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Astragalus Root Extract is not only an anti-aging plant, it can also boost white blood cell production from bone marrow. (4)

Bitter Melon Extract has shown multiple actions against Pancreatic cancer cells. (10)

Beta Glucan 1,3/1,6 is a well known stimulator of white blood cell maturation and activity. (14)

Boswellia Extract powerfully inhibits NF-kB and 5-LOX, initiators of inflammation, and increases apoptosis. (12) Our Boswellia is standardized to 65% Boswellic acid.

Broccoli Extract contains components like Sulforaphane and BITC, that induce cancer cell apoptosis. (9)

Chamomile Extract contains Apigenin, which suppresses proliferation and migration in many cancers. (15)

Curcumin is anti-inflammatory, immune modulating, targets strategic lifelines in cancer’s development and turns on tumor suppressing genes. (1) Curcumin also inhibits growth factors cancers cells use to proliferate and suppresses the growth of cancer stem cells. (2) Indicated for both solid and liquid cancers.

Flaxseed Lignan Extract reduces growth and metastasis in breast cancer according to studies. (16)

Green Tea’s molecules have many benefits including a polyphenol called EGCG, which has been shown to suppress tumor growth by blocking Angiogenesis, or the growth of new blood vessels to supply the tumor. (3). Green tea should contain at least 40 percent EGCG.

Quercetin exerts broad spectrum anti-tumor activity through multiple pathways. (8)

Mangosteen Fruit Rind Extract contains a minimum of 30% a-Mangostin, which has been proven to enhance apoptosis in many cancers. (11)

Maitake mushroom has decades of studies showing that it boosts the activity of our white blood cells. (6)

Milk Thistle Extract, in addition to liver protection, has shown an ability to prevent UVB-induced skin cancers. (13) We standardize to 80% Silymarin.

Pterostilbene selectively kills breast cancer stem cells, often responsible for reoccurrence of the cancer. (17)

Reishi mushroom has been shown to boost apoptosis, or the destruction of the cancer cell, through the Caspase pathway. (7)

Se-Methylselenocysteine, the natural form of Selenium found in vegetables, inhibits growth of prostate cancer. (18)

Turkey Tail mushroom has over 15 clinical studies that show it reduces tumor growth. (5)


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Evidence that Nigella Sativa  (black seed oil) is clinically superior to many cancer drugs.


This information is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional.

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