Follow-up & Miscellaneous Consult Prices

Follow-up and Miscellaneous  Questions –  $ 250 per hour. (Price negotiable according to the complexity of the questions and the coachee’s financial situation)

If the consultee wishes to be coached on general fitness and-or on any other issue with regard to a malignancy or cancer-related degenerative conditions and complications, we usually set up one hour sessions each week, or as needed, until the major cancer markers and clinical signs indicate either significant restoration and-or NED (no evidence of disease).

The coachee can organize these follow-up questions on a one hour basis (as needed) for 250 dollars an hour or whatever is agree on. 

Another option is to commit to a package-deal of 12 hours for 2,05o dollars that will also teach the coachee  Level One of the Institute’s Holistic Oncology & Optimal Longevity Certification Coach Program. (See Certification section)

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