovative and holistic modalities for safe, effective and cost-friendly resolution.


Two full days (20 hours): 24 hours with two lunch and Demonstration Sessions. Price being determined. (9) Presently, this workshop organization is pending. The date will be posted as soon as possible. The funds will go to finish the Institute’s documentary on cancer.


At the Conference room of the “Au Lac” Vietnamese Vegan Restaurant in the Huntington area. (Organization and scheduling pending) or elsewhere.


To be determined.

Two Organic Vegan Mediterranean-Style Longevity Lunches

Click here to see the menu. Each lunch Session will be two hours long and include either a documentary or a power point presentation or hands-on demonstration, for the second hour. The lunch hours are not computed within the Day Course Session of 8 hours. So in reality, this event is a 10 hours per day event.

One Kitchen Demonstration during Lunch

On how to make a Fasting Mimicking Diet similar to Professor Longo’s diet (a), a Mediterranean based longevity meal (b) and how to use wine to enhance the culinary experience while optimizing health and longevity.


This workshop will be presented by Pr. Joubert. (10)

Below, a 12 minutes video of a three hours power point presentation on optimal longevity, May, 2016, Carlsbad, Ca.


Top: Professor Joubert’s workshop on the evidence for living a healthy lifespan of 120 years
To see part of a preceding workshop, please click here.

Top: Professor Longo who we met in a conference his organized at his University of California in Los Angeles. Pr. Longo has a university  Lab that has been testing the benefits of fasting for many years.

Retired heart surgeon, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham gives his secret for living to 100. However, he practiced only around 20 percent of the  Optimal Longevity Master Class’ recommendations. He recently died at 104, peacefully at his home. Way before his human potential of 120 years. Being a Seven-Day-Adventist, he did not drink red wine. We will briefly examine his case as well as other cases.

Precision Notes

(*) Fasting (which includes detoxification), autophagy, the microbiota, the “right” personalized diet, circadian rhythms, mindful meditation, senolytics, mitochondrial enhancers, DNA repair techniques, immune-modulation mechanisms, angiogenesis homeostasis and more.
(1).  In this first section, we will examine different forms of fasting, from the classical three to five days hydric (water) fast, to the alternate “5-2” fast as well as other forms of intermittent fasts that have been shown to be useful for cardioprotection and, among other benefits, weight management (Source). In this perpective, we will also examine religious, juice, extended and traditional fasts, dry fasts, French fasting modalities, including the partial Mosseri, Gerson & other fasts as well as the innovative five days “Fasting Mimicking Diet” (FMD) that was invented by Italian biochemistry Professor Valter Longo who we met. His five days FMD supply comes in a box and can be bought via his company called “Prolon”. It costs 300 dollars (Source). In this workshop, the workshopee will learn how make this diet in the kitchen. So that would be another saving of at least 270 dollars because the ingrediets of the FMD are not costly and relatively easy to prepare. Fasting has been around for millennia and many spiritual practices have incorporating this bio-hack and holistic technique within their teachings. Besides teaching the modalities of faint, this Session will also review the physiology of fasting as an  autophagy-promoting holisic healing technique. Each of these fasts has strengths and weaknesses. Because fasting triggers strong biological processes, we will review the ADH (vasopressin) physiological system as well as different types of hydration and their effects on health, peak performance and longevity. These including spring water, well water, ocean water, (Quinton) rain water, alkaline & structured water, double helix water, Kancun water and deuterium depleted water. Furthermore, any fasting regimen needs to cover detoxification. Not only because fasting activates the body’s own detoxification pathways, but also because water fasting can be risky in terms of displacing dislodged toxins without full excretion.
(2). According to the best geneticists and biologists, for the last 1.5 billion years, mammalian gut microbes have both accompanied and guided eukaryotic evolution, thanks to which we have today a human body that has been evolutionarily designed to be healthy and resilient to at least 120 years old, provided humans live in accordance to Nature’s laws and specific constellations of bacteria. More recently, thanks to the human genome project technology on the microbiota, scientists have discovered thousands of key bacterial species and their cousins (viruses, fungi and archaea) in the gut, the totality of which are equipped with around 8 million genes that cross talk with the 23,000 human eukaryotic genes that Nature has included within primate DNA. The discoveries that have resulted from the sequencing of the Microbiome’s genome is in part redefining medicine and empowering  modern consumers with holistic and actionable ways to reverse chronic diseases and increase peak performance, vitality and longevity. But these trillions of bacteria need to  be balanced, resilient, diversified and in the right ratio. This Session will show power point evidence that healthy centenarians have a similar microbiota as healthy thirty year olders. A few Mitochondria repair and energy enhancement techniques will also be reviewed. These techniques include ways to make fermented and pickeled foods, the best manners to eat so that the microbiota prospers (prebiotics, probiotics, polyphenols and more), different techniques to de-stress (ie, chronic stress freaks out the microbiota, to the point of promoting intestinal permeability) and restore homeostasis, via meditation, sleep, exercise, hydrotherapy, herbology, acu-pressure, breathing and more. Time permitting, concrete illustrations will be analyzed with regard to the microbiota’s role in the metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmunity, weight management, cardio-vascularity and accelerated aging.
(3). Current nutritional clinical research suggests that health benefits are not solely dependent on what one eats, but also when one eats, when one stops eating, what accompanies what is ingested and how one breaks one’s fast. As an explosion of scientific information has emerged surrounding the benefits of different forms of fasting, gut restoration and nutrition, this Session will look at nutrition through the prism of the microbiota, circadian rhythms and the immune system, thereby continuing its tradition of delivering the latest in clinical excellence  and holistic medicine education. In addition, this Session will  proceed with an analysis of the benefits and limitations of different types of popular nutritional and gut-replenishment strategies, including, but not limited to different varieties of the Mediterranean diet, different French Diets, different forms of vegan diets, ketogenic nutrition, paleo, Atkins and carnivore diets, mono-dieting as well as the  DASH, GAP, FOD-map, vegetarian, keto-vegan and instinctive  (raw) regimes. Because the ingestion of food by itself does not optimize nutritional assimilation, we will also examine the synergistic-based “entourage effect” via different modalities, including, but not limited to quality wine, helio-therapy (sun-shine), stomach acid, bile and enzyme production techniques and parasympathetic activation. Furthermore, contrarily to what most mainstream nutritional schools claim, from the NIH, to Drs Mercola and Dr Hymans’ recommendations, the evidence shows that the primary metabolic fuel for humans is not fat, let alone proteins, lactate, glutamate, refined sugars, coffee, alcohol or tobacco. This Workshop will show with a preponderance of the hard evidence, via power point presentation, the  genetic, epidemiological and clinical evidence of how the human body’s gastro-intestinal system was designed and for what kind of nutrition. Disrespecting evolutionary Nature’s physiological bio-design comes at a huge cost, money wise, but also in terms of chronic diseases, accelerated aging and low energy-performance. We will also prove beyond any reasonable doubt the metabolic benefit of  small quantities of quality wine, even homeopathic quantities, like one table-spoon of wine per meal. As the Ancient healers and the Bible’s prophets used to say,  the dosage is key.
(4). In Conventional Medicine, there is a big elephant in the room. From all of the dozens and dozens of allopathic treatment plans, two of the most relevant ones,  natural immunotherapy and clinical nutrition, are sidestepped. Even today, most American medical schools will only bestow upon their students little if any human nutrition knowledge. According to the experts, 90 percent of American medical schools offer less than 10 hours of nutrition knowledge in the entire curriculum while the other 10 percent are starting to offer a little more, including a one semester  course on clinical nutrition. Yet, without the right personalized nutrition plan, it is nearly impossible to reverse chronic diseases or accelerated aging. Likewise, without holistically based immune modulation strategies, today’s chronic infections and anti-biotic resistance epidemic will get worse.  New research has shown that one of the major drivers of chronic diseases, senescence and accelerated aging is a dysfunctional immune system. Once the immune system is rejuvenated and fine-tuned, it can also help to remove senescent cells,
(5). Each day our DNA is damaged by UV radiation, free radicals and other carcinogenic substances. Furthermore, thousands of spontaneous mutations to a cell’s genome occur on a daily basis. Genetic defects can also arise when DNA is copied during cell division, a process that occurs several million times every day in the human body. A host of molecular systems continuously monitor and repair DNA. Some of these can be holistically tweaked.
(6). Blood vessels may be tiny but they cover a lot of ground. The smallest blood vessels measure only five micrometers. To give you some perspective, a strand of human hair measures about 17 micrometers. But if you took all the blood vessels out of an average child and laid them out in one line, the line would stretch over 60,000 miles. An adult’s would be closer to 100,000 miles long. There are three kinds of blood vessels: arteries, veins, and capillaries. Each of these plays a very specific role in the circulation process. Arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart. They’re tough on the outside but they contain a smooth interior layer of epithelial cells that allows blood to flow easily. Arteries also contain a strong, muscular middle layer that helps pump blood through the body. Capillaries connect the arteries to veins. The arteries deliver the oxygen-rich blood to the capillaries, where the actual exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs. The capillaries then deliver the waste-rich blood to the veins for transport back to the lungs and heart. Veins carry the blood back to the heart. They’re similar to arteries but not as strong or as thick. Unlike arteries, veins contain valves that ensure blood flows in only one direction. (Arteries don’t require valves because pressure from the heart is so strong that blood is only able to flow in one direction.) Valves also help blood travel back to the heart against the force of gravity.
(7). The senescence response is widely recognized as a potent tumor suppressive mechanism. As a consequence, most conventional oncologists and gerontologists do little if anything to target senescent cells. However, this avoidance is a mistake as the evidence demonstrates the over-all deleterious impact of senescent cells, including, but not limited to their impact on degenerative and hyper-plastic pathologies that are characterized by chronic inflammation and metastases. On the other hand, most biogerontologists will focus quasi-exclusively in myriad lab-made senolytics that  are destined to remove senescent cells. In this realm, the ACR Institute’s recommendation is to first address this challenge via the holistic modulation of the immune system. If the holistic approach does not work or is too limited in its rejuvenation impact, we then examine conventional medicine’s contribution in depth and attempt to find the safest and most efficient longevity protocol based on strong science.
 (8). Without a more personalized approach to medicine based on the fundamentals (healthy food, gut health, fasting,  exercises, community, emotions, sleep etc), the number of diseases will continue to grow exponentially. In this perspective, the ICD-10 (which is the WHO’s international disease classification system) went from 17,000 (ICD-9) to 155,000 (ICD-10) different codes that track new disease diagnoses and procedures, which means we went from around 15,000 to over 55,000 different types of diseases in a little over ten years. (2) To make matters worse, the processes that govern healthy aging are deteriorating while most chronic diseases have reached an epidemic magnitude. It is therefore urgent that both heath professionals and patients learn the fundamentals that impact gene expression, cellular repair, smooth hormonal cascading, in particular with the HPA and HPT axes, senescence control and rejuvenation in a cost-friendly, safe, actionable and efficient manner. To check out the magnitude of this public health challenge, see  CMS Office of Public Affairs (February 11, 2008). “HHS Proposes Adoption of ICD-10 Code Sets and Updated Electronic Transaction Standards”(Press release). U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
(9).  Funds will help to finish the Institute’s documentary, part of which can be seen here. For those who have financial difficulties, please write to  explain your case and we may be able to find a solution. We are also working on an online 101 master course on this topic. Once the Institute’s Longevity book will be finished, we will focus on this and other online master classes. 
(10). Given his European and clinical background, Pr. Joubert will also review some of the best longevity breakthroughs and practices from Europe and other parts of the world (Asia included), many of which have been under-reported. Likewise with recent biogerontology and longevity conferences in the United States, some of the best and most recent data will be assessed, from A4M anti-aging conferences, to Life extension, cancer immunotherapy and biogerontology symposia, including from Professor Longo’s Institute of Longevity at the University of California in Los Angeles which we have visited.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 8.47.36 PM

Top: Ylang-ylang flower, an essential oil that is used both for natural beauty and medically. French aromatherapy abundantly promotes this pleasant-smelling and neurogenesis-enhancing flower.

Partial Selective Bibliography

A more comprehensive Reference document will be handed out during the Workshop
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Evidence that Nigella Sativa is clinically superior to many cancer drugs. To VIEW the Slide Show's ARTICLES & VIDEOS, consider CLICK-ing directly on the Screen.

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