The ACR Institute’s Protocols

In Innovative and heuristically-driven medical research, which the mainstream conservative branch of allopathic medicine calls “quakery” or “alternative” medicine, there are over 300 approaches, all of which the ACR Institute examined.

As even some of the best mainstream cancer researchers have noted, often breakthroughs and progress in medicine come from contested holistic and “alternative” approaches. Cases in point: vitamin C and washing hands before baby delivering. In both these cases, the advocates of Vitamin C to cure scurvy and the washing on hands to avoid the death of women who had just delivered their babies were ridiculed and isolated because of their “alternative” practice. It took decades for simple holistic techniques in medicine like vitamin C and washing hands before surgery to be recognized by the Medical Establishment as valid health measures.

Being holistc in nature, many of the holistic protocols we list can’t be put in a double blind randomized controled study, for the simple reason that the patients know what they are doing with regard to root-cause resolution procedures, each of which should be personalized.

Thus, most (not all, just most) of the modern allopathic oncology’s model is not compatible with innovative research, holistic intelligence, let alone clinical success. This is all the more true that conventional oncology experts will often destroy the patient’s immune-modulating “hope” feeling with questionable “terminal verdicts”. Many of which are “self-fulfilling” because of the fear-based belief system and medical iatrogenesis.

In this Protocol Chapter, the ACR Institute has chosen a few holistic techniques that have shown to be significant in the  cancer reversal process. All of these techniques need to be personalized, so there can’t be any uniform guarantees. Furthermore, much of the cancer reversal process depends on the patient’s attitude and will to live.

Thereafter, we mention a few other holistic approaches to cancer. The third chapter goes into the integrative  oncology procedures and we conclude our analysis of oncology approaches with what the allopathic-driven conventional oncology system offers.


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