Master Class on Peak Performance

The Institute’s “Fasting-Microbiota-Diet-based Peak Performance” Master Workshop

Power-point presentation and Workshop on the Hot New health topics of 2019 that Optimize Peak Energy and Healthy Lifespans

Fasting (which includes detoxification), the Microbiota, the “right” diet, circadian rhythms and mindful meditation

This power-point workshop reviews five of the latest breakthrough peak performance and rejuvenation technologies that are redefining medicine in general and oncology in particular, all of which are safe, efficient, cost-friendly and robustly evidence-based. And that can be activated directly by the patient, thereby empowering the “healer” within.

The first breakthrough regards therapeutic fasting and it’s impact on detoxification, well-being, immunology, autophagy, stem cell regeneration and longevity. (1)

The second breakthrough deals with the impact of the microbiota and its DNA-structured microbiome on quality life extension, immunity, neurological-plasticity and cancer reversals. (2)

The third breakthrough this workshop deals with is based on the latest scientific findings that showwhich is the best human nutrition for the epigenetic expression of longevity, cancer control & reversal, immunity, aging pathways (3) and happiness (the feel good hormones & neurotransmitters).

The fourth breakthrough is about circadian rhythms. The 2017 Nobel Prize of Medicine went to a Japanese scientist who unveiled the importance (for human biology and optimal health) of different circadian mechanisms that govern key biochemical pathways.

The last  breakthrough is about mindful meditation and Telomere Lengthening.  Strong science  has been shown to meaningfully upregulate (promote) longevity genes, telomerases and telomere length.

Subjects Covered

Part A


Peak Energy with Rejuvenating Fasting, Proper Hydration & Metabolic Detoxification

Fasting has been around for millennia and many spiritual practices have incorporating this bio-hack and holistic technique within their teachings. In this perspective, we will review the basics of fasting as an  autophagy-promoting holisic healing technique and examine different forms of fasting, from religious, naturopathic, alternate, 5-7, one meal and intermittent and partial fasts to Mosseri and Longo’s fasting techniques as well as full hydric fasts (long and short) and the dry fast. Each of these fasts strengths and weaknesses will be reviewed.

Because fasting triggers strong biological processes that are connected with hydrogen and oxygen, we will review different types of drinking water and their effect on health and longevity. These including spring water, well water, ocean water, (Quinton) rain water, alkaline & structured water, double helix water, Kancun water and deuterium depleted water. Furthermore, any fasting regimen needs to cover detoxification. Not only because fasting activates the body’s own detoxification pathways, but also because water fasting can be risky in terms of displacing dislodged toxins without full excretion.

Peak Energy with Microbiota Diversity Enhancement, Mitochondria Therapy & Stress Management

According to the best geneticists and biologists, for the last 1.5 billion years, mammalian gut microbes have both accompanied and guided eukaryotic evolution, thanks to which we have today a human body that has been evolutionarily designed to be healthy and resilient to at least 120 years old, provided humans live in accordance to Nature’s laws. More recently, thanks to the human genome project technology on the microbiota, scientists have discovered thousands of key bacterial species and their cousins (viruses, fungi and archaea) in the gut, the totality of which are equipped with around 8 million genes that cross talk with the 23,000 human eukaryotic genes that Nature has included within primate DNA. The discoveries that have resulted from the sequencing of the Microbiome’s genome is in part redefining medicine and empowering  modern consumers with holistic and actionable ways to increase their vitality and longevity.

In this perspective, we will review the basics of the Microbiota, its connection to Mitochondria and follow up with hackable and holistic techniquesto nurture it so that its trillions of bugs (bacteria, virus, fungi, archaea etc) will be balanced, diversified and happy. A few Mitochondria repair and energy enhancement techniques will also be reviewed. These techniques include ways to make fermented and pickeled foods, the best manners to eat so that the microbiota prospers (prebiotics, probiotics, polyphenols and more), different techniques to de-stress (ie, chronic stress freaks out the microbiota, to the point of promoting intestinal permeability) and restore homeostasis, via meditation, sleep, exercise, hydrotherapy, herbology, acu-pressure, breathing and more.

Peak Energy with Optimal Diet, Strategic Sunshine & Medicinal Wine

In Conventional Medicine, there is a big elephant in the room. From all of the dozens and dozens of allopathic treatment plans, one of the most relevant ones, clinical nutrition, is sidestepped. Even today, most American medical schools will only bestow upon their students less then 10 hours of human nutrition knowledge. (4) Yet, without the right personalized nutrition plan, it is nearly impossible to reverse chronic diseases or accelerated aging.

In this perspective, this workshop will review the strengths and weaknesses of some of the most fashionable and serious nutrition regimes, from the classical Mediterranean diet, to the vegan diet, raw-food diet, vegetarian diet, paleo diet, standard American diet, Atkins diet, keto diets, (both omnivore and vegan keto)  and, among others, the FOD-map and GAPs diets. Because the ingestion of food by itself does not optimize nutritional assimilation, we will also examine the synergistic-based “entourage effect” via different modalities, including, but not limited to quality wine, helio-therapy (sun-shine), stomach acid, bile and enzyme production techniques and parasympathetic activation.

Contrarily to what most mainstream nutritional schools claim, from the NIH, to Drs Mercola, Hymans or Murray’s recommendations, the compelling evidence shows that the primary metabolic fuel for humans is not fat, let alone proteins, lactate, glutamate, refined sugars, coffee, alcohol or tobacco. This Workshop will show with a preponderance of the hard evidence, via power point presentation, the irrefutable genetic, epidemiological and clinical evidence of how the human body’s gastro-intestinal system was designed and for what kind of nutrition. Disrespecting evolutionary Nature’s physiological bio-design comes at a huge cost, money wise, but also in terms of chronic diseases, accelerated aging and low energy-performance. We will also prove beyond any reasonable doubt the metabolic benefit of  small quantities of quality wine, even homeopathic quantities, like one table-spoon of wine per meal. As the Ancient healers and the Bible’s prophets used to say, it’s all in the dosage.

Peak Energy with Circadian Rhythms Alignment & Sleep Hygiene

After reviewing the fundamentals of the biology of circadian rhythms, we will delve into different holistique techniques that can optimize the performance of the body’s internal “clocks”, including sleep, during which time the body detoxifies and repairs itself.

Peak Energy with Mindful Meditation.

Millennia-old, meditation is one of the most powerful rejuvenation therapies. But not any kind of meditation. In this section, we will review different forms of meditation, look at the published science that supports these techniques as longevity tools and lastly, we will teach how to practice a rejuvenating holistic mindful meditation.

Part B

How this Five-pronged Holistic Approach can successfuly address different chronic diseases, delay the Aging Process and Boost Peak Performance

Avoiding & Reversing Auto-immune and Cancer Diseases

New researchhas shown that one of the major drivers of chronic diseases, senescence and accelerated aging is a dysfunctional immune system. Because a rejuvenated immune system can also help to remove senescent cells, (5) the Institute’s Fasting-Microbiota-Diet immunotherapy approach is one of the best insofar as the controling and reversing of different forms of diseases that are connected either to an over-reactive immune system or an under-active one, from thyroid diseases, to degenerative joint disease, multiple sclerosis and more. Case studies will be reviewed.

Regarding cancer, since this year’s Nobel in Physiology (Medicine) went to scientists who have bio-chemically elucidated part of the immune system’s modus operandi with regard to cancer, we will also compare holistic immunotherapy with genetic engineering immunotherapy,in particular with regard to CAR-T cell therapy (CAR = “chimeric antigen receptors”) and a few other conventional immune modulation techniques.

Avoiding and Reversing Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure) and Hormonal disorders

With regard to the metabolic syndrome and hormonal disorders, we will review how fasting, gut medicine and nutrition can help to better control and reverse these diseases. Successful Cases studies will examined.

Avoiding and Reversing Mental diseases and Cardiovascular Events

A few Brain and vascular disorders will also be seen through the prism of fasting, the microbiota and nutrition. Successful Cases studies will be studied, including one of the toughest diseases to reverse, Alzheimer’s disease.

Optimizing Longevity Pathways

In this section, we will show how Fasting, Microbiota medicine and diet can favorably impact longevity pathways,  from general metabolism, deep sleep, muscle tone, weight management, cellular detoxification, autophagy, stem cell renewal, DNA repair mechanisms, Circadian harmonization, BDNF enhancement, mitochondrial biogenesis to the holistic modulating of different bioelectric, biochemical and hormonal processes, including, but not limited to mTOR, IGF-1, AMPK, NFR2, senescence, nutrient sensing, energy activation, the immune system and inflammation.


Adapted and personalized nutrition plans, gut diversity and therapeutic fastinghave been some of the best actionable self-care bio-hacking holistic and resilience enhancing toolswe have. By holistically modulating the body’s “force vitale” (“Chi” in Chinese medicine) and its immune system with these simple Lifestyle techniques, key bio-physical pathways, bio-electric-chemical processes and longevity genes can be better activated. (6) Thanks to the activation of these holistic savoir-faire techniques, chronic diseases and accelerated aging can be better controled and reversed, to the point of no return, meaning, no return to the debilitating sick-care standards that characterize most of today’s modern medicine.

Power-point Outline 

Each workshopee will receive a detailed outline of the workshop with a few documents. Each session will be open for question and answers.

Learning Objectives and take-aways

Understanding the theory and practice of  different forms of nutritional, microbiota and fasting strategies to promote ongoing vitality, immune competence, longevity and optimize overall Joie de Vivre (wellness).


One full day (8 hours): Price being determined. (7)  Presently, this workshop organization is pending. The date will be posted as soon as possible. The funds will go to finish the Institute’s documentary on cancer.


At the Conference room of the “Au Lac” Vietnamese Vegan Restaurant in the Huntington area. (Organization and scheduling pending)


To be determined.

One Organic Vegan Mediterranean-Style Longevity Lunch

Click here to see the menu. The one hour lunch is not computed within the Course Session of 8 hours. So in reality, this event is a 9 hour happening.

One Kitchen Demonstration during Lunch

On how to make a Fasting Mimicking Diet similar to Professor Longo’s diet (a), a Mediterranean based longevity meal (b) and how to use wine to enhance the culinary experience while optimizing health and longevity.


This workshop will be presented by French biogerontologist and holistic oncologist Pr. Joubert. (8)

Below, a 12 minutes video of a three hours power point presentation on optimal longevity, May, 2016, Carlsbad, Ca.

To see part of a preceding workshop, please click here.

Precision Notes

(1).  In this first section, we will examine different forms of fasting, from the classical three to five days hydric (water) fast, to the alternate “5-2” fast as well as other forms of intermittent, juice and extended fasts. In this perpective, we will also examine religious and traditional  fasts, French fasting modalities, including the partial fast as well as the innovative five days “Fasting Mimicking Diet” (FMD) that was invented by Italian biochemistry Professor Valter Longo. His five days FMD supply comes in a box and can be bought via his company called “Prolon”. It costs 300 dollars (Source). In this workshop, the workshopee will learn how make this diet in the kitchen. So that would be another saving of at least 270 dollars because the ingrediets of the FMD are not costly and relatively easy to prepare.
(2). In this section, we will examine different gut medicine modalities and conditions thanks to which the microbiota can be selectively diversified and optimized for health and longevity, a few mechanisms of which are autophagy, hormonal and neuropeptide activation, stem cell expression and more. Concrete illustrations will be analyzed with regard to metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmunity, weight management, cardio-vascularity and accelerated aging.
(3). Current nutritional clinical research suggests that health benefits are not solely dependent on what one eats, but also when one eats, when one stops eating, what accompanies what is ingested and how one breaks one’s fast. As an explosion of scientific information has emerged surrounding the benefits of different forms of fasting, gut restoration and nutrition, Happiness Medicine Institute Fasting Microbiota Diet Longevity will look at nutrition through the prism of the microbiota, circadian rhythms and the immune system, thereby continuing its tradition of delivering the latest in clinical  and holistic medicine education. In addition, this workshop will  proceed with an analysis of the benefits and limitations of different types of popular nutritional and gut-replenishment strategies, including, but not limited to different varieties of the Mediterranean diet, different French Diets, different forms of vegan diets, ketogenic nutrition, paleo and carnivore diets, mono-dieting as well as the  DASH, GAP, FOD-map, vegetarian and instinctive  (raw) regimes.
(4). According to the experts, 90 percent of American medical schools offer less than 10 hours of nutrition knowledge in the entire curriculum while the other 10 percent are starting to offer a little more, including a one semester  course on clinical nutrition. (Source)
(5). The senescence response is widely recognized as a potent tumor suppressive mechanism. As a consequence, most conventional oncologists and gerontologists do little if anything to target senescent cells. However, this avoidance is a mistake as the evidence demonstrates the over-all deleterious impact of senescent cells, including, but not limited to their impact on degenerative and hyper-plastic pathologies that are characterized by chronic inflammation and metastases. On the other hand, most biogerontologists will focus quasi-exclusively in myriad lab-made senolytics that  are destined to remove senescent cells. In this realm, the Happiness Medicine Institute’s recommendation is to first address this challenge via the holistic modulation of the immune system. If the holistic approach does not work or is too limited in its rejuvenation impact, we then examine conventional medicine’s contribution in depth and attempt to find the safest and most efficient longevity protocol based on strong science.
(6). Without a more personalized approach to medicine based on the fundamentals (healthy food, gut health, fasting,  exercises, community, emotions, sleep etc), the number of diseases will continue to grow exponentially. In this perspective, the ICD-10 (which is the WHO’s international disease classification system) went from 17,000 (ICD-9) to 155,000 (ICD-10) different codes that track new disease diagnoses and procedures, which means we went from around 15,000 to over 55,000 different types of diseases in a little over ten years. (2) To make matters worse, the processes that govern healthy aging are deteriorating while most chronic diseases have reached an epidemic magnitude. It is therefore urgent that both heath professionals and patients learn the fundamentals that impact gene expression, cellular repair, smooth hormonal cascading, in particular with the HPA and HPT axes, homeostasis, senescence reversal and rejuvenation in a cost-friendly, safe, actionable and efficient manner. To check out the magnitude of this public health challenge, see  CMS Office of Public Affairs(February 11, 2008). “HHS Proposes Adoption of ICD-10 Code Sets and Updated Electronic Transaction Standards”(Press release). U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
(7).   Furthermore, this donation will help to finish the Institute’s documentary, part of which can be seen here. For those who have financial difficulties, please write to  explain your case and we may be able to find a solution. We are also working on an online 101 master course on this topic. Once the Institute’s Longevity book will be finished, we will focus on this and other online master classes. 
(8). Given his European and clinical background, Professor Joubert will also review some of the best longevity breakthroughs and practices from Europe and other parts of the world (Asia included), many of which have been under-reported in this country. Likewise with recent biogerontology and longevity conferences in the United States, some of the best and most recent data will be assessed, from A4M anti-aging conferences, to Life extension, cancer immunotherapy and biogerontology symposia, including from Professor Longo’s Institute of Longevity at the University of California in Los Angeles which we have visited.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 8.47.36 PM

Top: Ylang-ylang flower, an essential oil that is used both for natural beauty and medically. French aromatherapy abundantly promotes this pleasant-smelling and neurogenesis-enhancing flower.

Partial Selective Bibliography

A more comprehensive Reference document will be handed out during the Workshop
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Evidence that Nigella Sativa is clinically superior to many cancer drugs. To VIEW the Slide Show's ARTICLES & VIDEOS, consider CLICK-ing directly on the Screen.

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