MC: Lesson. : Thermal Medicine

Lesson 23: Heat Medicine: A French & German Speciality that would be of Benefit for the US Health-Care system

“Give me the power to produce fever and I’ll cure all disease” Parmenides, 500 BC.

Belief in the curative power of feverish illnesses dates back to antiquity. Hippocrates spoke of the beneficial effect of fever on epilepsy and Galen cited the cure of a melancholic patient after an attack of quartan fever. During the 18th century, physicians began to send their patients to Fens to contract malaria to cure them of their insanity.  However, it was not until the late 19th century that fever therapy began to gain widespread popularity and attract the support of distinguished physicians, including Maudsley and Esquirol. In the 20th century, different clinics were inoculating cancer patients with fever-causing bacteria that would produce effective immune responses against cancer, including Dr Coley from Harvard. And today, conventional oncology is finally understanding that immunotherapy is key.

What is heat medicine ?

French Thermal Medicine

German Hyperthermia Medicine

Over twelve disease conditions that can benefit from heat Medicine

Cancer and Fever

 Heat Shock Proteins and  Hormesis Mechanism 

 Hyperthermia and immunotherapy 

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