Initiation Consultation

 Initiation Consultation in Holistic Oncology, focusing on the best options on cancer control and reversal:  90 minutes – $350.00 (*)

This Phone and-or Skype consult is with Pr. Joubert, a biogerontologist, who is trained in holistic oncology, chinese medicine, nutritional science, biogerontology, conventional medicine,  naturopathic medicine, organic agriculture and law, with over 20 years of experience (See Bio). As a consequence, Pr Joubert’s impressions and feedback cover a wide array of relevant parameters relative to the cancer challenge.

This price also incorporates the time it will take to do the necessary research with regard to up-to-date information on clinical trials, break-through studies and whatever else is needed.

Please propose couple options (in terms of a day and hour) when we can schedule the consult. 

For special discounted prices for hardship cases, see below. We will also need a description of the health problem, what was done to fix it and what the interested party wishes to accomplish.

If we think the Institute can’t help, we inform you. 

If we think our experience and knowledge can help, then we may be able to take your case and schedule with you a video or phone meeting.

 Expected Results from the Intiation Consultation

Equipped with a few of  the Institute’s holistic techniques, the patient will be able to better optimize the immune system in a holistic way. 

Whatever the type and spread of the cancer, the body’s immune system, once restored, is equipped with a powerful recognition-surveillance system that can correctly identify just about any cancer cell.

To learn how this is accomplished, consider scheduling a coaching session


(*). This price is way below the average for holistic and metabolic cancer and longevity experts. For example, Dr Lodi, who is also a metabolic and anti-age cancer expert charges 350 dollars per hour for cancer or anti-aging consultations, see his website by clicking what type of service you want. (Source). Many other anti-aging and cancer experts charge much more. Thus, 350 dollars for 90 minutes is a more than a fair market price. Nonetheless, we want to be of assistance including for hardship cases, so this sum is negotiable depending on the complexity of the case, the patient’s financial status and the spare time we may have. Thus under exceptional circumstances, we could extend the consultation to two hours and lower the fee.  The consultee will have to produce evidence of hardship.  
(1). Each diseases have a “natural course”. Many bacterial and viral infections for examples builds a fever, produces different symptoms like sweating, weakness and head-aches and then go away on its own thanks to the immune system’s mobilization. Some diagnosed early cancers are characterized as “indolent” and even though they have been biopsied as malignant cancers, many of these cancers will go away on their own. This is the case of certain endocrine cancers like breast carcinoma in situ and prostate cancer. (Link). To a lesser degree, also with thyroid cancer (Link). However, once the cancer has vascularized significantly and-or metastasized or shed some of its cancer stem cells into the bloodstream, then the natural course is the development of new tumors that colonize different bodily tissues,  with an array of concomitant symptoms.

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