DCA Cancer Treatment

DCA Cancer Treatment

DCA cancer treatment or (dichloroacetate), is a safe chemical compound recently found to be useful in helping eliminate many kinds of cancer.  Breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and lymphoma have all responded positively to this oral treatment.

DCA is a small molecule, basically an acetic acid with two chlorines.

It is the sodium salt of dichloroacetic acid.

Cancer cells have been shown to use an abnormal way of burning sugar without using oxygen called “anaerobic metabolism”.  DCA is a by-product of water chlorination that has been proven to inhibit this type of metabolism.

It has been used in medicine for over 30 years to treat severe metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia as well as the treatment of congenital lactic acidosis in North American children. Alternative doctors has just recently started using DCA for cancer treatment. A perfect example of complementary integrative medicine at it’s best.

How does DCA cancer treatment

There is a DNA program contained inside every normal cell of the body called apoptosis.  This program tells the cell to commit suicide if it determines that the cell is abnormal or damaged beyond repair.  Without this program, humans would not have the ability to shed old cells for new. * The apoptosis program gets turned off when a cell becomes cancerous.

Cancer is an intelligent life form.  It has ways of fooling the body to not recognize it as a danger.  Those days are over, however.  Integrative medicine has done it’s due diligence and found scientifically proven methods to expose or “De-cloak” cancer to the body’s immune system.

Through a series of chemical reactions, DCA re-activates the apoptosis program in what is called the mitochondria of the cancer cells.  The determination is then made by the cell that it is too abnormal and must commit suicide and shed away.

Remember:  Apoptosis is a physiological function that goes on in normal cells our entire life.

These effects have been seen both in cell cultures in the lab and in actual patients with cancer.  The DCA does not affect normal cells. An excellent choice to use in a comprehensive Integrative/ alternative cancer treatment program.

At Reno Integrative Medical Center we use DCA in conjunction with a number of other Integrative therapies that create a very powerful approach to exposing, then eliminating the cancer.  Keeping in mind, at all times, to do as little harm as possible to the patient.

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