Urine HcG Test

Even though HCG is the pregnancy hormone, it can be used as a cancer marker because both carcinogenesis and pregnancy share the activation of this hormone. The Navarro test does not accurately report normals below 5.0mIU/mL. Most cancer patients have HCG levels between 1 and 5. The Navarro’s cut-off point is less than 1.0 and the sensitivity of the immunoradiometric assay (IRMA) is 0.03 mIU/mL. This is one of the cheapest exams in the market (under 60 dollars) and can be used as a cancer marker, even it’s not full proof. To order this test, see this Website.

The Navarro Medical Clinic has been performing the HCG test for cancer for many years and continues to offer this service under the direction of Dr. Efren Navarro. Dr. Efren Navarro, the son of the late Dr. Manuel D Navarro is a graduate of Doctor of Medicine from the University of Santo Thomas, School of Medicine and Surgery, Manila Philippines. He finished his residency in Pathology at Mercy Hospital Medical Center in Chicago. In 1994 he became a Hematopathology Fellow at the University of Illinois, Chicago. In 1996, he returned to the Philippines to continue the work of his famous oncologist father, Manuel Navarro, M.D.

Currently, many cancer patients take advantage of the diagnostic accuracy of the HCG test as an indicator of the effectiveness of their specific mode of therapy. Thousands of cancer survivors have used this test over the years to keep track of their treatment(s) success and check on the status of their remission. Patients follow a simple direction for preparing a dry extract from the urine sample. The powdery extract is mailed to the Navarro Medical Clinic where the HCG testing is performed.

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