D. The ACR Institute’s Health & Healing Model

In addition to holistic & happiness principles, The ACR Institute’s Team practices the basic principles of Hippocratic  medicine, or what  public agents call Traditional Naturopathy and Green media call “natural medicine”.  In essence, traditional naturopathy, Hippocratic medicine and “natural medicine” are  similar in that they encourage the body-mind unit to self-heal with as little if any harm as possible. Naturopathic Medicine taught in ND schools like Bastyr is a little different in that it has incorporated part of the allopathic model in its modus operandi, including, but not limited to the “a supplement-for-each-ill” prescription and the high “expert” fees of over 200 dollars for the first visit, often to be paid up front. Likewise with a plethora of Lab exams.

The Holistic Medicine ACR Institute recommends is partially based on Hippocrates’ legacy and partially based on the ACR Institute’s own findings. These naturopathic principles include, but are not limited to the following principles:

First Do no Harm (primum non nocere).

Second principle: Follow Nature’s example or the Healing Power of Nature (vis medicatrix naturae).

Third principle:  Search and Address the Root Causes (tolle causam).

Fourth princIple, Doctor as Teacher (docere), notably teaching the patient to be his-her own Healer from the holistic angle.

Fifth principle, consider the patient as an individual and Whole Person (tolle totum) with a unique genome and bioterrain.

Sixth principle, Nuture hopeful and positive Energy as well as Joie de vivre as the best general long term reversal and prevention strategy. Nocebo and chronic stress are killers, especially for  economically vulnerable humans. (Source). The CDC and many published studies have concluded that chronic stress is a major factor in all serious diseases.  Recent studies found a link between stress, tumour development and suppression of natural killer (NK) cells, which is actively involved in preventing metastasis and destroying small metastases”. (Source)

The “Joie de Vivre” engine is thus crucial.

Seventh principe, practice a sliding scale in terms of fees so that those who need holistic medicine the most are not excluded.

While it’s true that nutrient deficiencies (given the soil’s depletions) and toxicants excesses are drivers of diseases, they are not the only ones. Infections, molds, stress, dirty electricity, cell-tower radiations, insufficiencies of vitamin N (Nature = forests, sun, fresh air and the like), purpose, traumas and, among others’ community are all factors that require a person to be proactive and vigilant, especially in the face of predatory people and toxic circumstances.

To better activate self-repair and, among others, homeostasis mechanisms with scientific-based holistic lifestyle protocols and common sense, to benefit from evidence-based coaching in order to get a better grasp on these and other holistic healing principles, consider scheduling a Coaching Session.

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The Difference between a Conventional Check-up versus a Holistic Tune-up.

“Conventional Doctors are trained less to understand the conditions of health than to diagnose the symptoms of diseases. That’s why a 5 to 10 minutes doctor’s visit is sufficient. The Check-up visit mainly consists in identifying symptoms and finding a corresponding drug and-or surgical procedure to supress the identified symptoms.  On the other hand, a Holisically trained Health Professional is trained to identify the immediate and structural causes of diseases. Thereafter, the holistic healer will both guide and teach the patient to become “whole” again, to restore the body’s main homeostasis and repair mechanisms, at which point both the healer and the healee, as a team, can activate a customized (personalized) “tune-up” Protocol that will favorably modulate the mal-being and-or illness condition at hand.”  (ACR Institute)

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