ACRI’s Advanced Cannabis Report

This report goes into some of the latest and most reliable evidence-based cannabis techniques that help to control and reverse cancer’s malignancy.
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About the Report

This report will examine the published evidence regarding cannabis’ medicinal value for the diseases listed below. We can also tailor the Report to the client’s needs.

  1. Therapeutic uses in the neurological illnesses: Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, PTSD, autism, chronic painful debilitation, brain trauma, depression, ALS and other neuro-diseases.
  2. Cannabis and cancer: a few illustrations.
  3. Cannabis and auto-immune diseases.
  4. Cannabis and infections: helping to mitigate the antibiotic epidemic.
  5. Cannabis and respiratory diseases, from asthma to allergies and  COPD.
  6. Cannabis and migraines.
  7. Cannabis and  arthitis, bones, diabetes and kidney diseases.
  8. Cannabis and eye diseases.
  9. Cannabis and pain management:  its use in helping to reduce the opiod epidemic.
  10. Cannabis and drug addiction withdrawal, from hard alcohol to morphine and more.
  11. Cannabis and IQ.
  12. Cannabis and seniors.
  13. Cannabis and longevity medicine. The holistic approach: Food, meditation, essential oils, exercises, wine, coffee, roots, tea and other herbs in combination with cannabis.
  14. Modalities: Smoking: Vaporization: Cannabis oil: Edibles: Suppositories: Juicing: Tinctures: Cannabis tea: Transdermal Patches and more
  15. Synthetic versus Real cannabis.
  16. Growing Cannabis. Strains, Dosages, Combinations, Modalities.
  17. Legal  and political considerations, including, but not limited to internet promotion.
  18. Pesticides, organic cultivation, certification. Illustration of ongoing Californian problem.  Cannabis supply chain safety, the latest testing technology and Labs: Steep Hill Labs, Shimadzu, Pathogen DX, the Cannabis Distribution Association and others. Washington and Colorado’s State’s standards and policies.  Lab testing.
  19. Clinical trials, Public Policies, Federal Surgeon Generals,  medicare, medical and law schools.
  20. How to negotiate a cannabis protocol with one’s authorities including doctors. Illustration.
  21. The international community’s standards. Prague, Paris,  Uruguay,  Canada, Spain, Israel and other Nations.
  22. Cannabis’ non medical uses.
  23. Cannabis’s spiritual and ceremonial use. Shamanism and cannabis.  Evolution. And the future (and end) of this modern mercantile techno-civilization.
  24. Conclusion

Evidence that Nigella Sativa (black seed oil) is clinically superior to many cancer drugs.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this educational blog should be construed as medical advise
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